Fall apples by Christine Han

What are you up to this weekend? My mom is coming to visit, and I can’t wait to squeeeeze her! The boys are making welcome signs for her as we speak. (Also, thank you for the Charleston recommendations! We bookmarked so many things.) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Caroline and I are stocking up on this miracle beauty product for cooler days.

Call Me By Your Name is getting a sequel!

Elizabeth Warren brilliantly answered a question about same-sex marriage.

The prettiest birthday candles, of all things.

In a recent New York Times home tour, the couple framed three colorful tea towels. Isn’t that a clever idea for affordable art? (Theirs are by David Shrigley.)

All the snacks that Bon Appetit staffers stash at their desks.

These cakes are painted with frosting.

Mindy Kaling on being a role model. (I also loved this quote.)

Ha, love this post title.

The new show Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner looks great.

It’s not entertaining. It’s having people over. (NYTimes)

Plus, two reader comments:

Says J. on how to raise a reader: “Our parents gave us library cards for our third birthdays and created the rule that we were allowed to check out as many books as our age. This made turning a year older a massive celebration of ‘I GET TO GET SEVEN BOOKS NOW!!!’ It makes remembering how many books are floating around the house/car/backpack much easier when it comes time to return. And the freedom of figuring out what they like and knowing where to go in the library to find it will create lifetime readers.”

Says Becca on 11 reader comments on kindness: “After my first daughter was born, I was totally overwhelmed. She wouldn’t nurse or sleep, and I couldn’t do anything but cry and stare. A friend asked if she could stop by with food and magazines and I just never texted her back. And then I felt guilty for that, cue more crying and staring. At some point that evening, my husband opened our apartment door to find dinner, magazines, tea, glitter nail polish (!) and a note from my friend saying that she loved me and would see me when I was ready, but would be there even when I wasn’t. I mean — what a friend!”

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(Photo by the wonderful Christine Han/Instagram. Birthday candles via Lewis.)