What Are Your Simple Pleasures?

Wave fence photo by Lena Corwin

On this rainy Thursday, let’s talk about something fun. Artist Moose Allain was feeling out of sorts, so he decided to write a list of small joys on Twitter. A few were “a lovely little puppy” and “the smell of snow” and “finding finally the lost thing.”

Other people then piped up and theirs included “sourdough bread, toasted, with cinnamon sugar,” “lining up groceries very neatly at the checkout” and “pushing the pram over bumpy bits of pavement to make my daughter’s chubby cheeks wobble.” How cute are those?

A few of mine are:
Kissing my children on the side of their mouths
Jacket potatoes
Getting into clean sheets after shaving my legs
The grassy waves at Storm King
The word “peripatetic” because it’s fun to say
Cheeses described as “barnyardy”
A room with a view
When you read something so beautiful, you put your hand on your heart
Magic tricks that are impossible to figure out
Anton’s cowlick
Kettle chips

What would yours be? I’d really love to hear. Also, baby belly laughs!

P.S. How to stay present, and what’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read?

(Photo by Lena Corwin.)

  1. Deana says...

    October in Texas
    Neighborhood wild guinea fowl
    Fire pits
    Sleeping porches
    Drinking sparkling water from a fancy glass
    Counting the rabbits in a nearby park
    The condo pool all to myself

  2. jodell hammond says...

    love these, makes me feel relaxed just reading them all. getting a massage, getting up early and hanging my hammock in the outskirts of the woods and read a book….making a fire in the early morning, just a little one to have with my coffee… sometimes , and i know this is a little out there..but i sleep in my chair on the front porch that reclines…i take a lantern so i can read before sleeping to the night noises and wake up to all the sweet morning’s the next best thing to camping! it would be fun to do the rituals we do around the holidays!

  3. Chelsa Williams says...

    watching clouds, seeing other planets in the night’s sky, alarm free wake ups, weekend family breakfast at home

  4. Jen H. says...

    Fields full of wildflowers
    Skies full of stars
    Flavored cream cheeses :)

  5. Ray says...

    -waking up earlier than my alarm and realizing I still have an hour or two of peaceful rest before the day begins
    -the beautiful sunrise on my way to work
    -the smell of the coffee beans wafting in the air as I hand grind them
    -children’s laughter and their warm cuddles
    -wearing comfy sweats, sitting in my yard with my spouse on a chilly autumn morning

  6. Mike Clermont says...

    That first sip of cold beer on a Saturday night
    Cup of tea in bed with the curtains closed at 10am/11am on weekends
    Realising an extra lie in on Sat/Sun
    The awesome shower after grass cut/gardening sessions
    My cats content look when I am stroking him on my lap
    The smell of my cats fur
    Sound of stillness from heavy snow fall
    Watching new SNL skits on a Sunday on Youtube
    Dark nights
    That minute brief moment of total wonder at seeing a shooting star (Perseids)
    Autumn leaves/woods smell
    Quiet starry night
    Smell of churches
    Watching a new episode of a show I love in the evenings at 10pm

  7. Lauren says...

    – waking up and immediately going into the kitchen for a hot cup of coffee
    – an evening walk when the weather is cool
    – the trill of a saxophone at the beginning of a jazz tune
    – when our whole house smells like garlic and basil while my husband makes pasta sauce from scratch
    – the first few minutes after coming home at the end of the week, knowing i have the next day off and nothing to do ahead of me except relax and enjoy my down time
    – texts from my mom
    – my cat sitting on my chest while i lay in bed and read at night
    – having a fire going in our fireplace when it’s snowing outside

  8. Therese says...

    – the soft happy sounds my baby make early in the morning, when we just woke up and it’s still dark in the bedroom and no hurry at all.

    – the feeling of utter happiness, relaxation and excitement when I ride my bike home from work the last day before a vacation.

    – after school drop off: the baby is sleeping, a big batch of coffee and an appointment with Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah on YouTube.

  9. Chelsea says...

    Seeing dogs carrying their own leashes in their mouths makes strange, garbled sounds of delight come out of me. I don’t know why it fills me with such joy.

    • Federica says...

      Oh, I love that too! It automatically makes me smile

  10. I’m not sure what my simple pleasures are…
    Dark chocolate that’s slightly bitter not sweet
    Popping others’ pimples? it’s gross but yeah
    Cinnamon in oatmeal
    Seeing people smile and seeing that little crease at the sides of their mouths when they do
    Genuine laughter

  11. neel says...

    – People watching by cafe`
    – Watching a crappy movie with friends and having a good laugh
    – Catching a light drizzle of rain when it’s sunny
    – Riding bike under clouds and blue sky on a breezy day
    – Making a perfect cup of tea
    – When radio plays favorite songs back to back
    – Right after finishing a tough but fulfilling project/task, savoring the moment of contentment
    – Mid night city drives with the right company
    – Waking up earlier than usual on the weekends

    • Juliette says...

      Waking up earlier than usual on the weekends is a great one. My favourite is when I don’t set an alarm and get up early feeling like I had the luxury of a lie-in combined with the gift of time. A rare and simple pleasure! I’ve never thought of it as such but now I will.

  12. Kristy says...

    My Infrared Light when the temperature gets chilly
    When I’m biking and the light turns green as I get to the intersection so I can keep on rolling without braking.
    When I walk into the subway station and my train just arrived so I have enough time to swipe but don’t have to wait at all.

    A piece of bread with butter and cheese

    When my mama makes my favorite, whether it’s steamed egg or noodles or some sort of amalgamation of leftovers doused in kimchi and avocado.

    My favorite condiments. Franks hot sauce. Grainy Mustard. Mayo. Ketchup. Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Seasoning. Furkikake.

  13. Tracy says...

    I only wear my watch when I leave the house, and it is such a subtle but important shift in my mood when I walk in the house and take it off for the day.

  14. Oh I loved this so much. How pleasant to just sit and think of happy things. Here are a few of mine:

    – the smell of birthday candles, just blown out
    – the sound of my husband’s car pulling up after a full day of toddler-wrangling
    – hearing the mailman drop a package on my porch
    – that soft spot of fur on the side of cats’ ears
    – knowing the cake/cookies/bread is done just by the smell of it
    – a perfectly ripe avocado at the perfect time
    – red wine and popcorn at the end of a long day
    – waking up and realizing it’s finally cool enough to wear that favorite sweater
    – waking up and realizing it’s finally warm enough to wear flip flops

  15. Kate says...

    The smell when you first light a match

    Dipping bread in pasta sauce

    A truly deep breath

    Easing open a champagne bottle so carefully you get a little hiss noise

    Getting into bed when the sheets are freshly washed

  16. SB says...

    This is such a fun and heart-warming exercise!

    – watching the ocean undulate
    – a fresh new book from the library
    – a cup of tea that is *just* the right temp
    – taking my hair down and shaking it out after a day at work
    – waking up and realizing I don’t have to leap out of bed
    – the first crack of a fire starting
    – an unsolicited hug from a wee one
    – the first tomato sandwich of the summer, preferably on sourdough

  17. Ursula says...

    Sneaking into my babies room before I get into bed to look at his little sleeping body and put another blanket on him.
    Sitting down to mend holes in clothing while listening to a good murder podcast
    Flipping over stones in the garden for our hen to eat the bugs underneath
    A clean and moisturised face
    An unexpected and brief baby hug
    Seedy bread with olive oil and a long black
    Seeing my baby thinking very hard
    Observing the names of ships in the port
    Rare moments when nobody needs me but myself

  18. molly says...

