Brass Money Clip

Brass money clip, ’cause that’s how he rolls. $80.

Camp Yellowstone T-Shirt

T-shirt of his favorite national park, $34. (Or some good old-fashioned midwest pride.)

Potato Chip Chocolate Bar

Potato chip chocolate bar, the perfect balance of salty and sweet, just like him. $6.

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Modern Romance, because you’ve both become huge fans of Aziz Ansari since watching Master of None. $17.

Foot Hammock

Foot hammock, so even when his brain is at work, his feet can take a vacation. $14.

Spanish wine glasses

Spanish wine glasses, $6 each, for hosting friends or dates. (They’re so simple and beautiful!)

Dinosaur wine bottle stopper

Dinosaur wine stopper. Because dinosaur wine stopper. $14.

Tracksmith Running Shirt

Tracksmith Running Shirt

Long-sleeve running shirt from Tracksmith, a fantastic running-gear brand from Massachusetts. $75.

Chup Socks

Socks, $35, because cozy doesn’t need to be boring.

Caffeinated Peanut Butter

Caffeinated peanut butter, $6, which delivers smoother, more sustained energy than a cup of coffee.

One Forty Three Plywood Guitar Hook

Plywood guitar hook, $55, to turn his guitar into wall art. Plus, there’s a pick holder!

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