Books Are Magic bookstore in Cobble Hill

Books Are Magic bookstore in Cobble Hill

Now that we’ve been living in Brooklyn for three years, Toby and Anton have found their favorite neighborhood ritual, including a bookstore and playground. So, the other morning, along with FAGE yogurts in case we got hungry, we headed out on an adventure…

Books Are Magic bookstore

Books Are Magic bookstore in Cobble Hill

Our first stop was Books Are Magic, which may be the friendliest bookstore in Brooklyn. We love cuddling up on their cubbies and pink bean bag chairs.

Cobble Hill Park

Joanna and Toby

Cobble Hill Park

Next we headed to Cobble Hill Park, which has a sweet little playground. Counterintuitively, I’ve noticed my kids usually play more happily when there’s not so much to do. This spider and slide feel so old-school, and the boys ended up playing “aerobics instructor” (Toby) and “ice cream shop owner” (Anton).

Fage yogurt

Then, since the boys basically eat like teenagers at this point, we took a break for treats! One of our favorite on-the-go snacks is FAGE Total Greek yogurt. Sugar can make the boys nutty, so I’m always peeking at nutrition labels. FAGE is much lower in sugar than other yogurts we’ve tried. It’s also full of protein, so it keeps them satisfied and happy.

Fage Total Greek Yogur

The kids especially love the Split Cup, which has a separate fruit topping they can mix in. (Toby goes for passion fruit, while Anton likes peach and blueberry.) I usually get the 2 percent fat version, but they also come in total and zero percent varieties; they’re all great.

Fage Total Greek Yogurt

We also enjoy Fage for breakfast, school lunches or dessert. “I like them,” Anton told me. “I need a grown up to help open it, and then I mix it up alone and I eat it alone. I don’t share it with anyone that much. I would like to have seven yogurts in one day.”

Fage Total Greek yogurt

Do you have any neighborhood spots you love? Have you tried FAGE Total Split Cups? You can find them in stores around the country.

P.S. Toby and Anton’s guide to NYC, and trying out slow parenting.

(Photographs by Heather Moore for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by FAGE, a yogurt brand our family has enjoyed for many years. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo.)