Do or Don't: Sharing Food at Restaurants

After eight years of marriage, Alex and I see eye to eye on most things, but there’s one thing we can’t agree on…

Alex hates sharing food in restaurants. Hates it! For years, when we’ve gone to dinner with friends, and they suggest splitting a few pastas and having fun with appetizers, Alex looks panicked. He’ll usually go with the flow, but cut to the cab ride home: I’ll hear him wax on about how he wishes he could have just gotten the steak.

So, this week, my grouchy husband wrote a New York Times article against sharing, once and for all.

“Even in the best of circumstances, when sharing you are probably going to end up with a little of what you do want and a lot of what you don’t want,” Alex writes, as part of his laundry list against small plates. “Perhaps it is because I am a slow eater and a big talker, but when I’m sharing with a group, I feel like I am left with two choices: chat or eat. You can’t do both, especially when you’re racked with anxiety at seeing the fried baby artichokes disappear out of the corner of your eye while your story — wait, what was I talking about? — starts to run on a little too long.”

When I tease him, he insists that he’s just a loyal guy, who likes what he likes: a hanger steak, a dry martini (up with olives), and his wife. Okay, fine, Alex. Put it that way, and I’ll take it.

At restaurants, do you love or hate sharing? Here’s Alex’s full story, if you’d like to read it. xoxo

P.S. A very easy dinner party, and do you like eating out alone?

(Photo via Orlando/Getty Images.)