Dad biking with kids

What are you up to this weekend? We have one more day in California before flying home. Just enough time to fit in 100 more tacos! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

How dare you make me into a hero?” (Worth reading.)

17 ways to hold a baby, haha.

Wishlisting these adorable shoes.

What an out gay Olympian could mean to a kid now.

How to build a better vegetarian sandwich.

Edith Zimmerman wrote a comic about how and why she quit drinking.

An ode to talking on the phone. “When a woman is in labor, midwives will often ask to speak to her on the phone; they listen to how the pain changes her voice to help gauge how far along she might be… It’s good to hear joy and anger and sadness, to receive it in your body, and to be heard in all of these states, too. This is what we mean when we say ‘It’s so good to hear your voice.'”

Can you solve this math brain teaser?

These jeans make everyone look taller.

A fun way to entertain.

The 100 best movies on Netflix, if you’re stumped.

What it feels like to slide downhill at 90 miles per hour. (!)

Young people, we’ve been waiting for you.

Plus, a great reader comment:

Says Emily on a pop quiz: “I’m a high school teacher, and every day I do a simple check-in with my students called ‘mood temp.’ Everyone imagines that their mood is a temperature, and we just whip around the room quickly and say numbers. It’s the simplest thing, but a really great way to get a sense of what’s happening for them. Kids have told me it makes them feel valued and seen, without the pressure of having to explain themselves.”

(Biking photo by Rudy Herzog via Miss Moss. Hero link via Erin. Edith comic via Kottke. Brain teaser via Ashley.)