Everlane's new wide leg pants

Everlane has amazing new wide-leg pants, which are billed as “the most flattering pant you’ll ever try.” (And they’re the “it” shape of pants right now, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Bagel in a hole recipe

Random yet great idea: Give a bagel as a favor to guests when you’re hosting a party. They’re $1, they’re delicious, they’re what everyone craves the morning after. (People can make this recipe!)


According to experts, having a tense jaw can lead to headaches, teeth grinding and even the gradual widening of your face over time. (!) One way to reduce jaw tension? “Making out! Twice a day, for a whole month,” says ayurvedic facialist Candice Forness. “Try it and see what happens.”

Signing your emails

How do you sign your emails? Earlier this year, Cup of Jo editor Lexi got a work note signed “Fondle, Elizabeth,” and she laughed as she typed her reply, pointing out that auto-correct had foiled an attempt to be businesslike yet friendly. “At least I got your attention,” her contact wrote back. “Maybe that will be my new calling card.” After analyzing 350,000 email exchanges, researchers found that the email sign-off with the highest response rates is… can you guess… “Thanks in advance,” which got a reply 65.7 percent of the time.

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(Bagel photo by James Ransom for Food52.)