Happy (almost) Fourth of July! We’re visiting my grandmother, and the Cup of Jo offices are closed for the rest of the week, but we’ll be back on Monday with some fun new posts. Hope you have a good one — take care — and here are a few links from around the web…

Love these temporary tattoos.

The Tinder bio for every Myers Briggs personality type, haha.

A serene 400-square-foot studio apartment.

Holy potato salad!

Finding humor in family travel. “Impromptu family meeting about ‘adjusting our mood’ in a corner of the Getty Museum.”

When you’re truly good at your job, you want to hear the ways you suck at it.

Into the Dutch reach. (NYTimes)

For summer beauty, I’ve been walking around with this in my pocket.

Keanu Reeves as every Disney prince.

Three big sales this weekend:
* J.Crew is up to 50% off with code FIREWORKS.
* Madewell is 25% off summer styles with code FIREWORK. (How cute are these?)
* Everlane is having a choose-what-you-pay sale.

A case for throwing away your to-do list. “Once a week I write down everything on my to-do list…Then I throw it out. I figure whatever I can remember from what I’ve written down is what I really have to do, and everything else is kind of bullshit.”

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Abbey on my packing list for our England trip: “After a trip, if I packed well, I take a photo of the clothes for inspiration for the next trip. If I overpacked or hated all my choices, I will take a photo of what I *actually* wore most of the time. This serves as good reference, based on reality, when it comes to packing for future trips.”

Says Jessica on advice for new parents: “1. Humans have been to the moon and we understand quantum physics. If there were one right way to get all babies to sleep all night, we would know it by now. Don’t let anyone convince you they have THE ANSWERS. 2. The other day I asked my mom, who raised three of us as a single parent on a low income, how she did it (I have a partner and a two-income home and I’m struggling) and she responded, ‘Easy — no internet. I just did what I thought I should do, cooked what I thought I should cook, cleaned when I thought I should clean and I had no idea what anyone else was doing!’”

(Photo by Marcel/Stocksy.)