    – Listening to the faint sound of the fog horn in the distance at my childhood home
    – smell of freshly cut grass
    – the sound of my dogs drinking water
    – the smell of roses/honeysuckle/gardenias/lilacs in the wind
    – the sight of a massive harvest moon laying low in the horizon
    – a clear, crisp fall night, when you can see the stars
    – the feeling of a freshly made bed with freshly shaven legs
    – the smell of the ocean
    – the smell of the first fall day when someone is burning a fire
    – the crackling of fire
    – listening to rain hit the roof (even better in a tent)

    so many more

  19. -Being outside
    -discovering new music and old songs and replaying them on a playlist I create

  20. -Drinking tea when I when I wake up and when I get home from a long day.
    -going through old photos
    -listening to music with my headphones
    -taking a stroll around my neighborhood
    -trying different wines
    – organizing my closet and planning out outfits
    -going to a shoe store (I’m a shoe addict)
    -driving around with my friend whIle introducing each other to songs and replayong our favorites
    -driving around with no set destination

  21. Emily says...

    the way time slows when I hide under a blanket with my 3 year old
    the sense of endless opportunity when I’m picking my next book
    the salty, earthy smell of my husband after long run
    the contrast of sipping a cold beer while taking a hot shower
    making the first mark in a new jar of peanut butter

  22. Annie says...

    Listening to miles davis while cooking on a summer evening, coasting on my bike, movies all day on a rainy day, sitting in the kitchen with my parents chatting, beers after soccer, nighttime skincare routine, walks, walking to the coffee shop for a latte to go, tv with friends, searching for seashells, reading, singing, my family belting out JC superstar or simon and Garfunkel.
    What a nice reflection. I have so many more!

  23. JennP says...

    Lazy morning coffee dates with my partner.

  24. Nicole Nieuwkoop says...

    Building something with my hands
    Really seeing the stars at night
    Collaborating on a crossword puzzle
    Figuring out an actor’s name or filmography without IMDB

  25. Bailey says...

    -The smell of wet, hot asphalt after a summer rain
    -Runny yolks
    -Catching a whiff of the honeysuckles and orange blossoms in my neighborhood during small windows of the year
    -My dad’s face when he knows he made a good joke
    -Watching my husband let our chihuahua lick boogers out of his nose and sleepies out of his eyes, jostling off his glasses in the process. Every morning. (I know, I don’t know how he stands it, but it makes me love him more)
    -The bottom of the carnitas burrito (sorry pigs)

  26. Hannah says...

    My 6 year old daughter came home after a long day of school and asked if she could have a bath and get into her pjs. Such a lovely act of self care.

  27. Lindsay says...

    Truly clean hair
    A new podcast that I’m excited to listen to
    When my dog lays his head on my arm/leg/chest/lap
    Jeopardy at 7pm
    Drinking beer outside
    The warmer comforter I put on my bed once it turns fall
    Crossing something off my to-do list that’s been on there too long
    Buying myself flowers at Trader Joes
    Eating at a new restaurant

  28. mims says...

    sneaking back into bed after a shower, when my skin is still slightly damp…YES! i plan on extra time for my shower so I can indulge in this guilty pleasure…with my hair wrapped up in a small linen bathtowel and a new magazine.

    • Carrie says...

      Oooh this brought me back. High school, terrible menstrual cramps, super long, hot showers to ease them and then slipping back into bed, slightly damp skin with the towel still on wrapped around my hair. The sleep that followed was always so wonderful.

  29. LOVE this. Narrowed down to my top five.
    * the sound and smell of rain through trees
    * my toddler’s tiny arms squeezing me with all their might
    * sitting and watching the world go by from a cafe
    * lying on the floor, eyes closed, losing myself in a REALLY GOOD song
    * savoring a croissant dipped in coffee

    • Claire says...

      The fourth one made it onto my list as well-truly moments that make life worth it. I always lie down on the floor when I listen to the finale of the Firebird Suite.

  30. Halie says...

    This is the best thread! And such a pleasure to stop and think about:

    Kissing wet dog noses
    Iced coffee and a book in bed as the sun rises
    Tucking into a Pho shop while it’s raining
    When a child unexpectedly holds my hand
    Sunsets… all of them
    That first sip of wine
    Big round harvest moons
    The smell of citrus

  31. *the little trumpet diddy on “Sunday Morning”
    *crawling into clean sheets with a fluffy duvet
    *the pasture of horses grazing in the morning light on my way to work
    *smell of onions cooking
    *copies, still warm from the machine
    *the feel of yellow braille paving beneath my feet in flats
    *when they’re brewing beer in Portland, and the whole city smells like bread
    *when dogs sneeze with excitement
    *crumble ice; hard to find & oh so decadent

  32. Sasha L says...

    Unexpectedly finding Mari’s new book at my library this weekend!!!! I sat down immediately on the floor and began flipping through. And of course I checked it out. It made my whole weekend ❤️

  33. Natalie says...

    Ugh I could go on forever..

    My kids telling me they love me.
    My kids’ hugs.
    A cup of coffee by our pool.
    The feeling after a long run.
    Cold days outside bundled up with a beer.
    Cold winters with hot apple cider.
    Leaves crunching under your feet.
    Wine by the pool with the hubby.
    Ticking things off my to do list.
    Waking up before kids and getting myself properly ready for the day , including a made bed and makeup
    Getting into a made bed after a long day and he sheets are cold

  34. Liz says...

    -the sound of my dog smacking his lips/jowls once he has settled down and is ready to nap
    -the perfect crisp on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside raspberry/rose water scone
    -the smell of an old book
    – a NY/NJ bagel – so good it tastes better not toasted
    -a large iced mint green tea on a hot day (especially good if you have a headache or hangover)
    – your first glimpse of a new city from the window of a taxi you’ve taken from the airport
    -hot mint tea (+ raw honey) after a long run in cold winter weather
    -a hot shower after a cold run!
    – knitting in bed with a podcast/netflix on and my dog by my side after a tiring, long day
    – sitting in the shade at the dog park, watching 20 doggos play with each other, having the time of their lives

  35. Jojo says...

    -New mcdonalds chain that opens near where i live
    -when dogs that ive never met before wants to play with me
    -watching romcoms wrapped in layers of blanket while its raining heavily outside
    -laughing at ridiculous, probably childish and inappropriate jokes
    -watching a movie by myself at the cinema
    -a friendly hug

  36. Waking up to a sunny day
    Making someone laugh
    Chai tea
    Snuggling up to a good book
    freshly ironed pjs
    a hot shower at the end of a cold day
    watermelon in season

  37. Rosa says...

    Little joys….
    * getting into bed after a particularly busy day with bare skin and clean sheets
    * padding around the house barefoot in a t-shirt and undies on a Saturday morning.
    * sitting by the wood stove with a book on a cold, wintery night.
    * when my girls and I have a fun, drama free day of sight seeing or shopping
    * the perfect pair of tight fitting jeans
    * the brief moment when my house is acceptably clean, the lights are low and a candle is burning.
    * stopping by my parents house to visit and make them laugh with stories about my life

  38. Finishing a good book
    Taking a bite out of a freshly-baked cookie or brownie
    Watching or reading something online that makes me laugh out loud
    Catching one of my favorite movies on TV—always a thrill even if I know everything can be played on demand these days
    Reading new blog entries from my fave reads <3

    • Amber says...

      Catching one of my favourite movies on TV…Yes!!!!

