Amber Ruffin

Amber Ruffin

Have you seen…

…the segment Amber Says What on Late Night with Seth Meyers? My friend Erin just introduced me to the hilarious Amber Ruffin, who recaps the week’s news and then adds “what?!” in different intonations. (Awesome side note: In 2014, Amber became the first black woman to write for a network late-night talk show.) She’s frank and brilliant, and we were falling off our chairs laughing.

“I honestly believe that before you crash and burn in a show, you will never truly be a fearless performer,” she said in an interview. “You spend so long trying not to embarrass yourself. Once you have the worst show of your life and survive, you know it’s not that bad. Then, you become this fearless, shameless weirdo version of yourself that turns out to be who you really are.”

(That advice actually works for life, too, don’t you think?)

More Amber, please. xoxo

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(Photo of Amber Ruffin by NBC, via The Chicago Tribune.)