Joanna Goddard and Alex Williams

Last night, Alex and I went out for our anniversary…

NYC Schooner Sail

We’re going to our fancy dinner — all dressed up — next month because that’s when we could get a reservation. (NYC, man!) So, last night we went to Manhattan instead and took a schooner sail on the Hudson River. A million years ago, we got engaged on a sail, so it felt extra romantic to be out on the water.

Alex Williams

It was a truly gorgeous evening — warm air with a breeze, a pink and blue sky, many sailboats on the water. One thing I’ve learned about marriage over the past eight years are that ups and downs will happen. Of course I knew this going in, but now I really know it. We’ve dealt with depression, career stress, three moves, the loss of loved ones, anxiety, sleepless nights, small arguments, big arguments, grief, parenting difficulties, special needs… the list goes on. I’m sure future years will bring more challenges, as well.

NYC Schooner Sail

But we’ve been together through everything, of course. I love Alex, but I also just really, really like him. And there have been so many good times: we’ve had two beautiful children, taken road trips, ridden bikes along the water, read books in bed, laughed so much at the dumbest things. He’s made 8,000 chicken quesadillas because he knows I like them. I love his salt-and-pepper hair, his laid-back demeanor, his Seth Rogen laugh. It was a great night, and I can’t wait to get even older and grayer together.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading, as always. xoxo

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