  39. Joey says...

    Today, I finally brought clothes I had for months, even up to a year, to the seamstress to have them altered. I’m petite and dresses I usually buy online or in store don’t fit me well. With the daily mothering of two little boys, having my clothes altered was definitely not a priority. But this afternoon, I grabbed my older boy and headed to the seamstress. You have no idea the happiness that came over me as the lady pinned needles into the fabric of each dress. I even texted my hubby to tell him how happy I was. Finally, I am no longer stuck in a mummy clothing rut. And in two weeks, i’ll have 6 pretty and fitted dresses to look forward to!

  40. Mary says...

    – My son’s smile when I come home from work
    – My son’s laughter
    – Finding out that I brought my charger with me
    – Seeing an empty parking space in a parking lot
    – Hugging my husband in the morning
    – Cold shower after a dusty day

  41. abbey says...

    pulling the curtains back to let daylight in in the morning
    the silence in the moment my friend and i are both laughing so hard we’re not breathing
    sunlight through a leaf on an evening stroll
    the body feeling of singing a full well-rounded tone, even if for just one note
    ricotta, on pancakes or pasta or pizza

  42. Shena says...

    Homeschooling in PJ’s
    The beautiful rose pink color of my watch
    My cat curled on my made bed as I head out for the day
    A fried egg on a keto bun before bed and knowing it won’t make me gain weight
    Wind before a Florida storm
    My youngest putting her hand on my arm while she is sleeping next to me
    My husband telling my son that he needs to stop playing video games in a minute so that mommy can have the TV
    Making soap
    A cup of tea at my mom’s house
    Dinner out with my sister
    A clean house (the best ever) and walking barefoot on the wood floors without getting bits on my feet
    Petting my cats fluffy belly
    Watching my teen daughter grin a joyful braces smile
    Kissing my son on his forehead to say goodnight, melts my heart
    Homeschool art class
    Cat ear headband on my youngest
    The sound of my keyboard as I type

  43. Shauna says...

    These comments are everything right now! Here goes:
    ~ Getting the giggles with my 9 year old girl
    ~ Wine, olives and cheese on the back porch with my husband
    ~ A snuggly blanket right out of the dryer in winter
    ~ An amazing estate sale treasure
    ~ Quiet house, hot coffee and a new magazine
    ~ The PERFECT jeans
    ~ Calling my dad

  44. Gwen says...

    – watching my 12year old take care of his brothers
    – my 9 year olds unique voice
    – my 1 year old’s face against my chest
    – sleeping in
    – the smell of fall
    – a clean house
    – smell of coffee first thing in the
    – climbing into bed after a long drive home and grateful that we made it safely.
    – clean sheets
    – room slightly cold while under a thick comforter

  45. Lauren B says...

    + The dorito smell of my dog’s feet’s
    + Lighting candles on a rainy day
    + The way butter melts into a warm muffin
    + Sleeping baby schooshed mouths
    + Falling asleep to thunder
    + Catching a pretty reflection of yourself in perfect low light

    • Liz says...

      omg dogs feet do smell like doritos! never thought of that

    • Ash says...

      I think they smell like fritos!

    • Sondra says...

      Yes fritos!

  46. Melaine says...

    Outdoor showers in the summer, preferably with my husband.
    Dog snuggles.
    The smell of my neighbors lilac tree when its blooming.
    The first flip-flop day after a long winter.
    Being with my friends who knew me before I had kids.
    Letting my husband carry my bag at the airport.
    Making my kids laugh.
    Seeing my kids perform in school plays.

  47. Val says...

    These lists are wonderful!

    For me:
    Weekend mornings when my husband makes coffee
    Being on vacation and not having to cook, and clean
    My daughter’s face when she laughs
    When I finish an assignment really well
    Masala chai and crispy fritters on a rainy afternoon

  48. Ashley says...

    Listening to my husband’s grandparents recount their history and decades long love story, the perfect cup of tea where cream and sugar is in the proper ratio, when people can’t help but laugh at your punchline, the look on a child’s face when they master a new skill, my husband’s face when he has pulled off a surprise, freshly baked bread, and soft puppy kisses when you are sad.

  49. C. C. says...

    The moment you realize some simple, little thing is giving you pleasure.

  50. Kelsey says...

    When the air is so still in the morning, the leaves on the trees are silent. My husband says, “They’re having their coffee before striking up the day’s conversation.”

    Starting a campfire at dusk.

    The steady warmth on the back of my daughter’s neck.

    Watching an orchid blossom bloom over the course of a single morning.

    Crying while reading. (Last week it was Jodi Picoult’s “Small Great Things.”)

    A full chest of air in a redwood or pine forest.

    When the ocean breeze picks up in the afternoon, rendering the leaves on the trees into a river of whispers.

    I could go on and on but now I want to read everyone’s comments!

  51. Claire says...

    Just a PSA for those who may, like me, think at first that a jacket potato is just a baked potato with a more British name. Because I decided to try that technique and am here to testify: jacket potatoes are not just a baked potato! they are BETTER!!!!
    ok. as you were.

    • My friend thought this was a potato you’d put in your jacket pocket “in case you need a snack on a long walk”

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      hahahahahaha that is amazing!

    • Mike says...

      Responding to Anna,

      My mother tells me stories about her mother who, when she was a kid growing up in Boston, used to take just baked potatoes to school in her jacket in the winter to 1. Keep her warm and 2. keep her fed.

  52. Lisa G says...

    1. Long summer nights and the warmth of the sun on my skin
    2. Eating delicious food
    3. A nice warm, cup of tea
    4. A good hair day!
    5. The colourful autumn foliage and cool,crisp autumn air
    6. Rainy days
    7. A good book
    8. Beautiful lines of poetry that stirs your heart and soul
    9. Cuddles from pets
    10. When you can sense the gaze of the person you like on you
    11. A night sky full of stars

  53. Just simply talking to my husband about how my day went – is my ultimate simple pleasure. I look forward to it at the end of every single day after work. After I remarried after my husband died – I realized that just the simple pleasures in life are cause for gratitude.

    • SB says...

      This is beautiful <3 Sorry for your loss, may his memory be a blessing.

  54. Sarah says...

    This is fun!
    – first glimpse of the ocean after a long period away (Midwesterner ;))
    – warm dinner rolls with salted butter
    – laughing with friends over dinner about nothing and everything
    – making a stranger smile and/ or feel “seen”
    – that first step into my mom’s house where I’ll always feel at home
    – summer sun + swimming in cold water

  55. SR says...

    I love when the snow has made a blanket covering my neighborhood and muffles all sound to where the silence becomes the loudest thing you can hear. And on snowy nights when the light of the moon reflects on the falling snow to illuminate the sky just a little more, and the silence resonates all round you, and you feel like there isn’t a more perfect place or a more perfect moment.

  56. Gabrielle says...

    – The silky feel of my dog’s ears
    – The feel of any dog’s ears
    – The ritual of making coffee
    – The first page of a new book I’ve been really looking forward to
    – Soup. Pretty much all soups.
    – Breathing in frankincense from the oil diffuser
    – My husband’s dimples

  57. Laura says...

    Hearing people hum or sing softly in public when they think no one else is listening.

    My daughter’s little open mouth when she sleeps.

    Walking over the soft rug in our hallway while barefoot.

    Eating a sample cheese at the grocery store cheese counter.

    • Mims says...

      i’m always happy when the nutty breadstick free sample bin at Whole foods has a treat it in! i’m like a dog that way.

