Caroline Donofrio

Here’s mine…

Like my beloved Skin Food, I had seen Tata Harper’s Resurfacing BHA Glow Mask praised everywhere. But I was unmoved. It wasn’t fun, like a lipstick. It wasn’t an everyday necessity, like a cleanser. “Eh,” I thought, and walked on.

Fast forward to one particularly low, rainy evening when I heard the siren song of self-care beckoning my name. I found myself in that most dangerous delightful of places: wandering the skincare aisle, in search of magic in a jar. “Psst,” said the mask. “Over here.” The glass jar felt weighty in my palm. I was intrigued.

Apparently, this mask would slough off dead skin cells, to reveal smoother, brighter skin. It would also cleanse and refine pores. I have skin, I reasoned. I have pores. “Fine!” I said, to no one. “I’ll try it.” 

And oh my goodness, what a mask. 

It may sound like a tall order, but this stuff really feels like an at-home facial in a jar. I start by washing my face twice, to make sure I remove any last traces of makeup and everyday grime, then slather on the mask. The formula goes on relatively clear, so you won’t frighten any members of your household. After 20 minutes, you rinse it off, and say hello to your new face. I noticed a difference — softer, brighter, glowier skin — after my very first use.

The real beauty of this mask lies not just in its ability to do as it promises, but also in its versatility. Yes, it does wonders if you apply it to your entire face. But it is also a brilliant spot treatment. When it feels like an evil underground pimple is threatening to emerge, I’ll wear a dab of this overnight and it stops it in its tracks.

What beauty products do you splurge on?

P.S. The one beauty product I always finish and the $18 hair tool I swear by.

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