French Drinking Glasses

At one and a half, my son Jasper drinks water with A LOT of flair. He makes a cartoony gulping sound as he swallows, followed by a satisfied “Ahhhhh,” before he slaps his cup back on the table and wipes his mouth on the back of his hand. All of this was adorable when he used indestructible sippy cups, but lately he only wants to drink out of a real glass. Every time, I worry it will shatter.

Thankfully, I recently learned an age-old trick of French parents (and French bistros): Picardie glasses. Their faceted shape is easy for little hands to hold, and the tempered glass is five times stronger than regular glass. Even if they do break, there are no sharp edges; the pieces apparently look like round marbles! Despite extremely rough treatment, we haven’t destroyed one yet.

Have you heard of these? Do you use them?

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(Photo by Nicki Sebastian for Cup of Jo.)