After being together for four years, my fiancé and I have settled into a happy routine…

Every week we like to see friends, spend a few lazy evenings on the couch with our cat and go out to dinner once or twice. Our date nights are also pretty predictable: dinner at our local spot or a new place we’ve been wanting to check out, followed by a night cap and then, well, sex.

But sometimes, after too much wine and trying one too many dishes off the menu (why do we always order so many apps?), when we get home passing out is all we feel like doing. The other night, though, something came over us and we ended up in the bedroom before we even left the house for dinner. The next several hours were spent at our usual spot eating our usual things, but it felt different — a little lighter, a little more smiley.

I didn’t think too much of it, but a few days later I came across a New York Magazine article that championed the pre-date romp. It says: “If you have sex at the top of the evening… you get to spend the rest of the evening — dinner, drinks, whatever — in the pleasant afterglow… You, too, can be part of one of those glowing couples at brunch who clearly just had sex, except you can also be them at dinner.”

Maybe we were on to something? (Dan Savage definitely agrees.) Having sex before dinner takes the pressure off the end of the night when you’re full, tired and maybe a little tipsy, makes the act itself better and the date that much more giggly and fun.

What about you? Do (or would) you have sex before a date?

P.S. Who makes the first move in your relationship, and do you talk to your friends about your sex life?