What Lullabies Do You Sing?

Toby and Anton

What lullabies do you sing? We have three…

A reader named Stacy recently commented:

“What songs do you sing to your kids? I hunted far and wide for the perfect lullaby to teach myself while I was pregnant — and that I wouldn’t get tired of after singing a million times. With the help of a friend, I found ‘Comfort‘ by Deb Talan, and it’s been lifesaving. I sang it no less than 12 times a day when my daughter was a newborn. Now, all I have to do is start singing and she becomes putty in my arms. It’s truly Pavlovian.”

The job of a good lullaby is to help “lull” a child to sleep. Ideally the song will be “interesting enough to capture a child’s attention, but not interesting enough to keep the child awake,” writes Rivka Galchen in the New York Times, which is perhaps why most lullabies are “confined to about five notes” and mimic a rocking rhythm. And they really work: Researchers found when premature babies were sung lullabies, they had lowered heart rates and improved sleep.

But even if the tune is soothing, some old-school lyrics are really freaky — like this Icelandic number:

Beeum, beeum, bambalow, Bambalow and dillidillidow.
My little friend I lull to rest.
But outside
A face looms at the window.

(What?! Terrifying! If you live in Iceland, have you ever heard that one?)

For our boys, I typically sing Edelweiss, You Are My Sunshine, or made-up songs about Toby and Anton’s days. And I also love regular songs that can double as lullabies — Anton often requests Leaving on a Jet Plane, and I’ve been singing I Will by The Beatles since Toby was a newborn. How sweet are the lyrics when you imagine them from a mother to a child?

I Will
The Beatles

Who knows how long I’ve loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime
If you want me to — I will.

For if I ever saw you
I didn’t catch your name
But it never really mattered
I will always feel the same.

Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we’re together
Love you when we’re apart.

And when at last I find you
Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me
You know I will
I will.

Separately, did you know that You Are My Sunshine is actually a devastating love song? Here are the full lyrics, if you’re curious.

What about you guys? Any favorite lullabies? I’d love to hear…

P.S. On being a touchstone, and six words to say to your child.

(Photo of Toby and Anton sharing a bed.)

  1. Lux says...

    I sing “Your Song” by Elton John and put in her name, “how wonderful life is now Remy’s in the world.” I know it makes her feel so special.

  2. Aine says...

    My daughter is a Jennifer, so I sing her Tom Paxton’s Jennifer’s Rabbit, and I also sing the lullaby from Mary Poppins. My mom wrote me a lullaby to that tune when I was a baby, and sang it to the baby when she was visiting us; it’s the first song Jenny ever heard and I feel closer to my mom when I sing it now that she’s gone.

  3. Leo Bonhart says...

    Mom would sing Suo Gan, Bonnie Lass O’ Fyvie, and Ar Hyd Y Nos to us. Her family came from Wales and Scotland very early on. Dad would sometimes sing lullabies to us when he thought we were asleep. Old gentle Slavic songs of Polish and Cossack origin. I didn’t learn the words till much later. One, an old Polish folk lament/prayer of a Polish wife/mother begging the Blessed Virgin to protect and bring her husband back alive from war against the Turks….damn dad :(

  4. Stephanie says...

    Just found this post. I love it!
    Want to add..
    Songbird by Eilen Jewel. Makes me teary.
    Coorie Doon by Matt McGinn. I sing the chorus over and over. Translates to “snuggle in”.

  5. Rhielle says...

    Umm…I also sang ‘You are my Sunshine’ to my twin sons as infants and toddlers. However, have you ever actually heard the song in its entirety? Or read the lyrics for that matter? Trust me, it’s a little less beautiful! To be honest, I wish I hadn’t. Even though my sweet lil darlins are the sunshine or light of my life…that song is actually terrible. :( Unless I happend to hear some crazy version, it’s about adultry. Totally ruined it for me. Seriously, I’m very sad that a song that was special to me is now a debochery. :(

  6. Anna says...

    My Mum is French and she used to sing “À la claire fontaine” and “Je l’aime à mourrir”. “À la claire fointaine” is a classic they used to teach us at school about missing your love and going for a swim on a beautiful day while thinking about how much you miss them (it’s pretty sad actually). “Je l’aime à mourrir” is by a famous French singer called Francis Cabrel and I wish someone would translate it because it’s so beautiful. Here is a rough translation of one of the lines:
    “I used to be nothing and now I find myself the guardian of every night she sleeps”

  7. Kelly says...

    I love this post. My husband and I are hoping to adopt a baby in July. I keep coming back to this post to try out different lullabies. I can’t wait to sing to a sweet little baby.

