Gift Guide Part #5: Your Husband Who Plays Stevie Wonder for Your Kids and Holds Your Hand Across the Dinner Table.

Gift Guide 2016: Men

Allbirds, the world’s most comfortable sneaker (seriously), made of merino wool from New Zealand. $95.

Gift Guide 2016: Men

Wine aerator, $25, to make an enormous red wine taste like delicious raspberry jam.

Gift Guide 2016: Men

A bag of oysters, $150. (Or a date night at Maison Premiere.)

Gift Guide 2016: Men

Eucalyptus muscle rub, $32, plus unlimited shoulder massages.

Gift Guide 2016: Men

A jacket, $125, that’s light as air, for all his walking/running/biking needs. (With headphone exits, naturally.)

Gift Guide 2016: Men

A block of Vermont maple syrup, $26, that you grate instead of pour on top of salads, meats, scrambled eggs or anything else that needs a sweet kick.

Gift Guide 2016: Men

The Godfather notebook, $32, with the never-before-published notes and annotations of Francis Ford Coppola.

Gift Guide 2016: Men

Indoor basketball hoop, $30, which he’ll pretend is for the kids but is really for himself.

Gift Guide 2016: Men

A set of bitters, $42, so he can whip up cool cocktails (for two).


Catch Phrase, $15, to bust out when friends come over.

Gift Guide 2016: Men

A card saying how much you love him. ‘Cause that’s really all he wants anyway.

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  1. Kara says...

    I’ve learned over the years to stick with buying my husband gifts that he has specifically asked for, but I decided to take a risk and get him the Allbirds after reading that they can be worn without socks (which he hates! He’s in sandals until the snow falls). He LOVES them! He wore them to Christmas dinner. Thanks for the tip! I’m a faithful reader.

  2. Lily says...

    Allbirds seriously are as comfortable and amazing as everyone makes them out to be. I bought my first pair after seeing a stylin’ 70-year-old grandma wearing them at the farmer’s market; she couldn’t stop raving about them.

    Also, I gave that card to my husband on our first year wedding anniversary :)

  3. Chiara says...

    The Godfather notebook rules! I ordered it at the very moment it appeared on the screen!
    Thanks Joanna!

  4. DMG says...

    I think the Everlane Bomber jacket is a perfect man gift. I sent a link to one of my male friends telling him he needed one is his repertoire and his response was “That is sick!!!” (think California accent). A definite winner!

  5. Lisa says...

    Probably for the first time ever I’ve seen a gift recommendation (the indoor basketball hoop) that my husband may actually like. He’s a complete nightmare to buy for as he never wants anything. One year for his birthday I bought him socks, and he was happy about it.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      yay!!! so glad!

  6. I think I’m getting my husband that maple syrup block! How cool!

  7. I love catch phrase

  8. I’ve never seen solid syrup before; I’d love to try it. I’d probably just use it on pancakes though XD

  9. i’m finally going to bite the bullet and get the allbirds, they’ve been on my gift list for almost a year.

  10. Kristen says...

    Thanks – I immediately bought the Godfather Notebook for my dad, who I always think is impossible to buy for!

  11. Anne says...

    That maple sugar cube is a genius gift idea. While I support small businesses, if you need it fast to re-ship for a gift and have prime you can have it in two days. (Plus a nice mini grater)

  12. Elizabeth Spence says...

    I love allbirds but I wore through mine in the toes after a couple of months like a pair of woollen socks ?

    • M says...

      so allbirds are actually on my christmas wishlist! Do you think you got the wrong size or is the material just too delicate? Would love to hear more opinions/reviews before spending a hundred bucks on them…

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I’m one of the co-founders of Allbirds, and thrilled to be on this list. We had a few instances where what you described happened with the lining wool (usually when a size too small). We have since changed the lining material and every pair purchased now has a stronger knit and should not have this issue. We have had fantastic feedback on the newly developed fabrics!

      Please email, mention my comment, and we would happily exchange your pair.

      Happy holidays!

      Joey Z

  13. Olma says...

    I think you should buy him a blue button-down shirt! :)

  14. Haha! Just bought that basketball hoop last week for my kids!

  15. Robin says...

    Everybody’s going on about Colin Firth, but what I want to know is what is Alex doing in that picture with Marlon Brando?

    (I know, it’s FFC, but seriously, I saw that picture and got totally confused for several moments . . . :-)

  16. Alexia says...

    So tempted to buy those trainers for myself!!! They look so comfy which is sometimes just what I need. The blue color they have for women is gorgeous. I’ve bought so many new shoes lately though, should probably restrain!

  17. That maple sugar cube!!!!!

    Unrelated, have you considered doing a round-up of stocking stuffers and less expensive gifts? Even though you do make an effort to give a range of prices (though perhaps too many in the $100+ category for me, TBH), there aren’t any of the little silly things. Would be nice to have some $15 and under options….I’d love to see what you come up with! I look forward to these segments every year, I love the challenge of finding just the right gift for everyone on my list and I feel like you’re so, so good at it!

    • Hil says...

      I would LOVE stocking stuffers. My husband and I only do stockings every year and there are only so many pairs of socks and nice coffee I can give. Smaller ideas that are affordable would be amazing.

    • Katie,
      Try our Tonewood maple cube at $16.99 (plus $8 shipping or FREE if you spend over $75). Available at
      Dori Ross, owner

  18. These sneakers look gorgeous, and comfort is #1 priority for my nerd tech guy who couldn’t care less about fashion – so it’s a win win! And I love the idea of gifting that muscle rub! Something small but very thoughtful which will bring you together :) Thanks for the great list Joanna, your best one yet!


  19. Lori H says...

    I love your gift guides! I jumped right over and purchased the sneakers. I have the best husband (of 30 years!) and he deserves them!

  20. Amanda G says...

    That picture of Colin Firth makes me so happy :) Also, those shoes look amazing!

  21. catch phrase! yes! be sure to have batteries on hand so you can play it right then and there on christmas morning <3

  22. Jennifer says...

    WAHHH the muscle rub is already sold out!

  23. Emily says...

    Love my Allbirds!

    • Danielle says...

      They’re the best!

  24. Heather says...

    Perfect! My partner would love all of these, but especially the muscle rub and bitters for fancy cocktails!

  25. I kind of want to get my husband that jacket… and then borrow it for myself after it smells all good and manly.

    Xo, Brittany

  26. Brianna says...

    The maple syrup block is brilliant. I love how versatile your gift guides are – the gifts have so much crossover potential.

    • Thanks for loving our Tonewood maple cube!
      Dori Ross, owner

  27. Monica says...

    Um, is that Colin Firth?! Forget the aerator! ;)

    • Laurie says...

      Second this! … ?

    • Laura says...

      Right?! Humina humina!

    • Lori H says...

      Exactly my thoughts!

    • Haha right?!

    • Carmen B says...

      I was wondering the same thing.
      I actually scrolled back up twice to look a that picture. lol
      Man, I see Darcy everywhere!