Gift Guide Part #1: Your Sister Who Hikes Through Forests, Makes Your Children Laugh and Is the Bravest Person You Know.

10 Best Gifts for Sisters

Korean lip balm, $15, which leaves the prettiest tint and smells like jam. (Or this cult classic, which I wear every day.)


PieGram, delivered straight to her door! $16.

10 Best Gifts for Sisters

Brooklyn, $10, the beautiful book about a woman moving from Ireland to America and finding her way.

10 Best Gifts for Sisters

Kitten ring dish to make her smile, $22.

10 Best Gifts for Sisters

The world’s softest pajama set, $138, for padding around on Christmas morning. (Or this cute pair for a steal.)

10 Best Gifts for Sisters

Murray’s Brie Baker Set, $35. Put the brie in the oven for fifteen minutes, then top it with fig jam, then lose your mind. Best. Gift. Ever. (This sold out quickly! Here is an amazing personal fondue kit.)

10 Best Gifts for Sisters

Linen tote, $50, made in France. Big enough to take to the market and fill with flowers and those bolani flatbreads she loves.

10 Best Gifts for Sisters

Wood bottle stopper, $22, plus a favorite bottle of wine to drink together.

10 Best Gifts for Sisters

Danish mittens with a pop of neon, $40.

10 Best Gifts for Sisters

MCMC x Mociun #2 perfume oil, an evergreen-y, snow-y, wood-y scent that’s reminiscent of northern California. $55.

P.S. Last year’s holiday gift guide, and how to stay in touch with faraway friends.

  1. Your gift guides are always so wonderfully personal. I look forward to seeing the whole series – Also! Brooklyn was inspired by my grandma. I’m going to write a post about it next week. It’s a source of dorky pride… :D
    Caitlin | Moveable Mess

  2. Elli says...

    Oh no! The brie baker sold out, was counting on that for my sister :(. Any other similar products out there you would recommend? Thank you!

  3. Sonia Meszaros says...

    cutest mittens ever ! wish i could get them for both my kids !!

  4. Loesie says...

    Lots of warm holiday hugs to your sister and her daughter.
    Even though I don’t know you and your sister in person, I think of her once in a while and hope that she is ok.
    Wishing her lots of strength and warm holidays with loved ones all around.

  5. Beth says...

    Yay for PieGram! The cherry crumble one is soooo good. Cheers for featuring a favorite Milwaukee spot!

  6. Amazing gift ideas. I love the pajamas set, which i will definitely be giving my sister. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I’ve actually been thinking about your sister lately, and about how the holiday season must be so bittersweet for her. Bitter, of course, because of the void that might be filled at some point but maybe not in the same way, and hopefully sweet from the memories of the past that she can now tell Cady.

    Much, much love to them both.

  8. Lauren says...

    Just ordered a pie gram for my brother and SIL! I got the pie gram certificate and am gonna wrap it in one of those wooden pie boxes. Thanks for the tip!

  9. SJ says...

    I loved the mittens. They are really cute! They would make an even better present, if made by hand by yourself.

  10. I love that wine stopper, what a unique piece! I need to get started on my shopping this year, the weeks just fly by!


  11. These are some awesome gifts (also to just buy for myself haha). And o-em-gee you guys have Pie grams? Genious!
    – X Marloes

  12. What a lovely selection. The wine stopper is fantastic. But I’m living in France, in Provence exactly ; so I made my own jam with figs growing in my garden, delicious camembert cheese ready to be eaten and fresh baguette from my bakery. Why anyone told me before that I was missing this perfect match? I just realize I missed something important in my life. Thanks for this wonderful discovery !

  13. Laura C says...

    I feel kinda of envy because I don’t have that lovely relationship with my sister. She is only 21 months older than me but she has been always closer to her friends than to me.
    I am heartbroken every time I see two sister loving each other like Lucy and you.
    Hoping that Lucy is as well as she can get.
    Oh, these gifts are wonderful Joanna. Thank you.

  14. Tamsin says...

    That brie baking set stands out, although wouldn’t one normally bake camembert rather than brie? Was also surprised you said fig jam rather than jelly (I thought ‘jam’ was the preserve of the English if you excuse the pun…)

  15. Jessica says...

    Thanks for making me teary…just reading the title of your post…

    Major hugs to your strong and lovely sister!

  16. christine says...

    Now I see who your little Anton looks like! I will be thinking of your sister who is without her husband and your husband who is without his brother. celebrations change when we are missing people we love. My sister in law died on Xmas day and one of her friends commented at her funeral that she would have liked that because we couldn’t be sad for the whole day.

  17. Kamisha says...

    This is a great list. I might’ve buying a couple Brie kits to give out. Super fun. Also, the kitty dish is sweet. My sister would like that.

  18. Jade says...

    Also- I just read Brooklyn in a day and highly recommend it for a lovely, easy, relatable read.

  19. Jade says...

    That brie baking set has just blown my mind- how have I never come across these before? Even though Christmas in Australia is generally piping hot – that is now the top of my wishlist!

  20. Ooo the Brie baker set is incredible! I love brie. Such a great gift. Love that you included ‘Brooklyn’ in the gift guide. Such a beautiful book that everyone should read at some point.
    The relationship with your sister warms my heart. Lots of love to her!

  21. You are the best.

  22. A says...

    I look forward to your gift guides! Great picks!

  23. I love your gift guides because they are always so thoughtful, and at the same time uncomplicated.


  24. Aga says...

    What about gift ideas for a mother-in-a-law?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      the mom guide will have good ideas for both mothers and mothers-in-law. coming up soon! :)

  25. Natasha says...

    I loved the picture of you and your sister in the newsletter- too precious! I can’t wait for her husband’s book to come out. He wrote so beautifully. I hope your sister is healing day by day.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you so much. that is so nice of you to say.

  26. Libby says...

    Love the pie grams! They are from a place called HoneyPie in Milwaukee, WI and their lies are phenomenal. I’ve been lucky enough to take a few of their pie classes and got to go home with mini pies. I recently moved away from Milwaukee and that is one of the places I miss. They also have amazing cupcakes – cookies and cream with frosting piled high that tastes exactly like the inside of an Oreo. Yum. Now you have me wanting to go back.

  27. Can’t help but tear up with this precious joyful guide you made for her. She is the strongest and bravest. Bless you both and sending you Dutch kisses.

  28. Deleila says...

    Piegrams? Where do I sign up! I love that idea.
    I just ordered the PJs for myself, great idea!

  29. Jen says...

    I want all of these for me. And I am ordering the lipgloss now lol. My older and younger sister would love the pie. So pie it is! Note: they are they are like 25 years a part lol (43 and 18)

  30. Paula says...

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE bolani flatbread. I just recently moved away from Northern California and it’s one of the things I unexpectedly miss most.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oh wow! that is so funny. we always get the spinach ones at the farmer’s market by her house and we love them :)