Caroline Donofrio

If I had to go to Mars and could only pack one beauty product (yes, when faced with interplanetary travel I should have bigger things on my mind, but bear with me for a moment), this is what I would choose…

Enter Weleda Skin Food.

You know how the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding sprays Windex on every possible ailment, from psoriasis to a paper cut? (If the answer is no, you’ve just found yourself a new rainy day activity.) Well, this is my version of that.

Do your elbows feel like a rhinoceros? Skin Food. Want your limbs to look glossy in summer dresses? Guess who! Face feeling dry after a flight? You know the answer. There isn’t a raggedy cuticle or scaly patch that Skin Food doesn’t love.

But my secret trick — and the place where this stuff truly shines — is to use it on my face, as a luminizer. (An accidental discovery on par with the invention of potato chips.) I take a tiny dab and apply it along the upper ridge of my cheekbones. It doesn’t leave any shimmer or shine, just a very healthy glow like you’ve just jogged a mile or been kissed by a unicorn.

Whenever I do this, friends comment on my glowy-ness and ask what products I’m using. Just one thing, I tell them. One balm to rule them all.

Do you have a Windex cure-all, or a product you always finish? I’d love to hear!

P.S. If you’re on the hunt for beauty products, Dermstore is having a big Memorial Day sale.
P.P.S. One hair tool to rule them all and the thing I always stock for houseguests.

(Photo by Belathée for The Fold.)