Flatiron building

What are you up to this weekend? My dad is visiting, and our tradition is to steal away from everyone, take a walk together and have a drink at this neighborhood spot. Hope you have a good one — and happy holidays to those who celebrate Passover or Easter — and here are a few fun links from around the web…

How cool are these midcentury modern playgrounds?

I’ve been wearing this pretty silk blouse for work and life.

The perfect baked potato for dinner. (Also love the laid-back dinner party invitation: “Come over! 7pmish. Steak and baked potatoes… and martinis.”)

Big Little Lies Season 2 trailer!

To save time, ask these four questions about the stuff on your to-do list.

Everyday photos of childhood. (Awww, the spaghetti high-chair after dinner.)

A love letter to train travel.

You have to watch this show.” Haha, busted. (New Yorker)

So inspired by Herriott Grace’s beautiful shop.

Marinated mozzarella looks delicious.

Figure Skating in Harlem: “When I skate, it just feels free.” (NYTimes)

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Kelly on how often do you have sex: “The advice I’ll always remember is Nicole Cliffe on Twitter basically saying ‘the secret is to react like a cartoon wolf whenever your partner disrobes even slightly’ or something to that effect. Sounds corny, but expressing desire for each other throughout the day without any pressure to perform is great for our confidence.”

Says RR on the best conversation starter: “I recently asked at dinner, ‘What’s one non-resume expertise you have?’ The answers were hilarious (Whiskey! The Office quotes! Specific baseball knowledge!). I’ve been asking everyone ever since.”

Says Olivia on 12 reader comments on love: “My five-year-old son has autism. It’s been a big struggle to get him to understand the back and forth of conversations. A few months ago, I was tucking him into bed and I said, ‘I love you, buddy,’ like I do every night. He has never responded to it, and it’s never bothered me. That night, he turned to me, brought his hand delicately to his chest, looked me in the eye (!) and said, ‘THANK you!’ in this genuinely delighted tone of voice, like he’d never heard me say it before. It was the best and truest response I could’ve hoped for.”

(Photo by Nicki Sebastian. Childhood photos via Hither & Thither.)