  8. Samantha says...

    I sing Mozart’s Lullaby and Godspeed by the Dixie Chicks to my son at bedtime. My mom sang Mozart’s Lullaby to me as a baby and I loved Godspeed as a child (the only country music I’ll listen to.) I also really like Beautiful Boy by John Lennon but sing it less often because I don’t have it memorized. When my baby was a newborn, the only song that could calm him down was Wee Willie Winkie. My mom discovered its calming abilities on my nieces. I’m not sure if it just works on our family or if it would work for all babies, but it’s like magic!

  9. Liz says...

    What a lovely post! We’ve gone through a few. Current favourites are Beautiful Boy (Lennon), The Rose (Midler) and Stay Awake (Mary Poppins). We’ve LOVED all of Elizabeth Mitchell’s songs though and I can’t recommend her albums more highly for long car trips to calm little ones (without going mad listening to ‘kiddies’ music). The Little Bird album in particular is just beautiful.

  10. We have 3 as well! It used to be sort of a round robin of songs, where my daughter would request different things each night, but now we have settled into an admittedly really weird routine of: 1) “Big Rock Candy Mountain” (from the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack); 2) “Red River Valley” – it’s an old folk song but the version I sing is modeled after the version by the Delmore Brothers; and finally 3) “Yodeling Cowboy.” My daughter and I always listen to old-time country music and bluegrass, so it makes sense in that context! And “Yodeling Cowboy” is a great bedtime song :)

  11. Christine says...

    I sang this to him. Now, he sings it to me?

    Dar Williams – The One Who Knows
    Time it was I had a dream, and you’re the dream come true.
    If I had the world to give, I’d give it all to you.
    I’ll take you to the mountains, I will take you to the sea.
    I’ll show you how this life became a miracle to me.

    You’ll fly away, but take my hand until that day.
    So when they ask how far love goes,
    When my job’s done you’ll be the one who knows.

    All the things you treasure most will be the hardest won.
    I will watch you struggle long before the answers come.
    But I won’t make it harder, I’ll be there to cheer you on,
    I’ll shine the light that guides you down the road you’re walking on.

    You’ll fly away, but take my hand until that day. So when they ask how far love goes,
    When my job’s done you’ll be the one who knows.

    Before the mountains call to you, before you leave this home,
    I want to teach your heart to trust, as I will teach my own,
    But sometimes I will ask the moon where it shined upon you last,
    And shake my head and laugh and say it all went by too fast.

    You’ll fly away, but take my hand until that day. So when they ask how far love goes,
    When my job’s done you’ll be the one who knows.

  12. Sheri says...

    I didn’t have any songs planned, but when I was delirious from lack of sleep in the glider with my tiny babe, the first lines to My Girl by the Temptations came to me and that was that.

    My husband went with True Colors – she was a colicky little thing, so there were definitely sad eyes ❤️ He says if there’s a father daughter dance at her wedding, that’s the song he’s hoping for!

  13. Talor says...

    I hum the melody of the Godfather Waltz while rocking my son to sleep. its a tune I remember and it bares no negative connotation for him… I also made a playlist of songs that were parent/child related or neutral/non romantic love songs (but not creepy). I would play this playlist when he was really small and it took longer to put him to sleep. it was nice using songs I already loved that now took on new meaning to me. some examples: All My Loving by the Beatles, God Only Knows by the Beach Boys, My Eyes Adored You by the Four Seasons and of course, Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) by John Lennon.

  14. Jeannie Rodriguez says...

    “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s… I’ve sung it at least three times a day, every day, since my daughter was born last year. Now, her eyes get droopy when I get to the middle of the song :) Also, “Rainbow Connection”

    • I love singing Rainbow Connection! It’s such a sweet, beautiful song :)

    • I also sing Moon River! My husband sings a slowed down version of Yellow Submarine. Both work like a charm about one line in.

  15. sania says...