  58. Carra says...

    Catching a sweet moment between my kiddos
    How sunlight pours into our front hall in the early morning
    That first sip of coffee after a long night up with the baby
    That first sip of wine when the babies are asleep ;)

  59. – When I step into a museum room filled with impressionist art
    – When I step into a new city for the first time
    – When I visit home and I hug my mom every time we enter the same room, just because
    – Eating pasta and cheese
    – The sound of a guinea pig wheeking
    – When I make eye contact with a child in public and we share a smile

  60. Liz says...

    Crisp of a green apple during a bite
    Great drum beats
    When people lean forward when they laugh
    That feeling of being star struck in front of a big bold oil painting
    That feeling of wonder when you learn something new
    Tons of wind at the top of a mountain

    • Nicole Nieuwkoop says...

      all of these !

  61. Bianca says...

    A perfectly made cup of tea.
    Snuggles with my nieces and nephews.
    A tight, love-filled hug.
    Getting into a freshly made bed.

  62. Making someone laugh so hard they can’t breathe.

    Coming home after a weekend brunch, and taking a nap * bonus points if it’s raining .

    Re-directing a Childs bad behavior, and it worked.

    Spring rain when it smells like worms .

    Getting to the heart of the artichoke.

    Sitting in Mass and feeling your heart get all warm.

  63. Lily says...

    • coming home to your own bed after a long trip
    • when the song that’s been stuck in your head comes on the radio!!!
    • coaxing a smile out of a stranger
    • laughing so hard you can’t quite catch your breath
    • when the free sample at the grocery store is something you love, like guacamole or fancy cheese

  64. 1. Holding my coffee in both hands.
    2. Books I can’t put down.
    3. Hugging a large dog.
    4. Forehead kisses.
    5. Plant shadows
    6. Meals that don’t mess up the kitchen.
    7. Sister inside jokes

  65. Zoe says...

    1. The sound pasta makes when you stir sauce through it.
    2. Sunshine on water.
    3. Reuniting my little boy with his feet by taking off his sleeping bag first thing in the morning.
    4. Saying something I know will make my husband chuckle.
    5. Moving my desk from seated to standing.

  66. Oooh. I love this so! Here are a few of mine:
    Nursing baby breath, the way it smells like mozzarella cheese before they start solids
    A really nice glass of wine – at lunch!
    My daughter singing to herself in the bath
    Slow mornings with fresh espresso
    An unexpected foot rub
    Getting a cheap pedicure when you’re supposed to be running errands
    I live on the coast and love getting an unexpected glimpse of the Pacific Ocean while driving
    Listening to my kids laughing with/ at each other in the back seat of the car
    A good long chat with a dear friend – that can fill you up for weeks
    Spooning with the hubs in bed while we wait for our four year old to come “wake” us up
    Wind gently blowing sheer curtains in the early evening
    The sound of a train in the distance
    Listening to the rain at night – in souther California this is SO rare, it’s hard not to get excited

  67. Ash says...

    -Finding what I’m looking for in my purse on the first try
    Love this!
    -watching my kids play in the rain
    -when my hair looks good both pulled back and down on the same day
    – when I forget my grocery list at home and still remember everything on it

  68. Lisa says...

    1. Putting my face into my children’s hair and smelling…
    2. Rubbing my daughter’s back at bedtime
    3. When it’s so quiet that I can hear my children’s breath as they sleep
    4. The way my lawn looks when it’s freshly mowed
    5. Every time Jack from This Is Us talks about his wife
    6. No Homework
    7. Rain at twilight on a warm summer night when the fog is out
    8. When the wind blows autumn leaves across the street
    9. How dark tree bark gets when it rains in the fall
    10. That deep sleep you get after meditating.

  69. Megan says...

    So awesome. I’d add: the beautiful swirls the cream makes when you pour it into your iced coffee
    Returning to a favorite place after many years and finding it THE SAME
    Being a total dork with my husband
    When you finish a good book and you just have to pause in reverence
    Hearing funny, sweet memories of my mom, who died in 2002
    When you try on a shoe and you just know you will be friends (I have weird feet so this is a BIG DEAL)
    Traveling with no agenda and finding yourself having the most random/amazing day that you could never have planned
    When you make it to the store right before it closes
    And outdoor showers after a sweaty day as you look forward to dinner outside when it’s that perfect not-too-hot temperature. Bliss.

    • Emily says...

      I love the swirls of cream in iced coffee!! I always think about how my Grandma would say “kindness expands the very second you release it” and I imagine how small, kind acts might unfurl and grow around us in that very same way

  70. Megan says...

    Waking up on a weekend morning and walking out the door, with no purpose other than to take a walk. No rushing for work, no makeup, no need to make a train, no meetings. Just a nice long walk. Truly no better start to any day.

  71. Ashley says...

    Though struggling with depression, these comments are lifting my heavy spirit . I’ll definitely be returning to this list; thank you, Cup of Jo community, for these sweet reminders.

    – cold rose
    – listening to LPs bought for super cheap, like little disgarded treasures
    – hummingbirds sipping from my porch feeder
    – a shirt washed a 1000x to peak softness
    – cut fresh flowers

  72. Sarah says...

    -hearing the garage door open when my husband is coming home late from work
    -dipping my finger into a fresh new jar of face cream
    – a weeks worth of laundry folded and put away
    – the smell of apple pie baking in the oven
    – the sound of fallen leaves crunching under foot
    – my nieces running to see me when i get to their house
    – a hot bath with epsom salt

  73. E says...

    – picking and eating tomatoes from the greenhouse
    – the secret smile you share on the commute with someone else
    – Paul McCartney’s count in to I saw you standing there
    – the smell of salt when we open the car door on arriving in Cornwall for the annual trip
    – a text from my father with a question in it
    – autumnal colours borrowed from food and wine: claret, mustard, cavolo nero coloured green
    – seeing someone quietly, unconsciously take on board some advice and find success with it
    – cuddling my friend’s children, even while they’re distracted with other things
    – taking your earrings out/false eyelashes off when you get home from a party
    – that moment that someone you like says something and you can’t help but yelp “no way, me too” and you cannot conceive of the coincidence that you could like them and you could both like that thing. Every time.
    – obvs fresh sheets – I’m not an animal
    – zesting a lemon
    – walking past your house when it’s full of people and feeling so blessed (e.g Christmas Eve getting something from the car)
    – the clock at Liverpool Lime St station
    – blossom in North Oxford in the spring

    • Shena says...

      Love it too :)

  74. Evans says...

    -eating a ripe peach over the kitchen sink
    -singing in the car to the top of your lungs
    -the comforting weight of the quilts on the bed at my moms house
    -fried egg sandwiches late at night
    -watching my dog roll around on the grass
    -seeing ladybugs
    -a cold beer after yardwork
    -rainy Saturday afternoons

    • EATING A RIPE PEACH OVER THE KITCHEN SINK!! Yes! I call that “drinking a peach”.

    • Yes to all of these! Number 3 actually made me cry and think of my grandmother and her bed with layers upon layers of quilts. Thank you for reminding me!

  75. I love the idea of listing these simple joys in life.. Here’s a few:

    -watching the leaves turn in the early Fall
    -the deep purple gleam of the eggplants growing in my garden
    -perfectly ripe peaches
    -the peace and quiet of having both kids at birthday parties on a Saturday afternoon ; )
    -our kitten curled up in a box on my desk as I work
    -when my daughter reaches for my hand when we’re walking in the woods

  76. ally says...

    When my partner reaches to cuddle me in his sleep.
    Feeling the pulse of the city as I walk to work.
    Friends who don’t need an invitation.
    The first cool breezes of fall.
    Seeing a new bud on a house plant and recognizing that I have not killed it.
    Going to a new coffee shop where not even the barista recognizes me.
    Going to a familiar coffee shop where the barista recognizes me.
    The first taste of a fruit in season.
    Waking up just before my alarm.
    Reading the comments from all of you lovely people that make me feel a little less alone, and a little more present.

