1. oh god your baby is so cute! why you don’t upload more videos with him!

  2. I hate HATE being the downer to an absolutely gorgeous baby giggling!

    BUT just so you and Alex don’t have a future heart ache, be careful of the belly laughs when they’re eating, they suck in air to giggle, and I would HATE to hear that your beautiful little boy aspirated his food!

  3. brushed brown letter bag!!!

  4. El says...

    i’m a bit behind but this is sooooo adorable!! what a MUFFIN!

  5. M says...

    That is so sweet! I love baby laughs! My baby would laugh the same way at banana . Love it!

  6. Sweetness. He sure is one cute baby.

  7. Anonymous says...

    he is just the cutest! the perfect little video when your day is not as nice as you thought it would be… his giggles made my day :-) thanks for posting it!

  8. Oh, what a little cutie Joanna! You are doing a very professional filmer, i.e. for managing not burst out loud with laughter every time Toby giggles. Irrésistible ce petit mec!

  9. that is hilarious! isn’t it amazing how they just find the most random things so great? we were at a bookstore and I went to the bathroom to change lucia and when I start shaking out the changing pad she started cracking up so much that I had to run out and show her dad and our friends. love it. we were dying. toby is the CUTEST boy!!

  10. Hilarious!
    My little one cracks up when grandpa does a (fake) sneeze, I got in video too, precious times!

  11. so adorable ..such a cute giggle.

  12. This is just TOO TOO cute – even down to the little baby drool.

  13. What a cute video! He laughs just like my daughter Martina. It is funny how they find some normal words so hilarious. Now she starts to laugh with her throat… just like the dog of Wacky Races, hahaha
    I love his red cheeks…

  14. Dear Joanna,

    I hope you realize that, though I’ve said this before, your child is quite possibly one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen! He just melts my heart♥ This video is adorable and made me smile! It makes me look forward to the day when I have a baby of my own. :)


  15. What an adorable little fella! I love that you have captured so many of your special milestones together on film. Precious footage to look back on together one day soon!

  16. I love it!!!!
    and my littles boys too ;-)

  17. He is so adorable!! Love his laugh!! I feel like a party-pooper and think I am the only one who points this out which is embarrassing – but be careful about making him laugh when he has just been given a piece of turkey – the inhales on a laugh could have him choke on his food. Best to keep feeding and making him laugh separate! Otherwise – TOO DANG CUTE! :)

  18. Sarah says...

    Toby is completely too cute for words! Love his cheeks!

  19. I’m always a little afraid that the baby will laugh too hard for too long and then start bawling! But this video really made me smile – baby laughter is so endearing. <3

  20. So funny! My son thinks “gulp” is hilarious, too, and especially when we say it while we’re eating. It’s fun to do when he’s not really paying attention to us.

  21. I’m kinda embarassed at how many times I watched this but it’s soooo cute. And I love Toby’s sweet little teeth. Thanks for sharing this.

  22. he laughed so hard he was drooling! so cute! and such a hilarious mommy :)

  23. Nothing makes me smile more than baby laughs! He is adorable!

  24. Aw! He looks just like you (except for the drool).


  25. Ally says...

    Look at those rosy cheeks and button nose! Toby is just adorable.

  26. Hey Joanna!

    Your baby is super cute, but I’m not sure it’s safe for Toby to laugh when he has a piece of turkey in his mouth. He could choke on it!

  27. ADORABLE <3 There are no words!

  28. oh my word, i want one! :)


  30. OHhhhh! Much too cute! Love this so much.. *GULP!*

  31. so adorable! i’m anxiously waiting for my one-month-old to smile back at me, i can’t imagine what i’ll do the day she giggles like that!

  32. Ohhhhhh! So this is how boy’s humor begins!!….at the word “gulp!” LOL {Too cute!!}

  33. Glenda says...

    Adorable!!! and love his lil red cheeks and red nose!

    Have a great weekend with the men in your life! ;)

  34. Oh my goodness he is SO precious! :))

  35. Anonymous says...

    Babies always seem to veer between laughing and startling themselves! Toby is SO cute!

  36. stella says...

    it’s so cool to hear your voice! toby’s giggle is just adorable!
    cant wait for the weekend post!!!!

  37. My youngest, who turns one on April Fool’s Day, thinks “nenenenene” is the funniest thing ever. This is adorable, btw!

  38. So cute, love his monster hoodie btw.

  39. Oh how sweet! I have a five month old and her laugh never gets old

  40. What a way to brighten up a day. I really don’t think there’s anything in the world better than a babies laugh!
    Thanks for sharing. He is precious.

  41. Cuteness. Overload.

    He is so darn adorable! I just love those baby laughs.

  42. Oh that is too cute!!

    For the first time this week, Marc laughed at an IDEA, not an actual stimulus, like tickling or a funny noise. It was amazing.

