Toby and Anton

Toby and Anton are different in a very specific way…


Anton is a rough and tumble kid. “When I grow up, I don’t want to live in the regular west but like the west-y west,” he told me. He has visions of riding horses and living that cowboy life.

Toby and Anton

Look at Anton’s face in this photo, ha! “Anton’s like an old-fashioned kid; I bet he has a paper route somehow,” my sister-in-law said this weekend. And my dad added, “I’ve always considered Anton to be 65 years old since the day he was born.”


Meanwhile, Toby is a heart-on-his-sleeve romantic, who has always loved violins and dates and blazers with gold buttons. The other day, he invited our little neighbor over. “Wear a dress, if you want?” he told her. He tucked a shirt into leggings, as one does. And they had cheesy pasta, and played restaurant and valet parking, and it was all very, very fancy.

We’ve raised both boys the same way, they’re just naturally such different kids. It continually surprises me, and I’m fascinated to see the way they keep changing as they grow up.

Toby and Anton

What about the little ones in your life? What are their personalities like? What are they into these days?

P.S. Toby and Anton in conversation, and our most beloved children’s books.