Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents

I never thought I’d be an embarrassing parent.

But then.

The other day, I left work early to pick Toby up from kindergarten as a surprise, and when it was my turn to step up to the door, I spotted him and did a little dance (jazz hands and the like). That’s the kind of thing that would make him laugh at home, but he gave me a shellshocked look and mouthed, “Just stand.” Ha, oops! Sorry, Toby, never again. At least not in public.

The lovely Stella, who works with us, told us how her mom would (innocently) blast soundtracks when she picked her up from middle school:

My mom would play Sound of Music or Willy Wonka soundtracks with the car windows down. As she pulled up to the pick-up zone, everyone would hear it. “The Hills Are Alive” would be so loud, you couldn’t carry on a conversation. It was mortifying. I know those CDs are still in that car.

Also, this post about taking a 12-year-old to the de Young museum is a classic.

Have you embarrassed your own kids? How did your parents embarrass you? I’m so curious to hear…

P.S. The crazy things you do as a parent, and remember this hilarious video?

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