Sledding in NYC by Elliott Erwitt

What are you up to this weekend? We’re going sledding and generally trying to embrace the giant amount of snow/slush out there! I’ll also be making these bad boys this weekend, just ’cause. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

If you’re in a TV-watching mood, Girls and The Mindy Project both start this week.

The cutest Valentine’s Day gift for guys.

What happened when we gave our daughter my last name.”

Loved this headline.

How seven couples do money. Fascinating and worth reading.

Chocolate cat tongues are a thing.

Twenty-one, and never been kissed.”

Babies on flights.

Could you make five dinners for $30?

Me right now.

Just got this shirt, and the color is even prettier in person.

Beautiful traffic lights, of all things.

Plus, a great reader comment:

Says Katherine on advice for your younger self: “Years ago, I nervously emailed my mom that I didn’t think I wanted kids, and she sent this back: ‘Bah! Dynasty Shynasty! Being a grandma was never my goal in life! But DAMN I LUV my kids and so glad your dad and I changed life gears and made beautiful babies! I love being mama to my girls but I do not think it is the only path in life. One day you will have a sweet dog and that may be what makes you happiest, whatever you choose is cool with me!’ I think that that attitude (‘I love being _____ but I do not think it is the only path in life’) was just the greatest thing to encourage in a nervous young girl. Trying to celebrate what works for you while also holding space for what might work differently for other people — that’s the best advice I can think of. Oh, and my mom also gave the second best piece of advice I have ever received: ‘You know, babe, orange lipstick just doesn’t look that good on you.’ Thanks, Mom. You were right.”

(Photo by Bates Littlehales. Quiet mornings via Swissmiss.)