The Sweetest Grown-Up Party Game

It’s always a slam dunk…

When my friend turned 30, and then my dad had his 60th birthday, and then my friend moved to Florida, and then my cousin had a baby shower, we did the same thing every time to show how much we loved them: a playful quiz to see who knows them best. It sounds random, but it is funny, personal and WONDERFUL. (We laugh, we cry, the whole damn thing.)

Here’s how you do it:
1) You make up a bunch of questions about the person, including some that are specific to them (say, about their hobbies or quirks)
2) You interview the person ahead of time to get the answers.
3) You print out a bunch of copies of the quiz.
4) People at the party take the quiz (alone or in groups) and you share answers out loud afterward.

It’s seriously the best.

Here’s the quiz we did for my dad’s 60th birthday:

    The Jeremy Goddard Quiz
    How well do you know our hero Jeremy?
    Winner gets a door prize! And a second piece of cake!

    What year was Jeremy born? ____

    Where did he go to boarding school? ___________

    What was the name of his first dog?
    a) Rover
    b) Foxtrot
    c) Morgan
    d) Darling

    What was Jeremy’s college major? __________

    Was he in the delivery room or waiting room when the twins were born?

    Name three foods you will always find in Jeremy’s kitchen: ________________________________________________

    How many speeding tickets has he gotten in his life? _____

    Which of the following are ways that Jeremy has been described?
    a) “You really know, man. You really know.”
    b) “You’re the most can-do person I’ve ever met.”
    c) “He’s a silver fox.”
    d) “He’s like James Bond, but cooler.”

    When his children have called him, in which of the following locations has Jeremy answered his cell phone? (Circle all that apply)
    a) In a movie theatre
    b) On a treadmill at the gym
    c) In an important meeting
    d) During a date

    What does Jeremy love more than anything? ____________

And here’s the one we did for Caroline when she left Cup of Jo for a couple years to write books (side note: so glad she’s back!!!):

    The Caroline Quiz!
    Lipsticks! Books! Tiny Dogs!

    In what state was Caroline born? _______________

    Which pet/s did she have while growing up? (Circle all that apply.)
    a) Swimmy the fish
    b) Elvis the dog
    c) Mini the hamster
    d) Pete the cat

    How old was she when she stopped believing in Santa Claus?
    a) Never believed
    b) 6
    c) 9
    d) 12
    d) Still believes

    What was Caroline’s college major? ______________

    What’s her favorite food?
    a) Can’t choose one. Sorry! Top 3: brownies, anything involving molten cheddar cheese, and avocado toast, in that order. 
    b) Can’t choose one. Sorry! Top 3: juices, anything involving hot sauce, and doughnuts, in that order. 
    c) Can’t choose one. Sorry! Top 3: kale salads, anything involving chocolate, and Chipotle, in that order. 
    d) Can’t choose one. Sorry! Top 3: ice cream, anything involving peanut butter, and homemade hummus, in that order. 

    On average, how many books does she read a month? _______

    What’s her favorite book?
    a) Impossible to choose just one, but We Should All be Feminists is the only book I’ve read multiple times, so let’s go with that. 
    b) Impossible to choose just one, but Sense and Sensibility is the only book I’ve read multiple times, so let’s go with that. 
    c) Impossible to choose just one, but The Great Gatsby is the only book I’ve read multiple times, so let’s go with that. 
    d) Impossible to choose just one, but The Namesake is the only book I’ve read multiple times, so let’s go with that. 

    Which nicknames has she had in her life? (Circle all that apply.)
    a) Carrie
    b) Kiwi
    c) Little One
    d) Banana

    What topping does she always order on a pizza? _______________

    What color of clothing does she wear most often? ___________

    What’s her phobia?
    a) The dark
    b) Public speaking
    c) Spiders
    d) Other people’s spit

    Which does she prefer (circle one):
    Tea vs. coffee?
    Going out to movies vs. watching movies at home?
    Milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate?
    Flight vs. invisibility?
    Aisle or window?

