Right now, there are a slew of new comedy specials beckoning from my Netflix queue. I can’t stop watching (and laughing out loud). Each show is recorded live at a stand-up gig, so you get a front row seat to see some of the all-time comic greats from the comfort of your sofa. Here are four I’ve enjoyed so far…

After 12 years out of the spotlight, Dave Chapelle whet our appetite for his return with a stint hosting Saturday Night Live after the election. Now arguably one of the best comedians ever is back with “The Age of Spin” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” Warning: Nothing — sex, scandal, race relations, terrorism, Bill Cosby, O.J. Simpson, kids’ lunches — is off the table during these two hour-long specials. But come on, what do you expect?

Watching Amy Schumer perform makes me want to hang out with her and share that bottle of red wine she is drinking onstage during the whole thing. She is characteristically self-deprecating yet empowered in The Leather Special, as when she talks about her body: “Here’s a word that you don’t want to hear when a nude photo of you goes viral: Brave.”

Before there was Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, there was Trevor Noah, the stand-up comedian. It’s refreshing to see him back on stage in Afraid of the Dark, and totally clear why he was picked to fill Jon Stewart’s shoes. He has a way of turning world politics into thought-provoking jokes that feel fresh. He’s also good at accents and has the most adorable way of laughing at his own jokes. (He is definitely my latest celebrity crush.)

Iliza Shlesinger may be the least known of the bunch (she was the 2008 and only female winner of Last Comic Standing), but she is definitely the most relatable in Confirmed Kills. I may have actually experienced her “party goblin” phenomenon in my 20s. “Your party goblin — everybody has one — she lives in the back of your brain and she’s basically the creature that comes out when you don’t expect it, and is responsible for any crazy night you’ve had. The thing is, she doesn’t come out when you’re like, ‘It’s my birthday, let’s go out!’ She might — but she comes out on the night where you’re like, ‘I’ll just have one drink…'”

Do you watch stand-up comedy? Who are your favorite comedians?

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