Dinner Party Conversation

Dinner Party Conversation

The other day, I went to a dinner party, and as we sat down, the host said those four dreaded words…

“Let’s do an icebreaker!”

She asked us to go around the table and share three fun facts about ourselves. Sitting to her right, I was the first person to go. I scrambled to come up with offbeat stories and ended up spouting random things: “Um, I have a twin sister… Uh, I don’t drink coffee?”

But by the time we got halfway around the table, people had warmed up and were telling EPIC tales. One woman could remember everything she’d done every day of her life (but never realized that was weird until she saw a 60 Minutes piece on endless memory). Another woman had married her husband twice — first at 20, then they divorced at 21, then re-married at 22. A third woman revealed that she had spent years working as the personal assistant to a major celebrity. (!!!)

The party was a huge success — we were laughing so much, and people shared things that would have never otherwise come up. It was the ultimate conversation starter. Every contribution sparked a dozen more questions, and the game lasted the whole night.

Update: Since then, we’ve also asked guests to share either an irrational fear or their celebrity crush — which have led to fascinating answers.

Thoughts? Any other tips for dinner parties?

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