When I first started working, my friend Jason told me his #1 career tip: Always take your vacation days. A new study shows that only 44 percent of working women in America used all their vacation time in 2016. But we’ve earned our time off — it’s part of our salaries, not a favor from our employers. You should never be made to feel guilty for taking all those glorious days. Bonus: Taking breaks is good for both your happiness and job performance.

How to Masturbate as a Woman

Teen Vogue just published a story about how to masturbate. After outlining different approaches, the writer points out: “You are not weird if you prefer one kind of pleasure over another. It is your body and you have total agency.” Bravo for sex education! (Here’s our past post on vibrators.)

Pairing Cheese with Cheese Crackers

For all you cheese lovers, here’s an awesome guide to pairing cheese with cheese crackers. “Cheese on cheese cracker love is real,” writes cheese writer Tia Keenan. “There’s simply no such a thing as too much cheese.” Cheese!

What Are We Eve Doing With Our Lives? book

The satirical “children’s” book What Are We Even Doing With Our Lives pokes fun of our grown-up lives these days. The animal-people text each other, binge watch TV, drink cold brew and ride Ubers around town — until the internet crashes!!! Made me laugh. :)

P.S. More fun things, and cheese makes you high.

(Portugal beach photo by Alamy, via Conde Nast Traveler. Papaya photo by Molly Cranna.)