1. Oh I soo miss the buscuits and tea back home! I was watching a video on tiktok and it reminded me of them! You have the perfect cup for tea! Just my size!

  2. so true. thanks for the reminder!

  3. so true, a cup of tea (or the occassional coffee) always comforts me, that is the first thing I make to begin the grounding process when I’m feeling out of sorts…besides a cup of tea and biscuits is great when you’re simply happy and what to give a treat to yourself :)

  4. I went to a psychiatric hospital emergency room once when I was in college because I was so upset that I was scared for myself. And that’s basically what they said to me! They said go home, take a bath, read a book, and have a cup of tea. This will pass, and you’ll be okay. And I was, of course! lol.

  5. so simple:) thank you. this is what i need. tea and biscuits:)

  6. That is a fantastic quote! So often situations seem worse than they really are. It’s great to be reminded to step back and look at the big picture. Everything is better with tea and biscuits. ;)


  7. Caitlin is amazing, she tells it like it is- love her

  8. Very comforting and very true!

  9. Yes indeed. Couldn’t have put it better. Why is it that we women can get worked up over nothing sometimes lol!

  10. Truer words were never spoken <3 Tea & Biscuits FOR LIFE!

  11. ahha love this quote. A cup of tea (or Jo) always seems to help.

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  13. Caitlin Moran is my absolute favourite and that letter is wonderful! Have you read “How to be a woman”? I’ve been forcing everyone I know to read it I loved it so much! :)


  14. You have done it again, Joanna! You have brought us, your readers, something uplifting AND funny. Thanks

  15. i needed this advice today, so thank you! I’ve been pretty neurotic about certain things since I was little, so my mom always needs to give me little talks like this!


  16. Oh my goodness yes! In the weeks postpartum I was so overwhelmed with love and worry for my son I was often calling my mom in tears from my heart nearly bursting with love for him. One day my mom said, “Kelsey, I think you need to have a glass of wine.” It was so TRUE and such awesome mom advice. Moms!

  17. Gah! I wonder how many comments I’ve left letting you know that you are my girl crush. So smart and chic!

  18. LOVE that quote. It reminds me so much of my family in England because, approximately 8 times a day, that’s what they do.

  19. oh god, i hope you’re not struggling too much. the days and the nights with a newborn are LONG. hang in there!

  20. ADORE this, and chokes me up with love and laughter as I count the weeks until my baby girl arrives. One of my favorite things about it is the underlying idea that – if you’re good enough and true enough and kind enough, and can raise your kids (boys and girls) with all that goodness and kindness and truth – you can ultimately be very honest with them about life, its joys, its ridiculousness, its amazing beyond-love LOVE, and all the foibles and slippery spots. Being so honestly imperfect can release you from being perfect, and how glorious is that? Wonderful stuff! Thank you!

  21. So true. And what a great letter she wrote.

    Also I love your glasses in that picture! Where did you get them? I’ve been on the hunt for new specs for over two years and just not finding anything I like.

  22. one of my fave essay of her! its so fun to rad!

  23. Beautiful letter! Did she stop smoking after writing it?

  24. Truth (a little fix of Caitlin doesn’t hurt either…).

    Thank you for the link to that letter, I’d missed it. It made me cry, and laugh, and want to rush across roads with my son to smell the roses (he already grabs every lavender and rosemary bush we pass and brushes his hands up the stems before smelling them and sighing ‘ahhhh!’. Not a bad start).

    May you have plenty of tea and biscuits to hand.

  25. As always, Caitlin’s right – a nice cuppa makes EVERYTHING better

  26. I’m going to try this next time I feel like the world’s caving in. haha Hope it works. :)

  27. Oy. So true!

  28. adorable! i can relate <3

    • Holy Wow! I am totally smitten with her in this video – and have Celtic upbringing envy. Love you for sharing/finding this video! She is too cool.

  29. Love it- so true!

  30. RD says...

    Off to boil water! Yes–talk about your watch please!

  31. What a great, great, great quote!! I needed that!!



  32. Possibly a favorite picture of you.
    Cutie Patootie! :)

    Manda from Eat Cake

  33. Perfect timing. Today I felt like this. I decided to bring my three-and-a-half month old baby girl in to NYC from New Haven to visit my aunt and uncle. And of course, whether this was just coincidence, consequential, or a mix of both (probably), she decided to not sleep or eat well which in baby world means everything else fell apart. Shrill-screeching, sad I’m-so-tired whimpering, overtired inability to fall asleep. Et cetera. Instead of staying the night with them I decided it best to come home. Crawling over the threshold I passed her off to my hubby (love the man) and made myself some soup – my version of tea and biscuits.

  34. Bookmarking this! School starts again Monday (I’m a teacher) and the beginning of the year is always quite stressful- I’ll need this reminder!

  35. I love this letter. That is all…

  36. You look adorable in this photo.

  37. Ahhhh I love this <3

  38. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

  39. True! So simply and so easy to solve….thanks for sharing this advice ;)

  40. love that!

    ps whats that darling watch!?

  41. Love this! So true, though need to be reminded, thank you :)

  42. The theme of my graduate school experience in Scotland.

  43. Haha. I love that. So true.

  44. i could use a cup of tea and a biscuit right about now :)

  45. You always post the best links. I come here and click and go someplace else. I hope you don’t mind that I use you as a stepping stone, but you always lead me to the most fantastic places I wouldn’t have found otherwise. :) Thank you.

  46. Haha. Love this. This is my life.

  47. ohhh such nice, tea with ginseng please

  48. Love the snap, and am doing it right now. (hummm have added a chocolate waffle bar too, hehe)

  49. That’s been my family’s philosophy for ages! In every memory I have of traumatic, exciting, or life changing situations,(buying houses, planning funerals, college acceptance letters, etc.) there’s always cups of tea being poured. British heritage is so subtle like that. :)

  50. A colleague has the acronyms DFO on her wall: Don’t Freak Out. Seems to also be the answer to most neurotic tendencies!

  51. just sitting down with one…

  52. It’s the Yorkshire cure to all ails! :P x

  53. Awesome read and so true. Thank you

  54. Thank you. It was just what i needed to “ear” today.

  55. Thank you. It was just what i needed to “ear” today.

  56. I love this! So true and what I needed right now!

    • Me too! I have been a ball of nerves all week!

    • And me! I just need a giant cup of tea!

  57. Pretty photo!

  58. True!! Love that u said biscuit and not cookie :)

    • Caitlin Moran is a British writer, hence “biscuit”, it’s her quote :)