Conversations With a Three-Year-Old

Three years old is a magic age for funny conversations. Kids are old enough to have lots to say, but young enough for it to not make complete sense. Anton has been on fire recently, and I wish I could freeze him at this age! Here are a few things we’ve chatted about…

Me: “Would you like to take a fun class this summer?”
Anton: “Yes. Soccer, skateboarding or banana throwing.”

The other night, he wanted me to keep cuddling him at bedtime. “Do you want me to get your piggy or bear instead?” I asked. “No!” he said, “I need someone ALIVE.”

Anton has gotten really into figuring out what’s “cool.” His new game, which we play almost every night, is where he puts on my old sunglasses and walks down the hallway (albeit usually on tiptoe). Then he instructs me: “Pretend we’ve never met and you think I’m cool.” So, I’ll say, “Wow! That guy looks cool! What a cool guy. I wonder if he’ll hang out with us. I hope so. Wow, he’s very, very cool.”

Anton is obsessed with all things knights these days (especially this book). The other day, I was putting him to bed, and he got all loving and cuddly and he grabbed my cheeks with his hands and exclaimed, “Mama, you’re so knight-y!”

Me: “What present should I get Daddy? Do you have any ideas?”
Anton: “Lightbulbs.”
Me: “Oh, yeah, totally, but what about something that’s just for fun?”
Anton: “Lightbulbs are fun for Daddy! And keys, too! Oh, I know — a drawer full of coffee! I want Daddy to have fun coffee.”

Toby used to have an imaginary wife and two kids, and Anton is now following suit. He was talking about his imaginary wife the other day, and I asked what her name was. He looked around the room and said, “Um, um… Chair-y!” Since then, they’ve had two children: Window-y and Table-y.

Meanwhile, six-year-old Toby has been talking non-stop about babies. He has even launched a heartfelt campaign for us to have a third. He asks Alex and me all the time, writes lists of baby names, and has been studying The Baby Tree book to figure out exactly how we can make this happen. I guess he has been chatting about it a lot, because I’ve gotten multiple emails from his teachers congratulating us on expecting a baby girl this spring!

Conversations With a Three-Year-Old

What funny things have your kids come up with lately? I would love to hear… :)

P.S. Kids in conversation, and going on a date.

(Photos from Instagram.)