Frances Ha

Frances Ha

I’ve been writing Cup of Jo for almost ten years (here‘s the first post!) and I’ve always felt really connected to everyone who reads the site. We’ve talked about everything from movies and lipstick to depression and loss. I’m always impressed by, and sort of proud of, how hilarious and smart our readers are. (Like on this reading post, for example, where the comments were incredible.)

So, this morning, I would love to find out even more about you, whether you’ve read the blog for a long time or you randomly clicked over this morning. Where do you live? What’s your job? What TV shows are you into? Who’s your celebrity crush? What are you worried about these days? What are you excited about this fall? What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Please tell me, below! Let’s talk!

Lots of love, Joannaxoxoxoxo

P.S. Five words to describe yourself.

(Photos from Frances Ha, which was such a great movie.)