    • “Friends who don’t need an invitation.” – A lovely thought that is also well said.

  77. ashley says...

    1. seeing the moon in the daytime.
    2. spraying my car windows with washer fluid.

  78. Kristen says...

    The scent of honeysuckle or jasmine while on a walk
    The feel of a horse’s velvety nose
    The smell of my babies—especially after waking up, after playing outside, or after a bath
    The smell of birthday cake baking in the oven (and yes, birthday cake smells better than regular cake)
    Dancing your butt off without inhibition
    A really good book that you look forward to snuggling up and reading later
    The warmth of the sun on my skin after a long winter
    Espresso (the smell, taste, everything really)
    The smell of snow in the air before it snows
    Baking chocolate chip cookies on a rainy, gloomy day
    Fluffy towels right out of the dryer after a shower
    Seeing old friends

  79. Annie says...

    Wonderful post and comments! Mine are in no particular order:

    – Fresh cut grass scent
    – Silent home in the early morning
    – Golden hours (preferably with a drink and crooners song)
    – First sip of wine / drink at date night
    – Coffee and reading time in the morning
    – My son’s laugh
    – Watching my fiance when he cooks
    – Fresh sheets on friday night
    – Hearing unexpectly a favorite song on the radio
    – Gilmore girls opening song
    – Falls leaves
    – Stepping into my house after a long day at the office … the comfort of home
    – Forest walk
    – Fresh flowers in my home
    – Warm sweater and socks in the winter
    – Nap with my fiance in the afternoon
    – Rosy cheeks from the cold
    – Watching a big snow/rain storm from my window
    – The moment of a holiday party or dinner with family/friends you look around and realize that everyone is having fun…
    – The moment I stepped out my last exam class of the semester at college
    – Hearing cute, particulary british, accent
    – Driving or just be in the car on a sunny afternoon on a long road with no traffic
    – Hearing a song / smelling something who remind me of my childhood
    – The smile of my son when I first enter his room on the morning
    – Starting a good book

  80. Lucy says...

    You must listen to the podcast “Dispatch to a friend” … Two best friends read letters they have written to each other about the simple joys of their days/lives. Things they have cooked, their gardens and funny stories from their day to day lives.

    I have just had a baby and instead of scrolling through my phone in the middle of the night while feeding, I have been listening to this podcast and it feels like a warm hug during what can be a beautifully exhausting and sometimes lonely time.

  81. Aoife says...

    Oof, sharing these are my favourite!! Sooo good!!!
    Some of mine:
    – how my husband sticks out his elbow when I sit next to him — on planes, at the movies, driving — so I can tuck my arm in, put my hand on his thigh and have a micro snuggle
    – farm fresh soft boiled eggs with buttered white toast soldiers
    – checking on my plants and stroking their new leaves
    – sliding on my engagement and wedding rings
    – repeating silly sayings and words with my parents that my nephew/their grandson says
    – the recipe you know by heart because it’s so comforting and easy and delicious
    – the gulp of emotion when I hear some of the most precious songs
    – the smell of rain on tarmac on summer days — steamy and hot and refreshing
    – smiles with strangers and the mutual wave of thanks while driving
    – waking up to the rain and then snuggling down to go back to sleep with my honey
    – new shoes and a new vintage dress worn together at the same time!
    – matte red lip stick — always and forever
    – late night, post-date night dinner snack runs
    Thanks so much for kicking this off, COJ! So much love for all of you! xx

  82. Lindsay says...

    1. sunlight streaming in through windows, I especially enjoy when this happens while taking a bath, making the water look so pretty. Even better if there is swaying movement in the shadows it creates.
    2. Seeing hot air balloons in the sky
    3. Tree lined streets
    4. When grocery stores or eateries play music I grew up with and love
    5. Favorite new tea
    6. Hot bath with lavender salt scrub, how soft I feel after
    7. Smiling at strangers or when they smile at me
    8. Laying on the floor on my tummy and having one of my kids lay on my back
    9. Lady bugs
    10. Surprising people with little gifts
    11. Waking up on the weekend to the smell of bacon…..

  83. C_Ann says...

    – A meteor shower
    – Kids making faces at me in another car
    – Finding seasonal item back in stock at Trader Joe’s
    – Sending & receiving snail mail
    – A wave or smile from a baby that I don’t know
    – Hearing a fave song from my youth on the radio
    – Hockey hugs when my team scores (Go Caps!)
    – Singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack & instantly snapping myself out of a salty mood
    – Looking through an old box of photos or memorabilia
    – Finding a forgotten about piece of clothing in the back of the closet or bottom of the dresser

  84. This post & the comments are so fun! Here’s a few of mine:
    1. A fountain pop
    2. How excited my sweet pup is to see me when I get home.
    3. A hug from my hubby, he gives the best hugs!
    4. When you’re traveling to a place you love and the plane is descending, and you get that “home” feeling.
    5. Cheering for my football team.
    6. Sending & receiving holiday cards.
    7. Belly laughs.
    8. A perfectly toasted marshmellow.

  85. kimberly says...

    i keep a note in my phone called “my favorite things” (copyrighting that super original title) so i can remind myself of these tiny moments of happiness. recent joys:

    – super carbonated diet coke from a soda fountain
    – flaky salt
    – the smell of wood fire
    – seeing movies on fall sunday evenings
    – espresso at the end of a meal out
    – the smell of my puppy

  86. Caitlin says...

    1. Laughing with my brother and sister
    2. Crawling into bed at night
    3. The smell of black coffee
    4. A new book and nothing to do
    5. The first crisp days of fall & having all the windows open
    6. Sunday afternoon naps

    • Irene says...

      Wow, “a new book and nothing to do” => YES!!

  87. Rebecca says...

    – sneaking back into bed after a shower, when my skin is still slightly damp
    – not doing the things know I should be doing, and instead sinking deeper into a good book
    – declining invitations and enjoying missing out
    – slowly learning the art of ‘no’
    – the quiet pride of not saying ‘sorry’ when I’m not sorry
    – enjoying a quiet solo moment with a good newspaper in a calm cafe
    – climbing into bed in clean sheets and fresh pyjamas
    – admiring the colour of herbal tea against the cup
    – wearing something to work that is true to me, despite living an office life
    – unplugging from devices
    – writing and receiving letters by snail mail
    – sharing a knowing smile with another patient stranger on public transport
    – gently cultivating manners in the public domain.

    • mims says...

      sneaking back into bed after a shower, when my skin is still slightly damp…YES! i plan on extra time for my shower so I can indulge in this guilty pleasure…with my hair wrapped up in a small linen bathtowel and a new magazine.

  88. Jo says...

    Freshly shaved legs + sheets at night. You read my mind!

    -library dust jackets + finishing the book club book early
    -having a beer and listening to a podcast while cooking
    -the texture of ice cream when it just starts to melt
    -secretly exchanging immature GIFs during a meeting w/ someone else in the room
    -Reaching into a purse that has just been cleaned out and feeling like master of my domain

    • jenn says...

      Cooking with a beer and a podcast or good audio book is my fav!

