A Beauty Secret

A funny thing happened on the way to the park…

One weekend, we were heading to the playground with some friends, and their five-year-old came over to me. She cuddled close and linked her little arm through mine. Awwww, we’re having a moment, I thought. She looked up into my eyes. She smiled. And then she said…

“Joanna? Why do you have hair coming out of your NOSE?”

Ohhhhhh. Okay!

Once children start pointing out your nose hair, it might be time to do something about it. I always knew I had a little bit, but I assumed/hoped I was the only one who noticed. Plus, it’s fine to have it! Who cares? Embrace bodies! But at the same time I also wanted not to have noticeably protruding hair and that’s fine, too.

So! I turned to trusty Caroline, who knows all things beauty, and she revealed that her little secret is this $10 tool. I ordered one, tried it, and boom. Problem solved. You just run it over the edge of your nose and it painlessly trims the hair. And I also use it for my upper lip and chin, and it makes my whole face look smoother.

(Also! If you’re curious, you don’t feel anything. I’m the biggest wuss when it comes to pain, but I swear you feel absolutely nothing at all.)

Joanna Goddard

Thoughts? What beauty tools or products do you swear by these days? Spill the beans!

P.S. The all-time best lotion, and the makeup I wear every single day.

(Bottom photo by Ana Gambuto.)