How Are You These Days?

How Are You These Days?

You guys. If we were in the same place, I would come flop on the sofa and say, “Bah, I am so overwhelmed.” How are you doing these days?

It’s no secret on this site that I have generalized anxiety (Exhibits A, B and so on…). It ebbs and flows, and sometimes it almost fades away, but lately I’ve been feeling extra frayed for a few reasons. Of course, everyone has ups and downs. “There are years that ask questions and years that answer,” said Zora Neale Hurston in Their Eyes Were Watching God.

I read a quote on Pinterest (naturally) the other day:

Two things to remember in life:
Take care of your thoughts when you’re alone, and
Your words when you’re with people.

I’m definitely the worst at thoughts when I’m alone. I remember going to the beach when Alex and I were first dating, and he left to go on a little hike, while I was reading magazines, and by the time he got back my thoughts had spiraled into an anxiety tornado. (Sexy, right? Haha)

Anyway, slowly but surely, I’m trying to get better at it (as my mom always says, “Take gentle care of yourself”). In the meantime, here’s a comic for those of you who may feel the same.

How Are You These Days?

And that funny video, if you haven’t seen it yet, of a baby leading a modern dance class:

Hope you’re having a good week, sending you a hug either way! xoxo

P.S. On happiness.

(Mindy Kaling photo just because I love her, with cutie Danny Castellano. Cartoon from Toothpaste For Dinner.)