  89. Priya Vijayasarathi says...

    -The smell of coffee in the morning
    -Sand under my toes at the beach
    -kissing my baby’s (clean) bottom
    -counting baby toes
    -fresh flowers at the farmers market every saturday morning
    -walking on wet grass in the morning
    -napping on a saturday afternoon
    -having homecooked food while on vacation

  90. Katherine says...

    – Feeling my baby girl hiccup and turn and kick and stick her butt up as she grows ever bigger in my belly (seven more weeks to go!).
    – The way my sweet pup, who was just diagnosed with malignant melanoma, prances and dances and skips and can’t even handle herself when she realizes we’re about to go for a walk.
    – The smell of baking bread and fresh basil.
    – How my husband and I always reach for each other’s hands on walks.
    – Remembering nicknames: how my grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s and no longer knows who I am or who she is, called me Doll Baby. How my dearly departed grandfather called me Sugar (but in his North Carolina accent, it sounded like “Shuggah”). How my dearly departed Uncle Steve called his wife Sweets.
    – The sound of rain on the tin roof of my in-law’s cabin in the Texas Hill Country.
    – Finding sea glass on the beach.

  91. Courtney says...

    Climbing into my bed with clean sheets after a long shower. Hearing the rain at night. Turning off the highway and onto a back road on my way home from work. Holding my husband’s hand. Snuggling with my dog on the couch while watching a movie. Falling asleep during the football game on Sunday afternoon. Shutting off the t.v. and sitting in complete silence. Finishing a good book and feeling like I’ve made a new friend or two. Laughing so hard I cry.

    Loving this post so much. Thanks, Joanna!

  92. Laura Chiang says...

    -Balmy evenings lying on crisp sheets with a fan going
    -That first evening of the year when you can sit outside at a restaurant in a tank and not be chilly or too hot
    -being somewhere far from anywhere and looking up at the stars
    -the excitement of finding your seat on a plane when headed on an exotic vacation
    -when my baby rests her forehead against mine
    -when my six year old, or 2 year old or husband reaches for my hand
    -the smell of a forest, especially after it has rained

    • Stefa says...

      These are some of my very same simple pleasures! Did you know that the smell after rain has a name? It’s called “Petrichor” – isn’t that a gorgeous word?!

  93. Leticia says...

    the first coffee of the day• watching the sunrise• when my dog lays on my back • the felling after swimming on very cold water• long showers• driving with your best friend• kissing someone for the first time• riding a horse• walking when the streets are empty• that buzz from having a beer on an empty stomach • planting something and watching it grow• smelling jasmin• dog kisses• laying in the warm sunshine• the scent from fresh laundry

  94. Whitney says...

    -My husband making a pot of tea that’s thick with honey.
    -Pulling back the covers of my bed at night, thankful I took the time to make it that morning.
    -the excited and desperate laugh/plea when a breastfed baby realizes milk is imminent.
    -thunderstorms at night.
    -when summer collapses into fall and it seems as everyone takes a collective exhale.
    – pancakes for breakfast.
    – waking up in a tent, too cozy under the comforter to brave crawling out into the cold mountain air.
    -that split second when your child collapses into sleep and their body becomes heavy and limp.
    – walking out of the humid community pool into the crisp evening air; stiffening your wet hair.
    -that feeling of being someone’s comfort and safety; especially to your own child.

    And so, so many more precious and perfect moments in life.

    • Meghan says...

      Oh Whitney! So many of these are on my list, too! My husband makes the best honey tea and yes to the breastfed baby and to being the source of comfort to our children. Wonderful.

    • Angela says...

      Love these so much. And oh my goodness I thought only my baby did that laugh-cry thing while I’m getting out my breast! It sounds to me like “oohhh mama, thank youuu!”

    • Kate says...

      Oh, you’ve captured these moments so beautifully!

  95. Amanda says...

    Going for a walk under the trees.
    A cup of tea in the late afternoon with a spoonful of honey and a dash of almond milk.
    Applying red lipstick and then smudge-ing it out a bit, even if I’m just at home or going to the grocery store.
    Opening windows early in the morning and late in the evening to let that fall air in.

  96. Marta says...

    These comments are restoring my faith in humanity. I share many of the simple pleasures already listed (and this has inspired me to keep a running list) but I wanted to add:
    – skinny dipping at night, especially in a lake
    – having a nap while listening to the Jim Dale Harry Potter audio books

    • Becky says...

      I love skinny dipping at night! We used to skinny dip every summer in a warm lagoon under the silvery moonlight. It was magic.

    • Morgan says...

      It made me smile to know someone else loves the Jim Dale Harry Potter books! When I was younger my mom used to play them in the car. Now as an adult I listen to them all the time, it feels like a hug from an old friend.

  97. M says...

    Patisserie – a book weaving its way into my travel memories – walking down a beach with stones, driftwood and sand underfoot, looking towards the hills and mountain – books that I read as a child – companionable silence – a cup of tea – spending time with family – being lost in a book

  98. Jessica says...

    When I come home from work, and my boys run down the path to hug me so hard they almost knock me over. Those faces, arms, and wild hair will be forever etched on my heart.

  99. Trina says...

    The smell of the first rain after a long dry spell. • Biting into a ripe, juicy nectarine. • Flour tortilla chips and housemade salsa from my favorite Mexican restaurant back home. • Saturday afternoon naps. • Multicolored clouds on the horizon at sunrise or sunset. • Seeing the Big Dipper when I look up at night. • Cool, salty ocean breezes. • Warm, thick valley breezes. • Fuzzy blankets. • Big hugs from old friends.

  100. Cle says...

    -sitting down on the couch in a pool of warm lamplight, kids (truly) in bed, lunches packed, bourbon splashed on clinking ice in a weighty crystal tumbler, window open, fall-tinged, wet-earth night air pouring in, untouched magazine awaiting. Ahhhhhh.

    • Amanda says...


  101. Sara says...

    How lovely! I want to play!
    Lounging around in the warm sunshine, especially with a drink and a place to swim, my kids’ cute little summer tan-lined booties, freshly washed linens, little moments when I remember how smoking hot and sweet my husband is, burrata cheese, oh gosh, how refreshing to think I could list so many more

  102. Jessica says...

    The clink of an ice cube in a glass of rose
    Crescent moons
    Elastic-waist pants
    Tiny hands on both my cheeks
    Fruit picked straight from the tree or bush
    Flowy ink pens
    Springy toddler curls
    Staying up late to finish a good book
    The sound of rain while you’re tucked in bed

  103. MariaE. says...

    Fantastic post!!! Here are some of my simple pleasures in no particular order of importance:
    – The smell after rain
    – Leaves and flowers with dew
    – Fall colours
    – Morning-office-coffee chat
    – Thank-you notes
    – Sunsets
    – Fog
    – Being in love with a great man
    – Fresh baked bread
    – Knitting
    – Looming scarves while watching hockey
    – Baking cookies
    – Listening to the Bee Gees
    – Going back to my home country and enjoying all the fruits I cannot have in my second home country
    – Iceland and everything about it
    – Re-reading the last paragraphs of The Fountainhead every time I feel hopeless and in need of cheering myself up
    – Keeping the faith
    – Being surrounded by an amazing group of girlfriends
    – Laughing out loud
    – And last, but not least, reading to the Comments section of new and old Cup of JO’s posts (this is actually becoming part of my daily reading routine and I find my day is not complete if I have not read them. I learn so much from so many interesting people all over the world.)

  104. Anna says...

    – Typing as fast as the wind with freshly trimmed fingernails.
    – Taking out your contacts when your eyes are dry — instant relief!
    – Toasted bread that’s not too hard and warm enough to perfectly soften almond/peanut butter.
    – Seeing that a long-awaited movie is available on Netflix!
    – The doorbell that says your food delivery has arrived!
    – When you’re joking and cracking up with your friends in public, and see a stranger smiling/laughing quietly with (at??) you guys.
    – When you’ve been busting your butt in a workout class and you finally hear the instructor say, “Okay, let’s cool it down now…”

    • Midge says...

