cobble hill park

Last night, we went on a picnic and I got whiplash looking at everyone’s cute spring vibes. As the weather gets warmer, the people-watching in Brooklyn gets better and better. Instead of a sea of winter coats, you spot floral dresses and bookstore totes and chubby toddlers.

The outfit I’ve noticed a few times that I love most? Pale jeans + a green striped shirt.

Kule green striped shirt

The look feels so fresh and springlike, don’t you think? These jeans in particular are really great: a superlight wash for spring, 100% cotton denim, and a cropped leg that pairs well with flats or sneakers. (I have them and wear them all the time.) And for the striped shirt, any style works: short-sleeved, long-sleeved, button down, or polo. Then all you need is an iced coffee and sunscreen.

Kule green striped tee

What do you think? What combos are you wearing these days? These sandals would finish off the look!

P.S. Nine women on going gray, and the spring pieces I’m already wearing a million times.

(Top photo from Kule.)

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