The game is such a fun way to celebrate someone, and it always ends up being the best part of the night. Bonus: It’s free!

Thoughts? Have you ever done something like this? Any other party ideas you swear by?

P.S. A staring contest, a playful birthday treat, and dinner party conversation starter.

  1. virginie says...

    I’ve just discovered a great game so I want to share it here ! It’s great to do at a dinner party, especially if you don’t know the guests very well, but it works with good friends too.
    Here are the rules : Each one share three stories which happened to him/her, and the others must tell which one is a lie. After the person tells his/her 3 stories, the others can ask questions, precisions…

  2. Maggie says...

    My group of friends does this for birthdays and it is SUCH fun. We make a quiz of about 30 questions with no answers prefilled, pass them out, and give everyone some time to fill in their guesses. Some are real – “What was Dan’s college major”, some are silly “What does Dan actually do at work?”, and some are totally up to chance “Who should play Dan in a movie about his life?”

    Then we interview the birthday person live in front of everyone, and they get to pick the correct / silliest / best possible answer. Then we send them home with the hard copies as a little memento. I try to include some heartfelt questions “What makes Dan such a wonderful friend” to make sure they really have something sweet to look back on.

    Thanks for sharing! xo

    • Julia says...

      Wow I love this!

  3. janine says...

    A friend of mine did something like this for me during my baby shower… but there was a twist! All the answers started with the letter “B” and she called the game “B-sides”. It’s kind of funny that so many things in my life are relevant to the letter B! I guess you could pick any letter of the alphabet and find a lot of relevant things? I don’t know. All I know is that a lot of the answers were things like: Brooklyn, Bagels, Boat, etc. She also did a ‘Name That Tune’ where all the songs or artists started with the letter B! It was great.

  4. keri says...

    For my mom’s 60th birthday I got temporary tattoos of her face as party favours! I wish we had also done a quiz!

  5. rachel says...

    My bridesmaids did this for me for my bridal shower! They asked my husband a bunch of questions and he’s a totally ham so it was hilarious to watch. I loved it. And what I loved more than anything was that my husband hid it from me so well.

  6. Reenie says...

    For my mom’s 70th, we played Kay Bingo. My mom has A LOT of sayings, so I put them all into a free bingo generator and we played a bunch of rounds of bingo after her birthday dinner. The most fun part was my siblings and I coming up with all of these saying ahead of time. We had a blast and everyone was in hysterics as we called each saying out.

  7. Jessie says...

    Oh my gosh, that top photo of your family, where that little girl is reaching for a kiss from her dad ❤️

  8. I also have a bachelorette version. One friend is in charge of asking the bride’s partner 10 complete-the-sentence questions about the bride, like “my fave thing about Jane is ___,” or “When I get home and see Jane after a long day I’m so ____”. She writes down the answers. Then at the party, all the guests are asked to try to guess what the bride’s partner’s answer to each question was. For example, the groom might have said “relieved” for the long day question, but friends might guess “hungry”, “happy”, “horny”, etc (you can see the potential for laughs). The friend in charge then collects and reads all the answers to each question back to the group, one question at a time, mixing the true answers in there as well. And the bride has to guess: which one was the actual answer of her partner? If she guesses one of the fake answers submitted by a guest, that guest gets a point. At the end of the game, the guest with the most points wins a prize. This game avoids the awkwardness of not knowing the couple well because everything is anonymous, and answers can be purposefully silly just for laughs. It’s both sweet and funny- I’ve done it for every friend since it was done for me!

  9. love this – obviously you guys know how to have fun and build relationships :)
    Those family photos are so great, too. We mostly have studio photos where everyone looks stiff.

  10. Marci says...

    We had three generations at a family reunion lake cabin and our quiz took the form of a TV game show, Jeopardy. We put Post-it notes in a grid on a large poster board, with categories across the top. The Post-it notes had dollar amounts on one side and the questions on the hidden side.

