Girl Stays Home For New Year’s, Bakes Cookies

This just in: I decided to stay home this New Year’s Eve. And it was great.

I’ve always secretly dreaded all the New Year’s hype. In fact, I can only remember liking one New Year’s my whole life, when I kissed a guy I had crushed on for ages. This year, my apartment felt really cozy, and I really wanted to just cuddle up for a quiet night in. When I told Bean my plan to stay in, he said, “I wish I had that kind of courage.” Aside from being a homebody, apparently I am also brave!

So, while at home last night, I watched this…

And baked these…

Hope you had a Happy New Year, too!

(Top photo by Corey Arnold)

  1. OMG! I just love your blog so much. Our similarities are creepy. I too have a blog, quit law school and i’m an Aquarian (January 30th). In addition I’ve always secretly dreaded the new year’s hype, and I’m a homebody to boot.

    I discovered A Cup of Jo a year and a half ago, almost a year after I’d started my own blog, I love it so much. The stories are so nourishing! Thank you :)

  2. Its already 12 years but whenever I see your blog about movie and cookies, it’s kinda remind me to my parent who live faraway.

    Thanks for sharing. Im glad Im found this site.

  3. ali says...

    Uhhh………who’s Bean??

    • C says...

      plus one!

    • Shena Baruch Hays says...

      Yes, who is Bean? :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Haha my friend Colby. (His nickname.) at that point I was just writing my blog for friends and family so they all knew him!

  4. Lisa Wilson says...

    Hi, Jo, I am a fairly new reader (less than a year) and live your blog. I, too, have decided to blog. Which platform did you use for your first post? Thank you! Have an awesome week. :-)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      blogger! it used to be :)

    • Lisa Wilson says...

      Thank you!

  5. Tatiana Balderas says...

    Hello Jo,
    very inspiring your story, a few weeks ago I started blogging too. I studied media and mass communications and I always wanted to be a reporter. Sadly, even though I worked for free a lot!, none of the companies really gave me the opportunity. I am 32 years old now, so I started what I always wanted to do and I guess I am not that bad. I hope one day someone else (besides my friends) enjoy to read my posts.
    God Bless you!

  6. Hey Jo,

    Its great to see the proress of your work over time.

    I’m a new blogger and always looking for inspiring stories that are honest and give people like me hope that things can improve.

    Writing for just me for now i hope that one day i can gain a loyal audience of readers who share my way of thinking.

    My real dream is to break into the world of fashion writing. I could glady spend the rest of my life in a windowless room with nothing to do but research designers and the next big trends.

    Fingers crossed my dreams will come true.

    In the meantime i’d love to know what your thoughts are on my own blog-in-the-making.

    Check it out and feel free to be the honest woman you are if you have time to offer some guidance.

    Thanks for you time,


  7. Libertad Vera says...

    hi Jo! I’ve been a reader since several years, before Toby was born. Now I am 32 and my baby boy is just 5 months old. We are from Mexico City… Such a sweet first post. Congratulation on that many year of -a Cup of Jo- XO

  8. CH says...

    This is such a sweet first post – I’ve been a reader for 2-3 years, and love that you linked to the beginning of it all. Happy almost 10 years of blogging! To many more, and many cozy NYE nights in ahead :)

  9. Kim says...

    I am 29, and I can’t believe I’ve been reading A Cup of Jo since I’ve been 19! It’s been with me through every relationship, breakup, cross-country move. I recommend it to my friends as they become new mothers, and I hope to read it someday as one myself. It’s such a wonderful space to read the thoughts of intelligent, thoughtful woman and checking A Cup of Jo is always the highlight of my day! Congrats on all your well-deserved success :)

  10. I was reading your FAQ and was happy to discover your first post. In the New Year’s Eve of 2010 I’ve decided to spent it alone. It was probably the best New Year’s Eve ever (although I have a couple of favorites). I thought other people would think of it as awkard but I’ve also heard the “you are so brave, I’m so jealous, I wish I’ve done that”, that made me think that most people celebrate that specific date in ways that are not comfortable to them. I loved that you made cookies. I wore a magician hat, danced and wrote a poem for the New Year to come.

  11. Glenda says...

    You’ve come a long way! Loving the new look and love the family picture of the 4 of you!

  12. oh just saw these commetns! sorry for the delayed reply—i had put up a couple 2006 posts for my family only (about my grandfather, etc.) but this was the first post that was written for readers other than my family. the first post of Cup of Jo as a real blog. :)

  13. Hi Jo! I’ve been a behind-the-scenes follower of your blog for a couple of years now. Kudos on your success! I’ve finally taken a stab at starting my own blog, focusing on connecting women who are debating the “should I, or shouldn’t I” of working after baby. If you have any interest, I would love any candid feedback.

    Happy fall!

  14. I’ve got to say that is FAR superior to my first post…I almost want to go back and change my first post! Is that cheating?!!

  15. This wasn’t your first post. You started blogging before this. I know because I still have some of your posts saved.

    I remember you from the SARK days and oh, how you’ve changed. Congratulations on the success that you so roundly deserve. Well done.

  16. Joanna,

    Such a cute post! I just started my blog and had no idea where to start!


  17. I am so glad you decided to link to your first blog post ever :) This is an incredibly sweet little post and a lovely way to start an unexpected career.


  18. Loved reading your first post, as I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now. I started my blog when my tv production job ended (As The World Turns was cancelled 2 years ago).

    My blog has lead to my current job in social media and community management and freelance writing gigs, such as CBS New York.

    Your lovely blog has been an inspiration for your fellow NYC blogger girls :)

    xx Sarah

  19. It’s really fun to see how this first blog entry sounds so different from who/where you are right now… but also so comfortingly the same. Go you!

  20. Fun reading your first post!

  21. Anonymous says...

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  22. just read your first ever post-sweetness. this past new years was my first ever at home- I can’t say i loved it-but I loved getting up early on the first for a run in the forest-with no hangover!

  23. It is nice to see that something that was started on New Year’s Day has been carried through. ;)

  24. Erin says...

    I stayed home last year, alone, and watched ‘Easy A.’ After a hard year full of major change, it was a welcome, peaceful end and beginning.

    So nice to read your first post. :)

  25. Such a sweet beginning to a wonderful blog :)

  26. Jo, I wanted to go back and read your very first blog to see what it was like in the earliest days. seeing as yours has become one of my favorites, it is fun to watch how it has evolved over time. I would love to know more about your blogging beginnings and if you ever suspected yours would become so huge:) cheers!

  27. Anonymous says...

    Just came across this post Joanna and it is one of my favorites! Really resonates with me though I haven’t exactly done the same.

  28. Anonymous says...

    you’re a brave, brave soul joanna goddard.

  29. Anonymous says...

    adorabel pics of Nicka nd Lucy – almost as adorable as the cookies!

  30. Anonymous says...

    so nice to see this blog up and about again, and with mention of moi no less! if only your best new years memory didn’t pierce my heart with retroactive grief. just kidding! (or am i?) yes, i am. kind of.

    but not really.

    the cookies look good.

    • T says...


    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Yes that comment was bean! To explain: He says grief because my fave NYE memory was when I had my first kiss with my college boyfriend. And since I also had dated bean, he always said that memory of mine made him jealous!