Toby and Anton in Conversation

Have your kids (or kids you know) said anything funny recently? Eight-year-old Toby and four-year-old Anton have come out with some zingers that really make me laugh. Here are a few recent conversations we’ve had…

Anton, on a cold morning: “Mommy, do I have any long-sleeved shorts?”
Me: “You mean… kind of like pants?”

Anton: “There are two ways to make friends. You can go up to someone and say, do you want to be my friend and they’ll say sure. Or they can come up to you and say, do you want to be my friend and you’ll say sure.”

While I was making breakfast, Toby was playing on my computer. Afterward, I saw his adorable Google history: Fuller House actors; casual jackets for kids; toast.

Anton: “Yesternight.”

Toby: “I can’t wait to be a teenager.”
Me: “What is great about being teenager?”
Toby: “You can go on dates.”
Me: “Where would you want to go?”
Toby: “We would go to a Chinese restaurant. I would wear a tuxedo.”
Me: “And what do people do on dates?”
Toby: “Ask them little questions, like how was your day and what kind of car do you have.”

One afternoon, the boys decided they wanted to be rock stars. Toby said his stage name would be “Sting Anthony.” Anton wanted to be “The British.”

Me: “What is a brother?”
Anton: “A brother is better than a friend. Because you love them so much.”
Toby: “When I was 3, and it was January, I was a little lonely. And then Anton came.”

Last week, I got this note from Toby’s teacher: “Hi Joanna, I hope all is well. I wanted to share this drawing that Toby drew on Wednesday. He asked if he could color in a picture of Blake Shelton for his choice time, so I printed one out. I thought it was the cutest request.” (Agreed!) (The chest hair!)

What cute things have your kids been saying lately? I’d love to hear…

P.S. Kids in conversation, and trying out slow parenting.