Your First Kiss: What Was It Like?


On this chilly Wednesday afternoon (and inspired by teenagers), let’s have some girl talk…

Back in high school, I started hanging out with Dave, a blue-eyed guy in my chemistry class. He was funny and sweet, and we did the things that Michigan teenagers do: drive to Taco Bell, ride bikes around the neighborhood and go bowling with friends. I really liked him, and a kiss seemed imminent.

But instead of being over the moon, I was panicked. I was a card-carrying late bloomer and hadn’t kissed anyone, other than a peck. A champion overthinker, I couldn’t figure out the logistics. Where would his mouth go? Where would my mouth go? What was the plan for TONGUES?! In my bedroom, with pale green walls, I’d kiss my mirror to practice. My already-been-kissed twin sister reassured me that it would come naturally, but that was too vague. I needed specific directions, a game plan, a map!

Finally, one winter evening, Dave and I went to the movies to see Titanic, and Leo must have been the inspiration I needed. That night, after we drove home in Dave’s mom’s Honda Civic, I turned toward him in the front seat of the car and stopped talking. I just looked at him. And, finally, we kissed.

And spoiler alert: It was just fine.

How old were you when you had your first kiss? Was it sweet? Awkward? Terrible? I’d love to hear…

P.S. My sister’s awesome dating tip, and how to know if your partner is the one.

(Photo by Weegee/Arthur Fellig.)

  1. Kat says...

    My first kiss was at Disney Springs. I was on my first date with my current boyfriend and we were having so much fun. We got chocolate, listened to live music, tried on hats, and he gave me his sweater. Later in the night when the stars were coming out, things slowed down. He took me to a little bench in a small romantic corner, near street lights and the smell of very good pasta. We talked and bantered and he kissed me on the forehead. I had so many butterflies! I told him not to steal my first kiss unless he was absolutely sure it was right. He said, I promise to respect your wishes. I told him I was perfectly ok with being kissed but again that he had to be absolutely certain. He let me cuddle up into him on the bench and we exchanged kisses on each others cheeks and shoulders. His lips brushed mine. I think I smiled and said something along the lines of “woah” and pulled him right back to kiss him again. It was a good kiss and came naturally. It’s one of my favorite memories and I am so thankful to him for making me feel so respected and loved.

  2. Christine says...

    My first real kiss happened in 4th grade. It was at a pond with a bunch of other kids. We all rode our bikes to the pond and I was kissed. I remember nothing about the kiss itself but everything about announcing it to my family at the dinner table that night over tuna salad. For me, it was clearly a right of passage. I couldn’t wait to let my family know that it had happened and I was older and wiser because of it?

    My first kiss with my husband happened at a party where I pulled him around back to the deck and kissed him. I made the first move. He is this big strong guy and I remember his lips were shaking when we kissed. He was so so nervous and NEVER would have made the first move!! Ladies… make the move… go after what you want in life… including your partner!!

  3. M says...

    My first kiss was literally the first week of college after going to an all-girls school for middle and high school. (And I was not very interested in kissing other girls) I felt like it was high time I had my first kiss (it felt like everyone else had already had theirs). But it was a bit of a rude awakening. And also very embarrassing as it was at a party in front of a lot of people. Since then I’ve had much better kisses, but my advice to my younger self on first kisses is that it doesn’t matter if you’re 12 or 25– literally it does not matter. The societal timelines of when “firsts” are “supposed to happen,” is totally contrived and meaningless. Love reading the other comments here as well.

  4. Sarah says...

    I remembered this post and had to come back here to share my story — I turned 20 not too long ago and had never been kissed. I felt like that was it for me — if it hadn’t happened by 20, it would never happen.
    Then, I went to Paris with my sister for two weeks. She was really tired one night and went back to our hotel, but I wanted to stay outside and soak up the city. I sat in front of Notre Dame for a while, and a cute French guy came and sat on the other end of my bench. We struck up a conversation, talking about his work as a doctor and my love of Monet, and all the lights in the city turned on. Before we parted ways, we kissed, in front of one of the most beautiful monuments in Paris no less. Totally worth waiting for.

  5. I’m glad I’ve found some same experience. I’m 24 and conservative and thought if there isn’t some sort of commitment, I’d regret it. my first kiss was with a guy I hardly knew 2 days ago on our second meeting. it was exciting and also full of fear since that was not a feeling I have ever felt. soft and calm but strange and that was exactly what I was fear of, but now I know that this is the exact meaning of life. to risk and sometimes let it happen, to embrace unknown and trust yourself, I’m sure the heart knows the way.
    he is a great guy honest and sweet but because I need to focus on my goal I’m going to end up seeing him and I’m sure, if I could go back in time, I would see him again and kiss him cause I don’t remember when was the last time I felt so at peace in the arm of someone.