7 Spring Trends

Now that temperatures are inching higher, spring trends are all over city streets. Love them or hate them, we think trends are fun to watch. It’s almost like a conversation between women. Here are seven of the biggest ones right now — and of course, we’d love to hear your thoughts…

1. Beach-inspired jewelry. Back in the 90s, The Little Mermaid was obsessed with human stuff. This season, humans (us included) are obsessed with shells and pearls. From small earrings to pretty barrettes, under the sea is, well, all over the place.

2. Black and white prints. This season’s dresses come in all sorts of black and white patterns, but gingham and polka dots are two of the easiest to wear. (We also love this midi dress and flirty one.) Plus, this is a trend that will never go out of style.

3. Beaded bags. Equal parts cute kid and chic grandma, a beaded bag adds playfulness to any outfit. We’ve spotted them on women all over New York, and they always look cute. (And if you want to get really playful, this watermelon is something else.)

4. Textured swimsuits. This season’s ruched fabrics hug your body while also smoothing everything out. It’s almost like the coziness of a knitted sweater, but cut like a swimsuit.

5. Tie-dye. This season’s tie-dye spans all the colors of the rainbow, but the most wearable pieces keep it simple.

6. Slip dresses. A lifesaver on hot, swelter-y days, a slip dress is the closest you can get to not wearing clothes. Keep it simple, or layer it over a white T-shirt for a ’90s vibe. (Also, money no object, this pleated one is gorgeous.)

7. Bucket hats. Like Gilligan, but decidedly cuter, a bucket hat protects your face from the sun and rolls up easily to stash in your bag. They’re way more wearable than giant brimmed sun hats, with all of the benefits.

Are you loving (or hating) these trends? What are you wearing these days? Would love to hear! (Also, Dôen’s summer collection, which just launched today, is SO beautiful.)

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(Top photo by Sézane.)