  43. This is the cutest thing I have seen all week! So adorable.

  44. Oh my God, he’s the cutest little baby ever! I just adore reading about Toby. Little Gemini! (just like me!)

  45. He is just as cute as he can be! I want to gobble him up! :)

  46. J says...

    I think this literally has a calming effect on my blood pressure (raised by work). Adore those cheeks. He looks like a baby straight out of a vintage holiday card.

  47. sooooo cute……such an innocent laugh

  48. He’s so so so so darling! How can you STAND it??

  49. janis, haha, he also likes the words “chicken noodle” and “pajamas.” otherwise he keeps a pretty straight face :)

  50. So cute!! congrats!!

  51. Anonymous says...

    What a delicious thing to hear during work! cooffee breaks should be replaced by baby breaks!

    Joana, its funny to hear your voice when we usually just read you :)

    have a great weekend, everyone

  52. Awww! So cute. I love to hear babies laugh – it’s contagious.

  53. Oh my, how precious! He’s adorable!

  54. adorable! and look at all that sweet baby drool! (:

  55. So precious! That made my day; there is nothing so wonderful as a babies laugh!

  56. Simply adorable!

  57. That’s adorable!!

  58. oh MY god. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. HIS TEETH. OH MY GOODDDDD he has no idea the power he has with that cuteness. Or maybe he does…; ) Those ones end up being the mischief makers. So freeakkkin’ cute. I love giggly babies. He’s like, choking on his laughs because of how much he likes the word gulp. So precious.

  59. Aww baby laughs! I love the silly things that can draw a laugh out of a baby. Precious.


  60. Omg he turns an adorable shade of red while laughing!! I cant stop going awwww over the video!

  61. Oh wow. Nearly died from cuteness overload. (:

  62. heh..he’s sooo cute :)

  63. oh my oh my! he looks so much like your hubby it is uncanny :)

  64. Holy god. Awesome.

  65. There’s something about that sweet laugh that just immediately brightens my day! I imagine it has the same effect on you as well. :)

    xoxo Veralynn

    Joie de Veralynn

  66. He’s so yummy! I have an 11 mo. old little girl, Claire and I just love her laugh! Thanks for sharing.

  67. did you try out any other words? or is just “gulp” that gets a sure-fire giggle?

  68. That is one seriously adorable child. xx

  69. What a little goof! What is better than a baby laughing? Happy babies are the best!

  70. I love that he loves gulp….that is too cute!!

  71. This is wonderful! Thanks for making the rest of my day better! :)

  72. Fantastic! I love how innocent and honest children are. One of my favorite movie quotes is from “French Kiss” when Meg Ryan says to Kevin Cline “Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion!”

  73. That is cute beyond belief. My niece used to giggle like that when I said “diiiiing doooooooong.” Those were the days. Sniff, sniff.

  74. Your baby is so sweet! Your videos reminded me of this one: http://youtu.be/RP4abiHdQpc where a dad rips up a rejection letter he got in the mail and the baby thinks it’s hilarious!

  75. oh man that is precious! Nothing better than a baby laughing. Toby, I totally get it. The word gulp is really funny!

  76. Precious (priceless!)

  77. how sweet! look at those little red cheeks and nose! i love it.

  78. so sweet!

  79. Best sound in the world, isn’t it? He almost can’t stand it, it’s so funny. Too cute:)

  80. Awww! I love it. Thanks for sharing. I went back and watched the other two laughs – he’s growing up so fast! xo.

  81. ah, so cute! i had to watch it three times! my daughter sometimes does the same thing when i say “bonjour” in a certain way. of course then i say it a million times just to hear her laugh…
    awesome that you caught this on video!

  82. Baby laughs are the best! His is especially adorable!

  83. Thanks for the smile. Totally contagious!

    Love when babies laugh, you always know it’s authentic!

  84. Oh my goodness, that was too precious! :)

  85. Anonymous says...

    Totally adorable. What a sweetheart!

  86. I LOVE his cheeks!!! So rosey :)

  87. Anonymous says...

    Hilarious! Gulp!

  88. Kelly R says...

    Soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

  89. Toby seems like such a FUN baby – talk about a perpetual glimmer in his eyes! I bet you guys have a blast :)


  90. I’ve come to the decision that a baby laughing is the best sound in the world. Ever.

  91. Oh my goodness..I love his giggle. Its incredible how fast they grow!..Such a big boy!

  92. Joanna! Toby is just precious!

  93. He is getting so big! He’s adorable and his laugh is just too cute!

  94. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing ever!! Now when I hear the word, “gulp”…haha

  95. I love his red cheeks!

  96. So cute :) I can’t wait for moments like these. I just have 7 more days until my due date!