Dive Bar Dress-Up

Valentine’s Day might as well be renamed The Worst Day of the Year to Go Out to Dinner. So, if you’re looking for alternate plans, with a friend or date, here are three ideas. Which would you pick?

DIVE BAR DRESS-UP Take your dressy selves to a low-key dive bar, order two Old Fashioneds and put The Rolling Stones on the jukebox.

1. Crystal Earrings 2. Opal Ring 3. Old Fashioned 4. Leather Clutch 5. Mira Heel 6. Music Love Note 7. Maison Louis Marie Perfume 8. Silk Tank Dress (Or this long-sleeve number)

Casual Valentine's Movie Date

PIZZA AND A MOVIE Every Valentine’s Day, two of our friends go to a movie and sneak in slices of pizza and a mini bottle of Champs. How fun is that? This year, The Big Short and Anomalisa are playing, and How to Be Single is also out, if that’s more your speed.

1. Plumping Rose Lip Balm 2. Movie Tickets 3. Cotton Heart French Bikini 4. New York Pizza 5. I Just Want To Like You Forever Card 6. Rose Hibiscus Face Mist 7. Plaid Button-Up, High Riser Jeans, White Oxfords

Cozy Valentine's Night In

NETFLIX AND ACTUALLY CHILL Last, but not least, you could get cozy at home and watch a movie. If you are with a friend, stream funny movies that stand the test of time, like Clueless and Swingers. If you are with a date, watch a scary one. (After all, researchers have found a link between anxiety-provoking situations and feeling turned on.) What could be better than snuggling up with your favorite person and favorite snacks?

1. Pretty Pajama Set (These are cute too.) 2. Let’s Make Out Necklace 3. Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn 4. Almost Bare Perfume 5. The Departed 6. Favorite Beers 7. You’re The Cat’s Pajamas Card 8. Sweet Fig Candle

Thoughts? Which would suit your personality best?

P.S. Slamdunk date conversation topics, and my worst Valentine’s Day ever.

(Photo-illustration by Miss Moss)