Cheese Makes You High

The other day, I was flipping through an old issue of Culture, the cheese magazine, and I came across this crazy fact:

As the body digests dairy, the milk protein casein creates an opiate-like effect through the production of peptides called casomorphins. Since casein is concentrated in cheese, more casomorphins are producted. Neal D. Barnard compared this opioid reaction to an infant’s feeding on its mother’s milk. A cheese eater may become as relaxed and euphoric as a newborn baby.

How fascinating is that? Makes me want to go buy some La Tur immediately.

P.S. How to keep lipstick off your glass, birthday cheese and a cheese wedding cake.

(Photo by Dana Velden)

  1. I know for a fact white extra sharp gets me euphoria, not a placebo effect i taken hydrocodone for years and know what getting high is i eat about 3 ounces and does the trick on empty stomach as im lactose intolerance can only eat cheese for vitamin d. Just my opinion everyone reacts different

  2. Drew M says...

    I can verify that I actually do get high when eating cheese, especially soft cheeses. My eyes roll up and I get these waves rolling through my brain. True story.

  3. I am a big cheese lover… and yes I get so happy when i eat my feta cheese with tomato and fresh baked bread :)

  4. No wonder I am addicted to cheese! Love this!

  5. Now it is clear to me- why I a so cheese-addicted! Thanks for the info Joanna!

  6. it’s a great excuse to eat more cheese (i, myself, am a cheesoholic!) :)

  7. omg joanna I love that you read a cheese magazine that made me lol :-)

  8. This is why my family calls white cheddar Cheez-its ‘white cheddar crack’. All things cheese are so delicious and so addicting xo

  9. La Tur is the best. cheese. ever. It’s so perfectly balanced and just plain delicious. I’ve eaten an obscene number of cheeses in my day but La Tur is my favorite. Getting some for thanksgiving, actually!

  10. It all makes sense now. Never, could I ever, live without the gloriousness that is cheese.

  11. ha so funny, while in finalnd this summer a splendid cheese plate was served at my cousin’s home. i told some friends when i returned home that a few of the cheeses made my eyes roll up in my head, for euphoria. it was as though it was some kind of hit.
    i have never done drugs…but can i say that now with this information?? haha
    just say (oh) no!

  12. Hi Jo, a belated big heartfelt thank you for your beauty uniform post. I ordered the Tarte foundation from USA along with a few other items, and it has made such a difference. I have finally found the right look/product combo for me. I am so thrilled. Thanks again so very much, Lynnie (Australia)

  13. That explains my heart flips whenever I see cheese:)

  14. haha! I love how casually you dropped that you read an old issue of a cheese magazine! (but i’m obsessed with it now!)

  15. *goes makes a cheeseboard* ;)

  16. oh how funny, @cpichan, i didn’t know that! i’ll have to check it out!

  17. Haha. I second Avy. I’m totally not surprised considering my addiction and true love. I don’t have children but I imagine I’d have a hard time choosing between my first born and a good triple cream…

  18. Joanna – so random, and I forgot to ask you months ago! Did you know that you are cited in a book, “Words to Eat By: Five Foods and the Culinary History of the English Language” by Ina Lipkowitz??? There’s a chapter on milk, and the author mentions your blog post about drinking milk. She calls you Joanne, though, so at first I wasn’t sure it was you. Sure enough!

  19. No wonder I’ve been grumpy since cutting out dairy!

  20. Hmm… I suppose that explains why I can’t stop eating it once I start ;)