      I love those first two!

  105. Taylor A says...

    Oh these are so lovely. At this point in my life, I think most of my simple pleasures are derived from my kiddos . . . and Breyer’s mint chip. Some:

    –When my baby smells all milky and baby-like and gives me a face-bursting grin
    –When big sister screams “Mommy!” excitedly when I get home from work
    –Pumping whole-ounce amounts . . . and finishing that last pump of the day
    –Making iced tea at my desk
    –Feeling spray from the fountain blow against my face on the walk to work
    –Sneaking in time to read a book
    –Foam on top of my coffee
    –Reaching for my husband’s hand in the middle of the night
    –And, always and forever, sweatpants

  106. Kay says...

    Finishing a book
    First sip of coffee
    Fresh notebook/agenda
    Discovering and listening to a favourite song for the first time!
    Booking that plane ticket
    Unexpected snuggles from my quiet dog
    Visiting CupofJo and seeing new posts ;)

  107. Sharon in Scotland says...

    Clean body, clean sleep vest and tee-shirt, getting into a bed with all clean linen.
    Sneaking down to the freezer at 4 in the morning to get a magnum, (belgium chocolate covered vanilla ice-cream lolly) and going back to a warm bed to eat it.
    First time you put on the electric blanket for the winter.
    View over the Dornoch Firth from the bridge going to work.
    Remembering to keep the door closed on my very small bathroom, so it is toasty warm in the evening, when the hall is baltic.
    Executing a really good parallel park.
    My sisters calling me “my lovely”.
    My mutti saying “good night, God bless”.
    Waiting for the Portmahomack lighthouse across the Firth to blink twice before getting into my car.
    The first russet apples of the season.
    Hearing bagpipe and fiddle practice in the background when I’m visiting primary schools.
    Making an ordinary cup of tea and it turning out to be exceptional.
    Saving the well cooked fat on a sirloin steak until last, because it’s the best bit.
    Making stick blender mayo and it being so thick you can stand a spoon up in it.
    A friend saying my name with pleasure.
    Playing with my niece and nephew’s hair.
    Typing fast and with accuracy.

    • Cheryl says...

      Thanks for taking me to Scotland!

    • Rosie says...

      Hi from Scotland too! (i’m in Edinburgh). Those are some of my favourite things too! Also, looking over to Edinburgh from the beaches in Fife.

    • Sara says...

      I used to live in Edinburgh, so many of these things fied my heart with warm nostalgia. Thank you.

    • Ssan says...

      Reading this makes me happy

  108. Madie says...

    Just the process of sitting down and thinking of mine was so relaxing.
    – Clean sheets, especially w/ freshly shaved legs
    – An empty kitchen trash can with a new bag
    – Singing “Take me out to the Ballgame” at the 7th inning stretch at a baseball game (at the top of your lungs)
    – Making all the green lights on your most-traveled thoroughfare
    – A cold beer in a hot shower
    – When my little boys “wrap me up” with their arms and legs like little monkeys and really HUG me
    – When cats freak out and tear ecstatically around the house for no apparent reason
    – Diaper butts in footie jammies

    • nora says...

      yes to a cold beer in the shower!

    • Ashley says...

      My friend calls that cat-run the “zoomies” and I crack up just hearing it called that!

    • Kate says...

      Diaper butts are THE best! Especially when little ones have just learned to walk…

  109. jen says...

    the weekend
    hearing any song from a john hughes film
    my children’s sleeping faces
    the first sip of coke and when that fizzle hits your nose
    the ocean smell
    stretchy pants

    • Lindsey says...


  110. Alex B. says...

    -my 6 month old baby’s perfect tiny feet (and really everything else about her)
    -a glass of Kim Crawford
    -golden hour
    -when my husband pulls into the driveway after work (especially on a Friday)
    -getting out of the car in the mountains and breathing in the fresh crisp air
    -looking forward to a vacation
    -the first dip into the ocean when the saltwater coats your skin
    -when it stays light out til 10pm in the summer
    -watching our dog play in the snow

    already in a better mood!!

  111. Em says...

    This is just what I needed today, exhausted after a week of illness and a sick baby and juggling work schedules–these lists are all so lovely. Thank you, so much.
    –the silent, mouth-opening motion, so full of trust, my sleepy baby makes, wanting one last sip
    –that freshness you feel, even sitting inside at a desk, when fall is in the air
    –my husband in glasses
    –the gentle lap, lap, lap of water against a sailboat, when the wind has died and you drift, utterly relaxed, on a fiberglass hammock
    –a kitchen with everything put away and nothing on the counters
    –waking up late, with nowhere to be, on a Saturday morning
    –an orchestra warming up and tuning, before a concert

  112. Nicole Parker says...

    This concept has been with me all day, and I just now have a moment while all three of my children nap to write them down…

    – the sound of my newborn’s first latch and two sucks
    – the sight of my toddler’s bare bum as he runs to put his dirty diaper in the trash
    – the feel of my husband’s lips on the nape of my neck
    – the taste of the combination of Cherry Coke Zero and Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered pretzel thins
    – the smell of the bread aisle at the grocery store

  113. Brittany says...

    Okay, I’m going to throw this out there in full Brene-Brown-embrace-the-vulnerability-style: When your body cooperates and delivers (quite literally) the perfectly timed morning constitution that leaves you feeling five pounds lighter and ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way. Anybody else with me on this simple pleasure of life?

    • Lisa says...

      Hahaha YES! When that happens I’m always like “yep, this will be a good day. “

    • SJ says...

      OMG YES. And your stomach looks flatter? Like you just did 100 crunches?

    • Liz says...


    • Brittany says...

      SJ – haha, yes! That moment is wonderful because it’s so fleeting.

    • Brittany says...

      Lisa – I’ve thought the exact same thing after a great morning BM. Haha!

    • Allison says...

      :raised hand emoji: :salsa dancer emoji:

      also, “constitution” lol.

    • Kate says...

      Hahaha YES. Amen to this!

    • Caitlin says...

      YES! Being pregnant, I am missing out on this magical moment and I am excited for when it comes back #itsthesmallthings

    • Renee says...

      Made me laugh! Yes I’m with you, a good way to start the day all cleaned out!

    • Emily L says...

      Yes! I thought about posting this but was too lazy to try to figure out a nice way to say it. I’m an endoscopy RN and know the importance of staying regular and eating enough fiber. It is my simple pleasure to stay regular and I’m just as happy to see my family stay regular as well. :D

    • Kat says...

      Haha, a good poo in the morning is SO satisfying. (Also, thanks coffee.)

    • Mary says...

      You are the best , Brittany.

    • Brittany says...

      *morning constitutional

  114. Jenny says...

    Well this is just the most delightful post. I found myself searching for small pleasures everywhere after I read it. A few: The way my 3-year-old absentmindedly smells her baby brother’s head; how she calls underpants “undie-wears”; that feeling when you really nail whatever it is you’ve cooked/baked; the perfect amount of crunchy sea salt on a chocolate chip cookie; making your coffee JUST RIGHT; that early evening/magic hour light coming through the trees; when you don’t notice that your hiccups have gone away and then like an hour later it occurs to you- they’re gone, hooray! And last, when my dad mails NYT articles (hard copies) from NY to me in London.

