Gift Guide Part #5: Your Outdoorsy Brother Who Knows Every Elvis Song and Never Met an Animal Who Didn’t Love Him.

Brass Money Clip

Brass money clip, ’cause that’s how he rolls. $80.

Camp Yellowstone T-Shirt

T-shirt of his favorite national park, $34. (Or some good old-fashioned midwest pride.)

Potato Chip Chocolate Bar

Potato chip chocolate bar, the perfect balance of salty and sweet, just like him. $6.

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Modern Romance, because you’ve both become huge fans of Aziz Ansari since watching Master of None. $17.

Foot Hammock

Foot hammock, so even when his brain is at work, his feet can take a vacation. $14.

Spanish wine glasses

Spanish wine glasses, $6 each, for hosting friends or dates. (They’re so simple and beautiful!)

Dinosaur wine bottle stopper

Dinosaur wine stopper. Because dinosaur wine stopper. $14.

Tracksmith Running Shirt

Tracksmith Running Shirt

Long-sleeve running shirt from Tracksmith, a fantastic running-gear brand from Massachusetts. $75.

Chup Socks

Socks, $35, because cozy doesn’t need to be boring.

Caffeinated Peanut Butter

Caffeinated peanut butter, $6, which delivers smoother, more sustained energy than a cup of coffee.

One Forty Three Plywood Guitar Hook

Plywood guitar hook, $55, to turn his guitar into wall art. Plus, there’s a pick holder!

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  1. Liz says...

    WHY didn’t I see this list before I bought my brother’s gift?? Some great suggestions. And those national park and Midwest pride t-shirts are amazing.

  2. Klara says...

    Oh hello… Is he single? :o)

  3. WHAT!!?? Caffeinated Peanut Butter!!!??? Where has this been my whole (adult) life!? What a find!

  4. caffeinated peanut butter?! must get it for my boyfriend who loves his peanut butter and needs his coffee for the caffeine. great find!

  5. I’m so excited you included shirts from Tailgate! As a University of Iowa student, I have frequented their downtown storefront MANY times. The shirts are super soft and cozy! Perfect for ANYONE on your list (I’m in no way affiliated, just obsessed.)

  6. Sarah says...

    Umm…caffeinated peanut butter? That sounds like a runner’s dream come true!!

  7. Tiffany says...

    The foot hammock is fantastic!

  8. Cynthia says...

    I fell in love with the dinosaur wine bottle stopper. I would buy that for myself or my youngest daughter, who still likes dinosaurs.

  9. LOVE this gift list Joanna!!

  10. I have yet to read Ansari’s book but cannot wait to do so! I loved him since Parks and Rec, and his stand up routine at Madison Square Garden (on Netflix!) was so amazing. I normally find stand up comedians to be crass and not too funny, but he turned some serious issues into comedy routine fodder while getting people thinking. I wrote about it on my own blog, if anyone is interested:

    And of course Master of None was fantastic! Binge watched that so fast.

    I’m enjoying your gift guides, especially the titles haha!

  11. awesome & unique ideas! might have to buy the caffeinated peanut butter for myself, though …

    midnight snark

  12. Your gift guides are the best! I absolutely always get a new, unique idea from them!

  13. Prudence Marule says...

    So every time i run through these list i make mental comment notes and the first thing that came to mind when i saw the caffeinated peanut butter was WHY????? why would you caffeinate peanut butter!! is nothing sacred??
    the foot hammock and the foot hammock caption are pure gold! hehehehe..

    the Spanish wine glasses.. my oh my – very pretty! :)

  14. This post makes me want to watch “Master of None.” ha!

  15. Em says...

    Love this guide! I think I’m going to get the guitar hook for my husband! :)

  16. Susan says...

    Those glasses are great- I got a set on Amazon- they’re called Bormioli Rocco Bodega Tumbler Mini – only $19.95 for 12 of them- they’re of great quality and are virtually indestructible! I use them for anything from drinking wine to ice cream to little prep dishes.

    • Lola says...

      Thank you Susan!!!

  17. Callie says...

    This gift guide is GOLD. You guys are so lovely.

  18. Catie says...

    This guide is perfect, and so timely! I have a 19-year old little brother who can be so tough to buy for. A case of caffeinated peanut butter and a foot hammock are going under the tree and he is going to be one happy camper! I don’t know where you find such great stuff, and these are particularly genius!

  19. freya says...

    no icelandic beard cap this year? :(

    • Haylie says...

      Right?! It’s the end of an era! :)

  20. Alice Quin says...

    Holy sh*t your guides are so good!

  21. Mary Jenkins says...

    Great picks, as always! I’m ordering the potato chip chocolate bar for yours truly right now…. ;)

  22. Woah, I’m so intrigued by caffeinated peanut butter! Definitely going on my own Christmas wish list.

  23. Carly G says...

    Thank you so much for this guide, it is spot on for both of my brothers!

  24. These are all so perfect!! The foot hammock made me laugh out loud. xo

  25. Oh my god!! Those guitar hooks are amazing!!! I must get them for my husband!! =)

  26. I have to share my little story about the Spanish wine glasses…I had been to the San Miguel market in Madrid ( a gorgeous place) and noticed everyone was drinking out of these cool short glasses, I wanted to bring some home with me but wasn’t into adding delicate glasses to my bag, i couldn’t justify like 10 euros a glass etc. Needless to say, they haunted me for years until one day I happened to be at the the 1-800-gotjunk thrift store off the highway in Montreal and found 2 boxes of brand new glasses exactly like the ones all the beautiful people of Spain had been drinking from. My boyfriend and I drink our morning lattes from them, use them to serve shrimp cocktail and of course enjoy a nice glass of wine!

    • Laura says...

      It’s is so lovely to hear! How surprising is to see the look of the others about something is just common for you.
      Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid is on my hometown, and I’m happy it means a sweet memory for you and your partner, far in Montreal.
      Lot of love from Spain ( cheers!)


  27. Umm caffinated peanut butter – are you serious? How was this not just made and marketed directly to pregnant women and postpartum women? Omg I need this is my life more than anything!