Seven Everyday Clothes I Swear By

This year, I’ve found myself reaching for the same few things in my closet over and over. (Do you do the same?) Here are seven things I’ve been wearing on rotation, and I’d love to hear yours…

Sweater: This cashmere sweater is oversized and soooo comfy. You feel like you’re wearing a sweatshirt yet it’s work-appropriate. I wore it twice this week and loved every second.

Lipstick: I’ve liked bright red lipstick for years, but sometimes I want to feel polished without making a capital-S statement. Enter this plum color, which looks pretty and relaxed, brightens up your face and (mic drop) is only $6.

T-shirt: During my 39 years on earth, I’ve worn eight gazillion white T-shirts, and honestly they all seemed kind of the same. But these Mott & Bow tees are definitely next level. They’re crazy soft, almost silky feeling, with a perfect preshrunk fit. (If you’re between sizes, size up.)

Shirt: These silk shirts are what my ten-year-old self imagined that I’d wear as a grown-up. And lo and behold, here they are! They’re lovely for both work and dinner dates — elegant and timeless. (I like the burgundy color, too.)

Wallet: When you carry a black bag, and wear black sweaters, and pull on black boots, sometimes you crave a pop of color. I love this cheerful neon wallet, which makes me smile every day. Bonus: You never lose it at the bottom of your bag!

Jeans: After an epic pasta dinner or during that time of the month, my pants sometimes get a little snug and pinchy. But these jeans save the day every time. They feel like leggings and are magically flattering, no matter what. The fade, the back pockets, just the right amount of stretch — I’m thinking of investing in a second pair so I can wear them forever.

Sneakers: I spotted Veja sneakers around town for years and I finally tried out a pair. They’re eco-friendly and sustainably made, and I love the cool 70s vibe. (Runner up: Allbirds, which are made of merino wool and couldn’t be comfier. While visiting recently, my mom tried mine on, wore them her whole trip… and took them home with her!)

What about you? What pieces do you wear on rotation? What brands are you loving these days?

P.S. Things I’ve worn eight million times, and tiny gold earrings.

(Top photo by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo.)

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