    Two of us planned the game and casually gathered information throughout the week when we were sitting privately with family members. (You could also ask people to write their own questions, I suppose.) We made some “gimme” questions harder by asking for minute details: e.g. Everyone knows Steve worked at a record store in college but THIS is the EXACT name of the store when he left in 1986.

    Some of the categories and example questions:
    * FIRST JOBS: In college, this person worked in a lab determining the sex of insects. Answer: Who is Aunt Judi? (Trust me, the answer was surprising and hilarious.)

    * LOVE AND MARRIAGE – Covered things like how couples met, what their first dates were (funny and cute), wedding themes/colors, etc.

    * FAMILY TIES – These five family members all played on high school baseball teams. Name these eight family members who took piano lessons.

    We used buzzers from other games and divided into teams, mixing up different families and generations. I don’t remember if we had a prize or not for the winning team, beyond bragging rights, but the true prize was getting to know our far-flung family members.

    • Jessica says...

      Omg this is amazing. I have to steal this for my family’s reunion!

  11. RLG says...

    The (unintentional, I think) heart formation in the top photo of you family!!!!

  12. Laura says...

    I am a high school art teacher and I play a version of this game with my classes the first week of school. I give them a “quiz” on me. My favorite food/season/color, how many pets I have, Am I a morning or night person, etc. They have so much fun guessing and then we go over the answers together. It’s a fun bonding activity and a great way for them to get to know me.

  13. I’m dying to know the answers to Caroline’s quiz! Such a cool game.

    • Stephany Aulenback says...

      Yes, we need to know! :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      here are the answers that caroline says haven’t changed since then! (we did this quiz about three years ago:)

      – Born in New Jersey
      – Pets include Elvis the dog (named thus at age 10) and Swimmy the fish (named at age 3)
      – Majored in Political Science
      – Had all listed nicknames
      – Trick question! I like my pizza plain
      – Favorite book is Gatsby; I read it annually
      – I most often wear black
      – My phobia is other people’s spit


  14. Leah says...

    We always play “stop the bus” (no idea why it’s called that!) Everyone receives the same amount of pieces of paper – say 10, everyone draws a picture of literally anything, pass to the person on your right, they write in words what they see on the next piece of paper and put the drawing to the bottom of their pile, pass to the next person who draws what is written then puts the written sheet to the bottom of their pile and so on until all the paper in the piles are used up
    One by one the group reveals how far the drawings/descriptions have veered from the original drawing. It’s always HILARIOUS!
    Also it’s great for a group of different aged players – in fact a few kids in the group make the results even funnier. We have played at Christmas with an 82 yr old and a 6 yr old in the group! So long as you can write, you can play!
    My 14 year old played it last weekend with his friends at his birthday sleepover and I could hear the laughter from across the house! (Dread to think what the drawings involved ;)

    • YES, there’s a party game like this called Telestrations. It’s like the game of telephone with illustrations. :) So funny!

  15. Sara says...

    Different but related: for my 30th birthday, my sister in law contacted my close family and friends and asked them their favorite thing about me. She then wrote all of them down on 30 strips of paper and put them in a jar. It is one of my most treasured possessions and we have turned it into a family tradition. I made one for my husband a few months later, we made one for my brother this year, and my sister is next! One of my favorites was written by my husband: “I love that you are a wise old owl with a fine ass.” See?! Laugh and cry!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      sara, this is the SWEETEST!

    • Twyla says...

      I did the same thing for my parents’ 30th! I emailed friends and family all over the world and asked them to write a sentence (or several) beginning with the phrases:
      *When I think of you, I always think of…
      *I always laugh when I remember how you…
      I did one jar for my mom and one for my Dad. There were 52 notes in each jar and they were allowed to open one a week. My mom said my dad cried every single time. <3

  16. Was your dad’s dog’s name Foxtrot??… MY dog’s name is Foxtrot <3

  17. Mullica says...

    We play a nice ice breaker game combining our two favorite classics.
    It’s a combination of charades and taboo. It’s simple but wayyy more entertaining. When we started……Black Panther had just come out. Wakanda was a popular choice of word. Haha.