    There is an old Hindi/Urdu lullaby I sing my kids (who barely understand the language, it’s my second language as well so I’m not great at explaining the song either lol)
    but I’ve sang it to them there whole lives, just tonight I was lying down with my son (who is eight and doesn’t get put to bed often anymore, partially because he’s too cool for it) after reading harry potter, I started absent mindedly humming the song and he instantly rested his head on my chest and sighed, “mamma, that’s my favorite song because I never get tired of hearing it, can you sing the words” next thing I knew my 10 year old daughter scooted out of her bed and got next to us and I smoothed both their heads to sleep.
    Bliss :)

    • Amy says...

      I love your story 💕

  16. It’s been always nice that mom has an automatic lullabye for her kids…

  17. Julie says...

    “It’s You I Like” by Mr. Rogers is a special lullaby for my kiddo:
    It’s you I like
    Not the clothes you wear,
    Not the way you do your hair,
    But it’s you I like.
    The way you are right now
    Way down deep inside you
    Not the things that hide you
    Not your toys —
    They’re just beside you.

    It’s you I like
    Every part of you
    Your skin, your eyes, your feelings
    Whether old or new
    I hope that you’ll remember
    Even when you’re feeling blue
    That it’s you I like,
    It’s you, yourself,
    It’s you.
    It’s you I like.

  18. Julia says...

    Thank you for the comments suggesting Good Night by the Beatles. You’ve saved my sanity! I tried this song out with my 5 week old babe. If she is in peak screaming mode, I just pop on Good Night and she is putty in my arms by the time Ringo gets started. Bless The Beatles!!

  19. Mina says...

    I always used to sing Fare thee well (the Indigo Girls) for my second and third children. My first finds it “too sad” even though he doesn’t understand the lyrics yet (we live in Sweden), but my second child is still instantly lulled by it. He’s four now and I haven’t sung it for him for a while, but I did last night, and the biggest smile spread over his face before he cuddled in and fell asleep.

  20. Grace Geiger says...

    “Stay Awake” from Mary Poppins has been our standard for the last couple of years. We used to do “Sea of Love” and “St Judy’s Comet” by Paul Simon when my son was a baby. Love this post!

  21. Julie Stump says...

    When my daughter was little I sang her “I will” too! I don’t know why we stopped, but I’m going to start again. My daughter is turning two on Tuesday and lately we’ve been singing “Sea of Love” and “Dream a little Dream of Me.” It’s SO sweet to hear her sing “Come with me, My wub…” I smile just thinking about it. My husband has always stuck with “The Twelve Days of Christmas” year round and it works for the two of them :)

  22. Holly Marshall says...

    I’m a nanny. The children love You Send Me – Sam Cooke, If I Had Words (they love the film Babe), and when I start Stay Awake (Mary Poppins) they’re totally gone… zzz

  23. Lullaby (Good Night My Angel) sung A Capella by the King Singers…love.

    Goodnight, my angel
    Time to close your eyes
    And save these questions for another day
    I think I know what you’ve been asking me
    I think you know what I’ve been trying to say
    I promised I would never leave you
    And you should always know
    Wherever you may go
    No matter where you are
    I never will be far away
    Goodnight, my angel
    Now it’s time to sleep
    And still so many things I want to say
    Remember all the songs you sang for me
    When we went sailing on an emerald bay
    And like a boat out on the ocean
    I’m rocking you to sleep
    The water’s dark and deep
    Inside this this ancient heart
    You’ll always be a part of me
    Goodnight, my angel
    Now it’s time to dream
    And dream how wonderful your life will be
    Someday your child may cry
    And if you sing this lullabye
    Then in your heart
    There will always be a part of me
    Someday we’ll all be gone
    But lullabies go on and on…
    They never die
    That’s how you
    And I
    Will be

    I also like to sing “Be Thou My Vision” as a hymn to my grandchildren.

  24. Late to this post, but I have sung all my children to sleep with Dona Nobis Pacem. I have sneakily used the voice memo thing on my phone to record their tiny little voices singing along with me and those recordings are an absolute treasure.

  25. Emily Wachelka says...

    We sing wheels on the bus to start, then twinkle twinkle, then “morningtown ride by Raffi which my dad used to sing and is my favorite, then lalilu which is a German Lullaby. Zzz. Here are the lyrics to morningtown ride:

    Train whistle blowing
    Makes a sleepy noise
    Underneath their blankets
    Go all the girls and boys.
    Heading from the station
    Out along the bay
    All bound for Morningtown
    Many miles away.

    Sarah’s at the engine
    Tony rings the bell
    John swings a lantern
    To show that all is well.

