Gift Guide Part #6: Your Outdoorsy Sister Who Taught You to (Kind of) Like Running and Always Makes Killer Breakfast Burritos.

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

Wool sweater from Spain, $188, to keep her warm all winter. (This and this are cozy, too.)

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

Smiley mug, $38, to brighten her mornings.

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

A murder mystery about a female detective in Dublin, $17. The New York Times describes it as a “tour de force,” and the New Yorker calls it a “consuming” cult favorite.

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

Marbled clay ring cone, $15, to make her bedroom even prettier.

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

Four cans (!) of Oregon wine, $28, which are perfect when kicking back on outdoor adventures.

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

A skinny olive plate, $11, to make green olives look enticing when friends stop by.

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

Splurge-worthy shearling-lined Birkenstocks, $165, so she can sport her laid-back style all year.

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

Mountain socks, $32, designed by a painter and sewn in New Zealand.

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

Beautiful curve earrings, $98, to wear out to dinners. (Or this cute pair, $28.)

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

A nutty face mask, $10, that literally bubbles on your face and then makes your skin feel baby-soft. Plus, a date to do them together!

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

A donation in her name to Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian organization that helps save lives all over the world.

Gift Guide 2016: Sisters

Sisters patches, $6, for both of you. #twinning

P.S. Last year’s gift guide for sisters, and the full 2016 gift guide so far

(Wine photo by Adam Wells. Birkenstocks photo by Jenni Kayne.)

  1. some great picks..
    those dishes are pretty.. love just a hint of color
    and those rings cones are cute too

  2. nuriya says...

    i just love this post. i can feel the love through the lines. thank you!

  3. The Trespasser was so great, as are all her books.

  4. Ashley says...

    Thank you for posting gift ideas at a variety of price points. Such awesome gift ideas. I had to buy a pair of the RH foot duvets for myself along with the pair I purchased for a gift. They are amazing :-).

  5. I would love each one of these gifts! Doctors Without Borders is so amazing.

  6. Katie says...

    I am this sister! Thanks for nailing it!!

  7. Lucy says...

    America is missing out with the alcohol in cans trend. You can’t beat stocking up on a few cans of G&T to go with a spontaneous picnic in the park!

  8. Laura C. says...

    I wish I had a relationship with my sister as you have with your sister, Jo! Well, you are twins after all… my sister is 21 months older than me and she is so distant and different… I could not give her a donation, for example. She is a bit selfish and she would prefer a gift like clothes or make up… well, that face mask sounds great.
    Thank you Jo!

  9. Sarah says...

    Tana French is great and I think this one has been my favorite so far, but I’m going back and reading the ones I’ve missed. Highly recommend them!

    Also, I just bought myself some very similar-looking slippers, I believe by Aerosoles, for a whopping $7 at Marshall’s, and they have memory foam inside. HEAVEN. I can’t find them anywhere in a quick online search but for those of us who can’t afford Birks, just know that cozy slippers like these can still be ours :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you, sarah!!!

  10. Nora says...

    Now I am SO curious about your sister’s breakfast burrito recipe! (Btw, your sister sounds so strong and awesome!)

    • Beth says...

      I was thinking the same thing! Please have your sis share :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      haha i just asked her and here’s her answer:

      “It’s basically fried eggs and guacamole and cheese and hot sauce on top of a Trader Joe’s frozen mildly spiced vegetarian burrito!”


  11. Jamie says...

    After reading the stunning epilogue your sister wrote in “When Breath Becomes Air” and seeing the INCREDIBLE surprise you did for her this year, this absolutely melts my heart. You are the sweetest sisters.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that is so kind of you, jamie. thank you so much. xoxo

  12. Oh my! I wait for your gift guides every year! I looove how all of the gift ideas are different but can be perfect for one person. Me, muahahaha! Heaven!
    xx Barbora

  13. Aya says...

    Man, Joanna. All of your gift guides are on point!
    This title made me miss my sister because it describes her to a T. Lucky me.

  14. Louisa says...

    That sweater!! I want one, with a matchy one for my toddler.
    That’s a reason to have kids.

  15. Kathleen says...

    So appreciate the shout out for Doctors Without Borders. I urge everyone reading this to donate in your friends’ names as a holiday gift.

  16. Thanks for featuring our cone ring holders on your gift guide! :)

  17. Great guide! Ah I want everything on this page.

  18. s says...

    wow! i would love love love to receive any one of these treasures….the are perfect gifts: things you might not treat yourself to, but are wonderful!

  19. Underwood canned wine is SO good! They also have Rose which is perfect for summer camping/ picnics. Also, this title perfectly describes my sister, so good. I love your gift guides this year!!

  20. Megan says...

    Since you mentioned… Can she share her breakfast burrito recipe?!! Thanks and love all these posts!

  21. Meredith Leigh says...

    I read the Tana French book in under 48 hours. SO GOOD. (They’re all fantastic. I am contemplating re-reading them.)

  22. Those canned wines are my camping go-to. They are pretty good and just the right size for camping with three kids. :)

    • Sarah says...

      Me too! Camp Wine FTW!

  23. Margie says...

    Love your selection of gift ideas for sisters, including different price points for similar items. Thanks.

  24. meredith says...

    I LOVE that sisters patch, but what do you do with it?

    • sara says...

      Stitch it on to your favorite canvas purse or a jean jacket!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      you could put it on a backpack or a denim jacket or a tote or just put it on your desk :)

  25. stacy says...

    Thank you for reminding me that Tana French’s new book is out! I’ve loved the Dublin Murder Squad books so much.

    • Teree says...

      I listened to the Audible version. Very good and I loved the narrator’s Irish accent(s).

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oooh good suggestion for audible! i love love love irish accents. my friend’s husband is from cork and i could listen to him all day long.

  26. yael steren says...

    LOL – the kind of like running is so appropriate bc that literally is the truth in my situation!! Great selections too!!! xx yael