The Makeup Routine I Do Every Single Day

For four years, I’ve done the same makeup routine every single day, no matter what — for work, the playground, date nights, whatever. It’s my soulmate of makeup, and it takes less than five minutes. Since a few people asked on Instagram, here’s how I do it (and I’d love to hear yours!)…

1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in shade 4.75: Five years ago, Caroline tested out five foundations for a post, and she said Giorgio Armani was “hailed as the holy grail of foundations.” Curious, I figured I’d try it out — and, lo and behold, I was hooked. Most mornings, I wake up with blotchy skin, but — poof! — this magical little pot makes that all go away. Your face looks instantly smooth and dewy, and it’s a million times better than other foundations I’ve used.

2. Beautyblender Original. I apply foundation with this egg-shaped sponge, which makes the formula spread out in an even and lightweight way — versus sitting in your pores. I don’t know how it works, but it makes such a difference.

3. Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen. This sounds like the most BORING thing to buy — it doesn’t have color, it doesn’t have sparkle — but it sets the stage for everything else to look good. You pat it on your eyelids and under your eyes, and dark circles and oily eyelids disappear. Eyes look bigger and more awake, and somehow it brings your whole face together.

4. Drugstore Mascara. Honestly, for big events, like a wedding, I love Dior Lash-Extension Effect, which somehow makes lashes look twice as long. But since that one’s a splurge, I usually use a drugstore brand — like this one — which does the trick well enough for an everyday look.

5. Nars Bronzer in Laguna is a great year-round bronzer. I’m pale and can look washed out, but once I put this one, my face wakes up and looks healthy. The color isn’t muddy, like some bronzers can be, and has the tiiiiiniest bit of shimmer for glowiness. I apply it lightly all over, including on my eyelids.

6. Laura Mercier blush in Sangria. My friend Gemma and I sometimes sneak away from our families, meet at Sephora and try things on. Years ago, we discovered Laura Mercier blush, which has such a rich deep color, it looks like you just kissed someone you like very, very much. Another tip I’ve read: add a little to the bridge of your nose, which makes it look extra natural.

7. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo. BOOM! I’m so excited to share this $4 lipstick, which I have been wearing for years. The color lasts forever — even through a cheeseburger and fries (with mayo, naturally) — and can be either soft pink or bright red, depending on how many layers you apply. Years ago, I even wore it to the White House, and I kind of feel like Michelle Obama would have approved.

Done! It literally takes three minutes. That’s it!

The Makeup Routine I Do Every Single Day

What’s your daily makeup routine? I’m so curious and would love to hear!!!

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(Top photo from Instagram. Bottom photo by Franny Eremin.)

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