    Rock-n-roll and riding
    Out along the bay
    All bound for Morningtown
    Many miles away.

    Maybe it is raining
    Where our train will ride
    But all the little travelers
    Are snug and warm inside.

    Somewhere there is sunshine
    Somewhere there is day
    Somewhere there is Morningtown
    Many miles away.

  26. Belén says...

    I love this post and i don’t even have kids. I really like God bless the child, I saw it on grey’s anatomy ages ago (sang by Chandra Wilson) and it comes to my head every once in a while.

  27. Christina says...

    My 3 year old demands “baseball song” at bedtime which is “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” My older son used to like “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley much to my mother-in-law’s consternation since she didn’t know how to sing it!

    “I Will” was my husband & I’s wedding song!

  28. Kate says...

    Return to Pooh Corner- Kenny Loggins
    Lullabye- Billy Joel
    Brams Lullabye
    As The Deer
    Baby mine from Dumbo
    The Water is Wide

  29. Ed Morris says...

    I like to sing songs from the usual places, but the song I always finish with is “Roadside Fire” by Ralph Vaughn Williams, from the Songs of Travel.

    “I will make you brooches and toys for your delight
    Of bird-song at morning and star-shine at night,
    I will make a palace fit for you and me
    Of green days in forests, and blue days at sea.

    I will make my kitchen, and you shall keep your room,
    Where white flows the river and bright blows the broom;
    And you shall wash your linen and keep your body white
    In rainfall at morning and dewfall at night.

    And this shall be for music when no one else is near,
    The fine song for singing, the rare song to hear!
    That only I remember, that only you admire,
    Of the broad road that stretches and the roadside fire.”

    I keep hoping the line, “I will keep my kitchen and you will keep your room” will rub off on them and they will start cleaning their room when I clean the kitchen… but that is another good example of a parent’s wishful thinking.

  30. Erin says...

    In “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” the sirens sing a song called “Go to sleep you little baby” and I’ve sung that to both my children since birth. It has a haunting vibe to it and the lyrics are interesting, but still, note-wise, calming and relaxing enough to send the girls right to sleep.

    • Jessica says...

      This is the same song I sang to my first. It’s beautiful.

  31. Kathryn says...

    I used to sing “You are my Sunshine” and “Amazing Grace” to my youngest. He loved it and it was the sweetest when he joined me for the first time. However two years ago my Opa passed away suddenly from a heart attack and we(all his grandkids), sang “You are my Sunshine” at the burial site. We all have wonderful memories of him singing it to us. He even played it at my cousins wedding on his harmonica. Needless to say, since his passing I can no longer make it through the first sentence of “You are my Sunshine” and have since stopped singing it to my son.

    • Julia says...

      This! We sang this to our Grandmother as she was passing. Over and over the last few days, it was her favorite. Can barely type this with out tearing up. xo

  32. Danielle says...

    mother and child reunion by paul simon, that song came on a playlist as I delivered him and he was placed in my arms so I think its “our” song. It was a fairly large playlist so I thought that was pretty cool!

  33. julia says...

    Our three year old son’s name is Guthrie, named after Woody Guthrie, so we have sung him This Land is Your Land every night!

  34. Ellie says...

    I don’t have kids of my own, but I still think of the folk songs my dad used to sing: “Golden Vanity”, “Lemon Tree”, “Puff the Magic Dragon”, “Marvelous Toy”, “Day is Done”, “Where Have all the Flowers Gone”, and “Last Night I had the Strangest Dream”. I joke with him all the time that he sang so many Vietnam protest songs! He also sang some Shel Silverstein poems like “The Very Last Unicorn”. My mom sang “Silver Spring” by Fleetwood Mac (she’s from Silver Spring, MD) and “You are my Sunshine” and a lot of old folky songs in Hebrew and Yiddush too. If we have kids of our own I know I’ll be singing many of the same. :)

    • Oh, Last Night I had the Strangest Dream is one of the first songs I ever sung to my daughter! It’s a great one to sing to a baby because you can go on forever ;) It’s such a great song to sing. I grew up listening to Simon & Garfunkel, and Peter, Paul and Mary, so I have fond memories of those same songs.

  35. Carrie says...

    My daughter was a preemie, and I’ve always sung to her, even when I wasn’t able to hold her at first. The Beatles I Will has been one I’ve sung from the beginning, as well as John Denver’s songs For Baby and Today. Occasionally Kathy’s Song by Simon and Garfunkel is in there, Billy Joel’s Lullabye, or Be Still by The Fray.

