pizza by christine han

What are you up to this weekend? We’re having friends over for dinner, and they’re bringing churros and chocolate for dessert. (Score.) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Have you seen Hustlers? I’ve heard great things and am seeing it tonight.

A supercut of Alex Trebek saying genre, haha.

What a lovely wedding cake!

Would you wear blue eyeshadow?

For school mornings, I’ve been making these easy frittatas in muffin tins ahead of time for Toby and Anton to have for breakfast. They’re delicious for afternoon snacks, too.

I am “why do I need Venmo?” years old. Made me laugh.

What a beautiful candle.

Found! The fastest way to board an airplane.

How to make work trips a little easier. “Send selfie videos. Because your kids – and your spouse – miss you. And a five-second video of you standing on the airport’s moving walkway while making silly faces will delight them infinitely more than a photo or phone call will.”

America’s 10 best new restaurants. (The photos look so delicious.)

Also, what do you like to wear to work? We’re writing a post about what our readers wear to work and we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like, please send your look to Please include a photo, where you live and a couple sentences about your work style. xoxo

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Alice on 12 questions to ask your significant other at dinner: we recently instated a date rule that if we want to talk about work, we have to touch our nose the whole time. Just goofy and annoying enough to encourage us talk about the truly important things, like:
– if you had to eat the same meal once a day every day, what would it be?
– what movie could you happily watch once a week for the rest of your life?
and, if you’re feeling brave, the nearly marriage-ending
– what is closer to a fry, a sweet potato fry or a tater tot?”

Says Emma on burning questions about food: “To take care of food waste, we have ‘Tiny Bites’ once a week. The idea is a plate full of any leftovers. Favorites include: halved meatballs, three carrot sticks, a dollop of hummus, apple slices, a pile of peas, cubed cheese, raisins no one ate from their lunch, yogurt with leftover herbs, bits of chips from the bottom of the bag… Arrange it all together on a plate and it even looks a little fancy.”

(Photo by the wonderful Christine Han/Instagram. Alex Trebek via Kottke.)