It’s always a slam dunk…

When my friend turned 30, and then my dad had his 60th birthday, and then my friend moved to Florida, and then my cousin had a baby shower, we did the same thing every time to show how much we loved them: a playful quiz to see who knows them best. It sounds random, but it is funny, personal and WONDERFUL. (We laugh, we cry, the whole damn thing.)

Here’s how you do it:
1) You make up a bunch of questions about the person, including some that are specific to them (say, about their hobbies or quirks)
2) You interview the person ahead of time to get the answers.
3) You print out a bunch of copies of the quiz.
4) People at the party take the quiz (alone or in groups) and you share answers out loud afterward.

It’s seriously the best.

Here’s the quiz we did for my dad’s 60th birthday:

    The Jeremy Goddard Quiz
    How well do you know our hero Jeremy?
    Winner gets a door prize! And a second piece of cake!

    What year was Jeremy born? ____

    Where did he go to boarding school? ___________

    What was the name of his first dog?
    a) Rover
    b) Foxtrot
    c) Morgan
    d) Darling

    What was Jeremy’s college major? __________

    Was he in the delivery room or waiting room when the twins were born?

    Name three foods you will always find in Jeremy’s kitchen: ________________________________________________

    How many speeding tickets has he gotten in his life? _____

    Which of the following are ways that Jeremy has been described?
    a) “You really know, man. You really know.”
    b) “You’re the most can-do person I’ve ever met.”
    c) “He’s a silver fox.”
    d) “He’s like James Bond, but cooler.”

    When his children have called him, in which of the following locations has Jeremy answered his cell phone? (Circle all that apply)
    a) In a movie theatre
    b) On a treadmill at the gym
    c) In an important meeting
    d) During a date

    What does Jeremy love more than anything? ____________

And here’s the one we did for Caroline when she left Cup of Jo for a couple years to write books (side note: so glad she’s back!!!):

    The Caroline Quiz!
    Lipsticks! Books! Tiny Dogs!

    In what state was Caroline born? _______________

    Which pet/s did she have while growing up? (Circle all that apply.)
    a) Swimmy the fish
    b) Elvis the dog
    c) Mini the hamster
    d) Pete the cat

    How old was she when she stopped believing in Santa Claus?
    a) Never believed
    b) 6
    c) 9
    d) 12
    d) Still believes

    What was Caroline’s college major? ______________

    What’s her favorite food?
    a) Can’t choose one. Sorry! Top 3: brownies, anything involving molten cheddar cheese, and avocado toast, in that order. 
    b) Can’t choose one. Sorry! Top 3: juices, anything involving hot sauce, and doughnuts, in that order. 
    c) Can’t choose one. Sorry! Top 3: kale salads, anything involving chocolate, and Chipotle, in that order. 
    d) Can’t choose one. Sorry! Top 3: ice cream, anything involving peanut butter, and homemade hummus, in that order. 

    On average, how many books does she read a month? _______

    What’s her favorite book?
    a) Impossible to choose just one, but We Should All be Feminists is the only book I’ve read multiple times, so let’s go with that. 
    b) Impossible to choose just one, but Sense and Sensibility is the only book I’ve read multiple times, so let’s go with that. 
    c) Impossible to choose just one, but The Great Gatsby is the only book I’ve read multiple times, so let’s go with that. 
    d) Impossible to choose just one, but The Namesake is the only book I’ve read multiple times, so let’s go with that. 

    Which nicknames has she had in her life? (Circle all that apply.)
    a) Carrie
    b) Kiwi
    c) Little One
    d) Banana

    What topping does she always order on a pizza? _______________

    What color of clothing does she wear most often? ___________

    What’s her phobia?
    a) The dark
    b) Public speaking
    c) Spiders
    d) Other people’s spit

    Which does she prefer (circle one):
    Tea vs. coffee?
    Going out to movies vs. watching movies at home?
    Milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate?
    Flight vs. invisibility?
    Aisle or window?

The game is such a fun way to celebrate someone, and it always ends up being the best part of the night. Bonus: It’s free!

Thoughts? Have you ever done something like this? Any other party ideas you swear by?

P.S. A staring contest, a playful birthday treat, and dinner party conversation starter.