  36. Liz says...

    My father sang “Cadillac Ranch” by Bruce Springsteen to us for our lullaby. We actually danced to it at my wedding. Not an appropriate lullaby at all, but we loved it. He just passed away last month. I miss him so very much. I sing it to my 6 month old daughter now. I think he would have loved that.

  37. To my baseball obsessed boys, ‘Take me out to the Ball Game’ has been our go to lullaby since they were very, very little. :)

  38. Charlotte says...

    I always sing You Are My Sunshine and A Dream Is A Wish to my nanny child. And aftwetwards I tell her “good night, sleep tight, I love you to the moon and back, three times around the earth and as many stars as there are” and she tells me back how much she loves me today (this time it was “to the moon and back, as many stars, planets, people, hairs and moons and Charlottes as there are)

  39. Amanda Simwaka says...

    I also sing Edelweiss! But the favorite now is Baby Mine from Dumbo. (Which my 3 year old daughter thinks is called Baby Lion.) She begs me to sing it every night and it really is like magic with my one year old daughter. As soon as I start singing it she snuggles her head in my chest. Heart melting!

  40. Nicole K says...

    I don’t have kids yet, but an old camp lullaby I used to sing to my campers when I was a counselor is the four-leaf clover song:

    “I know a place, where the sun is like gold
    and the cherries bloom forth in the snow,
    and down, underneath, is the loveliest place,
    where the four-leaf clovers grow.

    One leaf is for faith, and one is for hope,
    and one is for love you know…
    But God put another one in for luck,
    If you search you will find where they grow.

    But you must have faith, and you must have hope.
    You must love and be loved and so,
    if you watch, if you wait, you will find the place
    where the four-leaf clovers grow.”

    It’s so sweet! I’m not religious at all but I tend not to mind references to God, etc, in songs like these.

  41. Angela says...

    I sing Annie’s Song by John Denver and Goodnight My Angel by Celtic Woman.

  42. Alf says...

    We sing three every night, to cue our toddler for bed:
    –You will go to the Moon (Moxy Fruvous)
    –All the tired toys are sleeping (Soviet-era lullaby from a TV program called “Good night, little ones”, translated into English)
    –Boom-De-Yadda (the Discovery Channel version)
    Came up with this lineup when he was a newborn and we were sleep deprived. It seemed to make sense at the time. :)

  43. My husband started singing “Folsom Prison Blues” to our baby because it was the only song he could remember all the lyrics of. 5 years later, she still asks for the “train song” and her little 2 year old sister is a Cash fan too!

  44. Cailin says...

    Lullaby Baby Blues by Keb Mo

  45. Birna says...

    I am from Iceland and grew up to this creepy lullaby, LOL! The funny thing is that when i was a child i didn´t really pay attention to the lyrics, i just found the song to be calming. But now, as an adult i find the song to be totally weird haha.

  46. cats says...

    I sing Oyasumi (Good night) from Priscilla Ahn’s album La La La. It only has two words so I can remember it (and I’m not Japanese)! But the last half of this album has several gorgeous lullabies if you can remember the words in the middle of the night!

  47. Elizabeth says...

    I’ve always sung U2’s MLK song from the Unforgettable Fire to our children. My 12 year old girl still requests it!

    Sleep tonight
    And may your dreams
    Be realized
    If the thunder cloud
    Passes rain
    So let it rain
    Rain down on him
    Mm hmmm hmmmm – So let it be
    Mm hmmm hmmmm

    Sleep tonight
    And may your dreams
    Be realized
    If the thundercloud
    Passes rain
    So let it rain
    Let it rain
    Rain on him

  48. Candyce says...

    Olivia Newton Johns album “warm and tender” is all lullabies and they are lovely! We sing lots of those.

  49. Liv says...

    My boys love ‘Sweet Baby James’ because it has a cowboy in it and a song called ’12:59 Lullaby’ by Bedouin Soundclash-

  50. Andrea says...

    my dad always sung the Goodnight by the Beatles. I only very recently realized that it was a Beatles song! It came on a random playlist I was listening to and I was shocked .. hah!

  51. Lori says...

    I like to sing “the water is wide” and “Peace like a river” but my daughter prefers “twinkle twinkle little star” and “Rock a bye baby.”