    How to play:
    1.) Everyone gets a designated amount of pieces of paper and on each slip writes down one word (I allow two if it’s a person). Then split the group into two teams.
    2.) In the first round you play like taboo except no words are off limits. You just want your teammates to guess the words. Alternate between teams until there are no more words left in the bowl. Count your points and then put the words back in the bowl.
    3.) In the second round you have to act out the words and repeat until there are no more words.
    4.) In the last round you go back to taboo but this time you can only say one word to describe your word. If the other team catches you saying a filler word (i.e um, uh, ohh…..etc.) that counts as your word and your teammates then have to run through all the words in the game to basically guess what that word actually was before you can go onto the new word.

    It’s funny, filled with quick inside jokes, and great for your memory!

    • Ker says...

      We call this Salad Bowl and love it too!
      We sometimes even add a bonus round where you go back to acting it out again, but this time the actor is under a bed sheet. Hilarious.

    • Robin says...

      Love this! Stealing it!!

    • Alexis says...

      Oh! This is called Celebrity. I love this game – so fun!

    • CB says...

      I’ve only heard this called fish bowl!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      omg yes!! we call this celebrity. SO much fun. now i want to bring it back into our party rotation :)

    • Sk says...

      We call this bowl game! One of my faves.

  18. Carly says...

    I don’t even know these answers about myself.

    • Jenny says...

      Right?! I was just thinking that myself!!

      For example in the food category: if I chose dim sum, would I then have to specify what type of dim sum I like? (Coz that changes from week to week!) And if we just limited it to cuisines, ie Japanese, Italian, Chinese etc, would it become too generic? But then expecting people to know exactly what type of Japanese food I like (answer: sashimi, and salmon to be precise) seems like it’s expecting too much of ppl other than my husband who is uniquely attuned to my specific food preferences!

      I haven’t even gotten started on favourite book, movie, song etc.

  19. Jen says...

    My friends had a fun get-to-know-you game during cocktail hour of their wedding where each person got a bingo card with different descriptors in the squares, e.g. “grew up in Hawaii” or “likes to rock climb,” as well as a unique stamp. Whenever you came across another guest who fit a descriptor you’d have them stamp that box on your card, and whoever got to 5 in a row by the end of the night would get a prize. It was such a fun and unique way to encourage guests to strike up conversation and meet new people!

  20. Brittney says...

    Wait– so was he in the delivery room or not?! Now I need to know all the answers to both quizzes.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      he was stuck in paris traffic!!!! he raced his way there and got there a few minutes after we were born.

    • Sara says...

      Haha! As I was reading I was thinking “Is it creepy I know the answer to this question”…maybe I’ve been following Cup of Jo for too long!?!?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      hahaha yay sara! :)

  21. This is a great idea for Thanksgiving dinner or even dinner with friends!

  22. Sally says...

    A friend of mines mother-in-law hosted the ‘rehearsal’ dinner the night before the wedding. It was very casual and a good portion of the wedding guests were invited as many people on the ‘sides’ did not know each other at all. About 2-3 weeks before the party, she sent an email asking you to send in a short but little known funny fact about yourself. Once at the party we were given a sheet with the fact and had to find the person that matched it. It was so much fun and it was a lovely way to interact with everyone, it wasn’t couple centric and it made for great conversations and familiarity at the wedding itself, which was Amazing.
    I have never forgotten how warm and friendly it made the whole next day’s events. The brides cousin mowed Leonard Cohens lawn a few times!

  23. Mallory says...

    I recently learned a hilarious NSFW party game (that incidentally I have only ever played with coworkers). Pick one person to leave the group, then the group picks a verb, any verb. Bobsledding, for example. Then the person comes back and has to ask yes or no questions to try and figure out what the verb is. And the group can answer however they want. Only you replace the verb with the F-word. So the person might ask, “do you f*ck alone?” And if the word is bobsledding, the group would answer, “oh no, you definitely f*ck with a team.” It gets pretty hilarious pretty quickly.

