12 Great Reader Comments on Travel

Do you have any trips or vacations coming up? Next up in our best reader comments series, we’re psyched to share 15 clever tips for making the most of the journey (plus, how to finally beat jet lag)…

On planning (or not):

“Whether I’m traveling with friends or family, we take turns having people be ‘in charge’ for the day — what we do, where we eat, how we get there, etc. It’s nice because it prevents the planner personalities from feeling like they’re running the whole trip and lets the more relaxed personalities have an unstructured day. (And for everyone to see the benefits of both styles!)” — Danielle

On packing like a pro:

“I love packing in a color scheme, so you can mix and match clothes. For a trip to Hawaii, I packed only navy and white, with bits of black and pink. I jokingly called it ‘nautical ballerina,’ and it worked amazingly well. First time I have ever gone on vacation and not gotten frustrated by my limited outfit choices.” — Tracy

“I like Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, since that way, you only have to bring one eyeshadow on a trip. The color lasts all day, plus it’s build-able, so you can make it as intense as you like. I rub the color on my ring finger and then apply it. Lots o’ Latte is a great neutral shade.” — Cynthia

On living like a local:

“One night, on the California coast, I was driving through a town and saw a stream of people heading into an innocuous looking place — just a door along a blank wall. There was sign outside. Inside, there was a swirling staircase with velvet floor-length curtains along the wall, and a room PACKED TO THE GILLS with people. When I edged my way to the bar, I realized they had a menu, so I ordered scallops and had one of the most delicious dinners of my entire trip. Love, love, love just wandering.” — Nina

“I always make a point of going into the local supermarket wherever I’m visiting. In Vietnam you can buy delicious beer for $1, in Venice you can buy a bottle of Bellini for a few Euro and in the U.S. there are AISLES and AISLES of frozen pizza.” — Kate

On airplane rituals:

“My biggest tip is on an international flight is to eat and sleep as if you’re already in the time zone of your destination – it’s best way to beat jet lag.” — Natalie

“Every time I fly international, I make my way to Duty Free. I make sure I have a clean face, and then I use all the free samples of the fancy creams I could never afford. La Mer before jetting off to Newark? Don’t mind if I do.” — Grace

“I used to be a devout anti-travel pillow person, but I bit the bullet and bought a super-soft INFLATABLE travel pillow. You can adjust the firmness, and it’s life-changing.” — Allison

On comforting rituals:

“I tend to get stressed when I travel — even if it’s for fun — so on my last few trips I’ve brought along some honey lavender tea bags. I’ll have a cup before bed, which creates a ritual amongst all the excitement. It also helps me sleep, even on a seven-day trip to three different cities.” — Julie

“My fiancé’s family has the sweetest tradition – they took an annual vacation to a beach house growing up, and the last morning before heading home, they always got a box of donuts and ate them on the beach. Now, when he and I go to the beach, our last stop is always a box of donuts on a blanket watching the waves.” — Lesley

On traveling with kids:

“Bring a waterproof camera. I gave my four-year-old challenges, like take one photo for every color in the rainbow, take a picture of the coolest/weirdest thing in this room, take photos of things we don’t see in Canada, etc.” — H.E.

“When we travel with our two kids, we pack minimally and just bring a foldable laundry bag. Most dry cleaners have a wash-and-fold service, and it helps to not weigh you down with all the other child gear!” — Kendra

On sticking to a budget:

“Pick one meal a day to eat at a restaurant, and grocery shop and eat on the cheap for the other two. It saves so much money and makes that one meal a little more special.” — Sasha

Or going for it:

“I flew to Paris alone four years ago. I was lonely at times, but was one of the most liberating things I’ve done. I met new friends and had an magical time! Even bumped into Bill Murray in a side street around midnight near the Seine. Totally recommend solo traveling.” — Anne

“My dad is a geography professor, and I’ve learned SO many things from him about traveling. His best advice was to just do it. It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive production. It should just speak to your sense of adventure. Annnnnd, for the love of all that’s holy, wear comfortable shoes!” — Erica

What are your travel tips and rituals? (Remember this hilarious guide?)

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(Photo by Hamilton Wright.)