  115. Sarah says...

    – That moment you wake up and realize it’s Saturday
    – Allowing your hair dry naturally knowing you have zero place to be
    – Cotton candy clouds
    – Sitting Indian style
    – That first sip of coffee
    – Sparking conversation with your cashier
    – Sweet dogs that climb into your lap
    – My sweet nephews
    – Scooping batter out of a bowl with a scraper
    – The smell of eucalyptus
    – Stars

  116. Jasmine Chiu says...

    Cutting vegetables is so satisfying.

  117. CathyMA says...

    I always take the long(er) way to work because I drive through one of the most beautiful roads in New England. When I get to work, I walk to my office the long way because I walk down the hallway with floor to ceiling windows.
    I always go for the beauty, even if it takes longer.
    Also, seeing my children sleep, and plums! and clean, folded laundry!

  118. Meredith says...

    Taking off my work clothes as soon as I get home
    Getting a haircut
    That sweet baby smell
    A beautiful Tennessee sunset
    Going barefoot
    Live music in the outdoors

  119. Katherine says...

    All of these comments are so lovely.
    Here are some of mine:
    a cozy night in
    finding a great bargain
    the sweet, milky smell of a newborn’s breath
    warm wool-y socks on a cold day
    when you light the candles
    when my ten year boy old holds my hand
    the feeling you get when you do something nice/unexpected for someone
    when all the laundry is done and put away

  120. DEEPTI KANDPAL says...

    Glancing at rain falling while sitting beside the window.
    A hot cup of morning tea.
    Long walks in the woods.
    Walking bare foot on green grass.
    watching the waves rise and fall and the stunning sunset.
    Fresh aroma of home baked banana bread.
    Heart to heart talks and laugh with my best friend.
    Reminiscing about old times with my school friends gang.
    Relaxing at home .
    Watching starts and planets .
    These are some of the moments in which I find immense pleasure and the list goes on and on ….

  121. HH says...

    – sudden summer rain showers when the sun shines through the rain
    – late September when the monarchs migrate through Oklahoma, where I live. Their wings resemble dazzling little orange kites against the crisp blue sky.
    – when my tiny cat wants to snuggle immediately after I step out of the shower, wrapped in a towel
    – my niece’s wide smile – a constant delight
    – the hush brought by a blanket of snow
    – watching succulents grow
    – heirloom tomatoes fresh from the vine

  122. -the sound of my beagle’s tail wagging at the foot of my bed as soon as she hears me wake up in the morning
    -that three minute window when my latte is the perfect temperature
    -when I pick up my phone to call my mom and she calls at that exact moment
    -pulling a perfectly baked pie out of the oven
    -popping the cork on a bottle of champagne

  123. – hearing my baby daughter’s gulps when she nurses
    – the pitter patter of my four year old son’s steps when he runs to his room with a novel idea
    – the section of a pizza slice right before the crust
    – the sound of a can of diet coke opening
    – feeling my husband’s beard against my neck when he leans down to hug me
    – the smell of the ocean on a gray day

    • Lynn says...

      “The section of pizza slide right before the crust ” — I’ve never before felt so sure that there are soulmates ;)

  124. Sarah says...

    The first shower after a hair cut

    • Hannah says...

      OMG YES

  125. –Watching a plant grow from seed

    –That moment when you turn out the light at night, and feel pure relaxation as your head hits the pillow

    –Discovering wonderful books that transport you

    • Leticia says...

      Yess. I planted a nasturtium from seed, and now it’s blooming. I check everyday for new flowers

  126. Florence Garba says...

    I felt inspired and i just
    started a list on facebook with my friends ans co-workers . We are exausted teachers. I hope it will lighten up their day. Spred the laugh and the love is always an idea we forget. Thanks for the reminder!

  127. Amelia Ryan says...

    when the cat plops down on your lap with that cute sigh <3
    when the dog looks up at you and puts their paw on your knee <3

  128. Swathi says...

    Getting a load of warm towels out of the dryer on a cold day and sitting on the bed with a pile of them on my lap for just a minute before they get folded

  129. K says...

    breaking my fast
    hearing my children giggle
    misty mornings

  130. Christine says...

    – When it’s cold and rainy outside and you don’t have to go out in it but can stay cuddled on the couch watching the weather through the window.
    – Wildflowers.
    – Lemons from the backyard lemon tree.
    – Mornings where I can slowly savor good coffee and read a magazine.
    – Words that sound like what they mean. Two of my favorites: melancholy and bulbous.

  131. Mine are:
    – Ginger Chai
    – Having someone comb my hair for me
    – The satisfaction of seeing how much dirt I got off my floors with a swiffer sweeper.
    – A hot shower

  132. Ann says...

    So many things! Baby belly laughs. Sun-dried sheets. The cat making bread on my belly. The cat purring. The kitchen cleaned up and sitting at the table with the Sunday Times and a mug of tea. Clean eye glasses. The first surprising bite of something delicious. A hug when I need one. Catchup calls with old friends. Writing something that says what I want to say, gracefully. A tidy closet. Grocery shopping from a good list. Making a great list.

  133. Emily says...

    -A book and a cup of tea on the couch (extra points if it’s chilly outside”
    -Walking through the park in the fall
    -The smell of the salty ocean
    -Comfy pjs after a long hot shower
    -A fresh crusty baguette

  134. Liz says...

    Watching my 86 year old mom getting a manicure and pedicure, which she only started getting a couple of years ago. Hands weathered by age, washing dishes without gloves and by submerging her hands in hot and cold water to make sure our clothes were as clean as possible when we were kids. Watching her toes curl up in delight as she surveys her nail polish. I hope I never forget.

    Sitting by a window during a rain storm

    Eating a simple, home cooked meal

    Laughing with my sister

    Watching a movie with my husband.

  135. Allison says...

    these comments <3.

    1. this blog
    2. a fresh mani/pedi
    3. putting a pillow under my knees while laying on the couch or in bed
    4. the feeling of washing off a clay face mask
    5. a dog putting their head on my lap
    6. putting my feet on my boyfriend's lap
    7. when there is a spot for my suitcase right above my seat on a plane
    8. crossing things off a to-do list
    9. relaxing with a lit candle
    10. outdoor showers
    11. hearing leaves crunch under my shoes
    12. taking off boots after a long day
    13. someone else combing my hair
    14. a warm bread basket w/ ROOM TEMP butter (!!!)
    15. flowers. any flowers, anywhere.

    • Teddy says...

      Outdoor showers are the best!!! and room temp butter – I hadn’t thought of that but it is amazing :)

  136. Zooey says...

    – Lying on the daybed on a balmy Sunday afternoon, not doing or thinking about anything, and then slowly and inevitably falling asleep.
    – A freshly vacuumed and mopped house.
    – Vacuuming stray hairs and dust with the handheld Dyson.
    – Bouncing my palm on the skin of water (in a tub, in a pool, in any receptacle).
    – Freshly laundered sheets.
    – Falling asleep during a thunderstorm.
    – The first sip of tea of the day.
    – Walking in the city, with no aim or urgency.
    – Lying around with my best friends, doing nothing but shooting the breeze and laughing about nonsense.
    – The smoke that rises right after you blow out a candle.
    – The smell of a new book.
    – My husband’s laugh.

  137. Jojo says...

    Good, dark organic espresso
    Lemons in blossom
    Child giggles
    Kissing eyebrows
    slightly melted chocolate
    laughing while reading out loud

  138. Caro says...

    I love reading the comments!!! Mine are:
    – sharing one of your childhood memory with your own kids (they play with your old Lego, read one of your favourite childrens’ book, take a bikeride where you used to ride yours…)
    – finding the last available parking spot
    – pouring out the dirty water after mopping the floor