makes us laugh

Comedian Amber Ruffin Is Nailing It

We can't stop laughing.

The Worrier’s Guide to Life

Gemma Correll's hilarious new book for nervous wrecks.

Funny Tees

Awesome. That’s all.

Tina Fey is Always Hilarious.

Since I’m still in a newborn baby haze, I’m not sure what’s…

Conversations With a Two-Year-Old

Have you seen this hilarious video? Matthew Clarke, the dad who created…

How to Piss Off Every New Yorker in 36 Seconds

Made me laugh. P.S. How not to look like a tourist in…

Parody: Men Are Less Beautiful Than They Think.

By now, I’m sure everyone has seen the viral Dove beauty campaign…

Goats Yelling Like People

This is definitely one of the more random posts in Cup of…

Cheeky Birthday Candles

These candles made me laugh. Do you have a scary age? I…

Made Me Laugh.

I’m looking at you, two-year-olds. P.S. More comics.