Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

What are you up to this weekend? We are going out for pizza with friends tonight, and tomorrow we’re having Toby’s seventh birthday party (oh my gosh, how little does he look here?). Hope you have a good one, and if you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are a few fun links from around the web…

How to end a bad date.

My friend Gemma’s family takes the same sweet photo every year.

The new summer drink. Who’s in?

Excited about these awesome sandals. (Or this less expensive version.)

How to nail a phone interview. I would add: Dress up, even though they won’t see you, in order to feel extra poised and confident.

These three pictures make a powerful statement about race and power.

A lovely way to relax.

We got these birthday party favors!

Made me laugh.

Plus, two great reader comments…

Says Erin on lullabies: “A children’s choir once performed the song ‘I Will‘ at a celebration for an adoption agency. I have always loved the song, but now I’ll always see it through the beautiful lens of adoptive parents singing to their newly adopted children. Makes me tear up every time.”

Says Jo on gifts for hosts: “When I was growing up in India, guests usually brought us kids gifts – desserts, a toy, chocolates, etc., and it was a highlight of their arrival. Nowadays I always take something for the hosts’ kids – sometimes even just a Ferrero Rocher. (My husband gets embarrassed when I give out *one* chocolate, but the kids are always thrilled.) If it’s an overnight stay, I take a small toy and make sure to get one for my child, too. That way, there’s no fighting and the kids are also engaged with the new toy and don’t bother the adults!”

(Photo of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.)