  52. Siobhan says...

    I have also been singing Love Me Tender by Elvis. It’s a really beautiful song.

    Love me tender,
    love me sweet,
    never let me go.
    You have made my life complete,
    and I love you so.

    Love me tender,
    love me true,
    all my dreams fulfilled.
    For my darlin’ I love you,
    and I always will.

    Love me tender,
    love me long,
    take me to your heart.
    For it’s there that I belong,
    and we’ll never part.

    Love me tender,
    love me dear,
    tell me you are mine.
    I’ll be yours through all the years,
    till the end of time.

    (When at last my dreams come true
    Darling this I know
    Happiness will follow you
    Everywhere you go).

  53. SFDC says...

    That’s the very song I sing to my boys! I grew up on the Beatles, and when my second was born I realized the sweetness of singing those lyrics to my kids. They love that one. Other favorites are Baby Beluga and Morningtown Ride, and Tomorrow, from Annie. Not really a lullaby, but one I’ve always loved.

  54. Andrea says...

    We’ve been devoted to Darling Be Home Soon by the Lovin’ Spoonful since my son was in utero. Both kids typically request ‘darling home’ at bedtime, but they are also devotees of Bunny Foo Foo, Old MacDonald, and Rudolph (at any time of the year!).

  55. Nikky says...

    We are religous – we sing night time prayers and psalms with tunes thay where passed down from the older generations.

    But the real question is my dear – did you given in to the pressure and buy yours boys a figdet spinner.

  56. Amy says...

    Goodnight My Someone, from The Music Man is my go-to. After that there’s Silent Night (yes, Christmas, yes, all year round), Baby Beluga, Amazing Grace. My son likes to stall by naming all the songs he DOESN’T want to hear, followed with a request for Moana, which he knows I do not sing at bedtime. Nightime songs are different from Playtime songs, I’ve explained. I also recently remembered a camp lullaby to the tune of Taps that I’ve been singing to her.

  57. Emma A says...

    Our bedtime routine usually includes a concert. Mine. LOL I usually start with “Moon River” followed by “Tomorrow” (from Annie). The set list includes: “My Favorite Things”, “Memory”, “For Emily (Whenever I May Find Her)”… “Pray Anytime” …and Elton John songs. When I get too sleepy I hum “Windmills of Your Mind”, Sarah MacLachlan’s “Last Dance”, and The Corrs’ “Rebel Heart”.
    Sometimes, when we are all in the mood for it, I sing their bedtime stories. So, “The Three Little Pigs”, “Three Billy Goats Gruff” among others become a musical.
    We also have a song in our dialect (spoken only by people from our small town) that talks about an idyllic home/family life that I love to sing to my children.
    Always, as encore, I sing my very own composition ;) —“Sleep my darling babies, (insert name) and (insert name). My sweet princesses, precious gems, Baby Love and Baby Pie, I love you both.”
    After all the lyrics and melodies composed by musical geniuses… by the time they get to my own lullaby, they are just too sleepy to care. That’s what I thought… until I asked them this morning which song they remember the most… My kids said “Your sweet lullaby song for us, Mom”. Oh dear! I asked my Husband and he said “Your own lullaby, of course.” What in the whole wide world! LOL

  58. Roxy says...

    I love this post! Such great ideas for those times when my 2 year old rejects all the usual songs (classic stalling technique!). Usually I sing Lullabye by Billy Joel (which my son calls “the baby song” because I used to sing it when he was a baby) or Belle from Beauty and the Beast (the ’90s animated version) – which he has been obsessed with for almost 8 months now for some reason! Every once in awhile I’ll sing this random Fiona Apple song called I Know, which I used to listen to on repeat when I was college (on my discman, no less) while I was trying to fall asleep.

  59. Isabelle says...

    We’re raising our daughter in French, and we always sing the same four songs every night (except on late or tired nights when we do the greatest hits – only #1 and #4 :) )
    Frere Jacques
    Au clair de la lune
    Un acadien errant
    Fais do-do

    I love the ritual of this and the fact we’ve been doing it since she’ s a baby. And now that she’s 4 she’s learned how to sing Frere Jacques with us in a round! So cute.

  60. Mandy says...

    Across The Great Divide by Kate Wolf
    Lullaby by Dan Wilson (Dixie Chicks covered it, both versions are lovely). My baby is sleeping to this right now :)