Elizabeth Dunker winter swimming

Do you have any new hobbies? My friend Elisabeth Dunker, who lives in Sweden, has started winter bathing, which is basically jumping into freezing water. “I’ve been afraid of swimming in cold water all my life, even in the summer,” she told me. But, at 48, she is challenging herself to do more things she’s avoided. She can now stay in the ocean for a minute — and is working on slowing down her breathing to stay longer. Since the cold water gives a huge endorphin kick, she says, “You leave with rosy cheeks and a happy mind.”

Cloth napkins

Bon Appetit did a round-up of six cloth napkins. We use cloth napkins at dinner every night, and there’s something so homey about them — it’s like, don’t rush, just hang out, let’s eat for hours! Fog Linen makes pretty ones; Lewis burp cloths could double as napkins; and Ace & Jig has some amazing ones.

Depression advice

This post on how to help someone with depression has lots of great advice, including saying this wonderful line: “You feel really miserable right now, but you have to remember it will get better. I know that. I can promise you that.” (Similarly: How to write a condolence note, and why suicide isn’t selfish.)

Spring nail polish trends 2019

And on a much lighter note: Every spring, like clockwork, I get a text from my twin sister. “What nail polish is cool these days?” If you’re curious, the fun nail trend this year seems to be pinky-beige. (Or, as my BFF Gemma says, “I like a super groomed shiny pinky-nude, like the inside of a conch shell.”) Two great versions are Essie Spin the Bottle and Jin Soon Pixie.

P.S. More fun things, and 8 funny Instagram accounts.

(Cloth napkins photo by Chelsie Craig by Bon Appetit. Painting of girl by Alexej von Jawlensky, 1910. Nails photo of the wonderful Tracy Georgiou by Jessie Randall.)