    • Nancey says...

      could I love this more?? nope.

  24. T says...

    At a bridal shower I went to there was a similar game, except you drew a card that had a category on it and shared with the group a story about that category you shared with the bride. 1. I had met the bride through her ex – ruling out almost all of my already limited ammo, for not being able to mention him (bad breakup) and 2. We weren’t really close. It felt awkward and awful for me and her. We’re closer now and laugh about it but it really needs to be considered that not everyone knows the person in question so make sure you don’t put them on the spot with their results.

  25. Gina Dwyer says...

    This game sounds SO FUN!! I can’t wait for the next function where my family/friends and I can try it! I’m thinking my brother in laws next birthday :)

  26. I love this idea! We played this game at my friends huge 18th birthday party that was more a debutante ball all for her. She had guests in the fanciest of dresses fighting their way across the dance floor to answer questions about her. Still one of the most memorable parts of that party!


  27. Carolyn says...

    We played a game like this at my best friend’s bachelorette party. Even though I’ve known her since we were 5, I got everything (everything!) wrong and felt like a horrible friend. Sooooo, yeah, beware of alienating people, I guess.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i hear you, carolyn! i think the key is to have mostly multiple choice, and also questions that don’t really matter — like irrational fear and favorite childhood movie, etc. then it doesn’t mean anything about your friendship if you don’t know them off the bat :)

  28. Jo says...

    Good one! We usually play this at baby showers.

    Are there games for adult gathering where people are new to each other?

    There is no one person that is the focus of the party (unlike a birthday), so Im stumped. Please share any ideas u have..

  29. Megan says...

    For my 30th birthday a group of friends surprised me by reading aloud a 30-stanza poem they wrote about me. It was so unexpected, thoughtful and hilarious (and I love that it cost nothing!). I treasure it more than anything.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, i love that so much. how touching!

  30. Emma says...

    We often play a similar game at parties with friends/family but it takes no prep and involves everyone. One person asks a question just like the ones in the quiz and everyone writes an answer on a piece of paper. A participant collects and reads all the anonymous answers out loud and the question asker has to guess who said what. (variations available like – only read through answers twice and you need to remember them, or everyone around the table takes turns guessing – your turn being over when you get something wrong & last one to be guessed ‘wins’, or the guesser gets a score for how many are right and you see who does the best at the table) Some questions that have been very illuminating : What charity would you donate $1,000 right now ? What was your favorite Christmas Gift? What website have you visited the most this month? If you were to be named the ‘patron saint’ of something , what would it be? …and the surprisingly divisive, What is the best artificial flavor?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh my gosh, i love this!!

  31. sarah says...

    A fun party gift game:
    Last year, due to some Christmas travel confusion, my husband and I showed up to his family home and the gifts for his siblings didn’t make it with us. To make up for it, we spent the flight inventing silly limericks for family members to guess their gifts. It was great for this season of life where family gatherings are all adults and no little ones yet :) We all loved it so much, we’re doing it again this year. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all!

    An example:
    A place for views panoramic
    A sleeping bag, but more aerodynamic…
    String it up ‘tween the trees
    Lay back, feel the breeze
    ‘Cause for Christmas we bought you a . . .

    • Amy says...

      That’s is some real limerick genius right there!

    • Gina Dwyer says...

      This is so cool!

    • Alice says...

      My mum used to do something similar to this- for some unknown reason, one year she decided to write some kind of clue to the present on the gift tag…! The one I remember most vividly was her writing “blue body” for a Grey’s Anatomy box set… I just looked at her like “what the hell have you bought me?!”- so cute!

