comedy wildlife photography awards

What has made you smile recently? I’ve been having one of those weeks (the inside of my brain is basically this emoji), but the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are always a pick-me-up. They just announced this year’s finalists, including this little chimp straight chilling.

fleabag pins

Fellow Fleabag fans, have you seen these awesome pins from Etsy? Also, mark your calendars: Phoebe Waller-Bridge is hosting Saturday Night Live on Saturday, October 5th! Cannot wait to see her bring her magic (and also for the inevitable Hot Priest sketch).

everlane mockneck sweater

Everlane is killing it with their fall pieces, including this cashmere mockneck to wear to work and on weekends, and a cool English-feeling mac coat.

french apple cake

Apples are arguably the world’s best fruit — so crisp! so sweet! so tart! I’d love to ask: do you have any apple recipes you swear by? I’m eyeing this French apple cake and caramel apple tart. (This delicate apple pie also looks delicious, but doesn’t it seem sort of impossible to cut into pieces?)

go dog go letter

You know those things you randomly think about every two weeks of your adult life? One of mine is this open letter to the female hat-wearing dog from Go Dog Go. (“I wanted to take a minute to tell you that what matters is that you like your own hat, hat-wearing female dog. Who is this guy anyway, some sort of dog hat expert??”) It should be required reading for teenage girls (and everyone, really) — and it will also just make you laugh.

P.S. More fun things; plus, Toby’s cravings and how to keep lipstick off your wine glass.

(Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards via Kottke. And thanks to the readers who DM-ed the Fleabag pins!)