Conversation with a Two-Year-Old

What funny things are your kids talking about these days? I’ve written about things Toby says, but these days Anton has also been chatting up a storm. He has SUCH a raspy voice, and he’s always talking about when he was little (!). For example…

Anton: “Is Humpty Dumpty a kid or a grownup?”
Us: “He’s actually an egg.”
Anton: “Oh, I see. He’s an egg!”

While on a walk in the evening: “The moon is coming with us to the playground!”

“The ice is too slip-illy.”

“We need to put on our hats-iz and scarves-iz.”

Us, at dinner: “Remember how we talked about meals? What meal is this?”
Anton: “Oatmeal?”

Recently, in the middle of the night, he started crying, so I went to his room.
Me: “What’s wrong?”
Anton: “I missed you.”
So he came to sleep in our bed, and after rustling around he sat up straight:
Anton: “Where is your NECK???”
Me: “Right here.”
Cuddled up directly on it.

Last night, Anton was pretending to be the daddy, and I was the baby.
Me: “How was your day at work?”
Anton: “Great.”
“What is your job?”
“I eat gum. I eat daddy gum and talk to the people.”

Above, he learns the names of all the Beatles.

What cute things your little ones saying or doing these days? I would love to hear…

P.S. Toby in conversation as a two-, three-, three-and-a-half– and four-year-old, and Anton when he was just two weeks old.

(Top photo from Instagram)