  32. Sarah says...

    I love this so much! By far my favorite part of my bachelorette party was “Ask Me Another: Sarah Edition”. If you listen to the “puzzles, word games, and trivia” podcast Ask Me Another, you’ll know the format of rhyme games, song games, word mashups, and “this, that, or the other” (which was Nordstrom brands, watercolor paint names, and karma sutra sex positions, and hilariously difficult!). My dear friend even got my now-husband to sing songs (written by musicians who vacation in Palm Springs) with question lyrics about my life, for my friends to answer. It was engaging, hilarious, and incredibly sweet– and infinitely customizable for all ages/occasions :)

  33. Kelli says...

    I love this idea! Hahaha I got really invested in the questions while reading the post, wanting to know the answers!! found myself sort of half taking the quiz, thinking “maybe **I** am the person who knows her dad the best!!” (spoiler, I’m not).

    • Masha says...

      Ha ha ha, same

    • Joanna Goddard says...


  34. Joana says...

    Ahahah! This sounds so much fun! My husband actually did something similar for friends who got married: for the stag due he would prepare a multiple choice quiz for the groom, all about his bride. He would consult with the bride first for the correct answers but then he would do something naughty: he would add a couple of questions about the bride for which he didn’t know the answers (usually a little bit naughty but nothing too intimate), and the groom would also answer. (At the end he would reveal that he hadn’t checked the answers for the naughty questions with the bride and the groom would always laugh to tears). He did it several times and it was always a hit!

  35. Lisa says...

    Played something similar at a bridal shower once. Where they asked the groom questions ahead of time and then had the bride guess his answers. It went horribly wrong when we got to his answer about how many kids he wanted. He said none, this was news to the bride.. they now have two kids and are still married but talk about awkward. So have those important conversations BEFORE the wedding.

  36. Kate says...

    These are such charming questions. Obviously written with love. I’m stealing some for an upcoming baby shower. Thank you!

  37. Erin says...

    We played a related game at my bridal shower as an icebreaker. Before the party, I made up a question that could function as a unique identifier for each guest. “Who has a dog named after a famous TV detective?” “Who first met the bride at a gas station?” and so on. We wrote each question on a 3×5 card and handed one to each guest as they arrived. Everyone had to find the person who could answer “That’s me!” to their card. It was pretty fun.

  38. Laura says...

    My sister did this for my birthday (age omitted, but it was a big one). It was lots of fun to hear everyone’s answers.

  39. Alison says...

    My sister did this for me for my birthday a couple of years ago- it was a surprise and my favorite part of the night! I saved one of the little quizzes to remember it :) It was just so thoughtful and made us all laugh!

  40. Laura says...

    We did this at my bridal shower, and the hosts interviewed my fiance and videoed it beforehand. They showed his answer when revealing mine, and it was pretty hilarious – some of them we said the exact same thing word for word (I hadn’t seen his responses)!

  41. Kim says...

    We’re planning my mom’s 80th and this is PERFECT! Thank you!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      happy birthday to her!

  42. Jen says...

    I love this idea <3

    And those family pictures are the best! I love seeing a photo and knowing that a family will cherish having that view for years to come.. I especially love the top one with the man and child reaching over to kiss each other.. what a sweet moment to have captured!

  43. Cynthia says...

    I’m currently reading The Art of Gathering (How we meet and why it matters) by Priya Parker. While your game is not in the book, it is games like this that take a dull or routine gathering to the next level of connection and memory-making. Parker has an impressive resume and is the founder of Thrive Labs if anyone is interested in improving meetings at work, on campus, or in private life.

    • Michele Damron says...

      Thank you!

  44. Hope says...

    Meh, I played this game at a baby shower recently where my husband and the mom-to-be’s husband are the connecting pieces in our relationship. Although I took it in good humor, I only knew the answers to a few of the questions and it didn’t feel great to have that pointed out in public.
    Maybe a multiple choice quiz would have helped.

  45. What a fantastic idea – shall definitely be pinching it for future grown up parties!!


  46. Megan says...

    Best game for small groups, especially when people are trying to get to know each other better:

    1. The person who is it asks everyone a question–What would you bring to a desert island? What’s your favorite Christmas memory? etc.
    2. Everyone writes down their answer and hands it to the person sitting next to “it.” Silly answers are OK!
    3. The person who collected the answers reads them all out loud, and “it” has to guess who wrote what. A point for every one correct! (Or don’t keep score and just have a fun conversation.)

  47. Aimee says...

    I must share my failed experience at creating this game at a friend’s bridal shower so that nobody replicates it. I somehow missed that part that I should ask MULTIPLE-CHOICE questions and I instead only asked questions where guests filled in the answer. Most people had no idea as to the answers and it ended up being quite embarrassing :( The winner of the game and prize had only two or three correct answers.

  48. Amanda says...

    I actually really don’t like this game :-/ It’s very popular at bridal and baby showers and I’ve stricken it from the list of games if I’m the host. Friendships aren’t a competition and to me this often can exclude people who don’t have all the ‘right’ answers. I get the idea behind it in this context and maybe with the right group, but it’s a game I’ve grown to loath over the years.

  49. MJ says...

    This past weekend I was with a big group of friends at a wedding and we started cracking each other up with the hypothetical of “How much would you have to get paid to do x?” Examples included: grabbing the mic to make an unsolicited toast, ‘accidentally’ nudging the bride off the deck into the lake, telling the bride and groom, dead seriously, not to pay the caterer because the food was awful, etc. We found out that our friend Laura would do just about anything for $2,000!

  50. Denise says...

    Super cute family pics!

  51. Kara says...

    I feel like these people are just so interesting no which answers they choose!!! But I would love to know their answers. ?

  52. Sarah says...

    I got the answer to Caroline’s nickname: a) Carrie! Saw the picture link on the sidebar where she’s wearing the Carrie sticker :). I feel like Nancy Drew now, haha.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      omg hahaha GOLD STAR!

    • Caroline Donofrio says...

      The answer for that one is actually all of the above! At one time or another, those have all been nicknames. :)

  53. Carrie says...

    Well, now we need to know the answers!! :)

    • Sydni Jackson says...

      MUST KNOW!!! <3

  54. Ro says...

    This is such a great idea for those times when the group involves lots of sub groups who may not know each other. I love a semi-structured activity that gets everyone together so that friends don’t only talk with the people they came with, etc.

  55. Suzanne says...

    This is such a lovely game idea, it really shows just how much people care about the person and that’s truly the best way to celebrate them.

    I’d also love to know the answers for Caroline’s quiz if she’s willing to share! (and I’m so very glad she’s back too, I love everything you write Caroline, you have such a perfect way with words.)

  56. Madie Rice says...

    We do quizzes too :) The last one was for my son’s 5th birthday party (the big party with lots of family, friends, etc) and it was hilarious to see the responses. People really agonize over these, in the best way! (“Ahhh! Rescue Bots or Paw Patrol?!? Mustangs or Camaros?!?”) It’s truly wonderful to see how much everyone loves him and wants to know the details that make up his little boy life! Plus we put the best/funniest answer sheets in his Baby Book, for posterity.

    • Carolyn says...

      Love this spin!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that is so sweet <3

  57. This is such a sweet idea! I could see it working really well for a baby shower (since most baby shower games are totally barf-worthy).

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      yes! we’ve done it a couple times, including for my friend kath. we did a couple baby-themed questions and also lots about her because it’s nice to remember all the things that make up your identity. we also secretly interviewed her husband for one of the questions and asked him what makes her a wonderful mom in his eyes. <3

    • Olivia says...

      You know you’re pregnant when you tear up and the last sentence of Jo’s reply…

    • Liv says...

      I had a baby shower recently and was keen to avoid those barf-worthy games! My good friend Claire organised the shower and suggested a quiz to break the ice for the guests as there were about 20 ladies many of whom didnt know anyone else. The quiz was under the theme of ‘how well do you know Liv?’ but were questions all about my friends there at the shower, ie:

      Q: Who lived in Laos for a couple of years?
      Q: Who’s been with their partner the longest?
      Q: Who has an identical twin?

      It worked so well to have everyone chatting and getting to know one another and was so lovely to be able to include them all so personally in the day!